Fantastic Four: A Meme

Since Selena (my preciousssssss pearl from PlanetKambing) tagged me for this, I figured I should get to it before I start procrasssstinating! Before any Silver Surfers start rising, here goes:

Four Jobs I’ve Had in my life:

1. Student Tour Guide for the Information Center at my college

2. Circulations Assistant at the Gazette

3. Operations Analyst/Technical Writer

4. Consultant (a.k.a. enterprise modeler a.k.a. really, don’t ask me what i do because it’s a long explanation)

Four (of the Five) Places I Have Lived:

1. Sitiawan, Malaysia (but of course!)

2. Seremban, Malaysia (boarding school, bah humbug)

3. Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

4. Southern Ohio

(Four points to whoever can name the missing fifth place that I lived in!)

Four Places* I Have Been on Vacation:

1. Malaga & Jaen, Spain

2. England

3. Hawaii

4. Pulau Redang

* For more vacation spots, just trawl this site. 😉

Four** of my Favorite Foods:

1. Mee/Kueytiau/Bihun/Spaghetti/Laksa/Udon Goreng (seriously, any kind of fried noodles makes me sooo happy!)

2. Coca-Cola (does that count? it’s a food group, isn’t it?)

3. Fried Calamari (or Sotong Goreng Tepung) with chili sauce to cicah (slurp!)

4. Very very very runny scrambled eggs (the rawer, the better!). Or else nasi lemak with sambal tumis, plus the very very very runny scrambled eggs.

** May I say how difficult it is to reduce this selection to just 4!! Sila loves food!

Four*** Places I would rather be right now:

1. In Bed (it’s raining today, and perfect sleeping in weather)

2. On vacation, doing some snorkeling

3. Watching Transformers again (I’ve only watched it once! doggone it!)

4. At an Indian Restaurant having some garlic naan and shrimp makhani sauce to dip it in (OK it’s getting close to lunchtime and I’m hungry). 🙂

*** I very nearly just copied over the Vacation list 😉

And Finally, the Fantastic Four Friends for Tagging:

1. LiLiaN

2. Hisham

3. Kamkuey

4. Atuk

OK. Really. I only did this meme quickly so I wouldn’t run out of people to tag. I don’t really read too many blogs and some of those have already been tagged! 😉

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