Fleep by Jason Shiga is not a webcomic.

It’s a story published not to its conclusion by AsianWeek but now collected in its entirety at Jason Shiga’s website. It’s a story of one man’s adventure upon waking up entombed in a telephone booth. The tale starts out looking as if it’s fantastical and Twilight-Zone-esque, but like the best of stories there’s more to it than meets the eye, and by the end all plot points are resolved and takes you by surprise.

Jason Shiga won a Eisner for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for Fleep in 2003. And a fun fact for Malaysians is that one of Jason’s major influence as a cartoonist is Lat according to his interview at AsianWeek.

So, check out the entire Fleep story at Jason’s site. You’ll find out why comics, when written right, is a storytelling media worthy of being called literature.

Thanks to Chad, Caleb’s friend for showing me the comic.

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