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Even with a proper job, I still find it difficult to order RPG books (or any type of books online) because of other obligations (i.e. bills to pay). So I thought I should look to alternatives for them. I had complementary copies of book in pdf form so why not we print some of them so we had dead tree versions to hold, touch and read in meatspace.

Mini Six

Perfect bound!

Perfect bound!

I have had Mini Six printed and bound in a comb binding format for many years. I thought it would great to have one perfect bound which would make it look nicer.

I will tinker away, thanks

Meanwhile in the back!

On cardstock, the back cover of the book looks pretty even without fancy illustrations.


Bestiary, not worstiary!

Don’t look now, but there is a hell hound in the interior pages.

White Star

Spahn's book

A very evocative cover!

I also printed out White Star by James Spahn. The cover looks epic. The guy on the cover reminded me of Nathan Fillion in Firefly ever since I saw it the first time.

It's brown

A galaxy of adventure and more

I believe I might run this game at some point, perhaps with a setting that is more a modern science fiction setting compared to Star Wars. With planetary jumpgates instead of spaceships, with incomprehensible aliens?

Maps are always cool

I’m all for the asteroid base!

Wait…. the Ice Pirates are in here?

Mecha and Mecha: Kaiju

I drew the cover!

Both Mecha AND Mecha Kaiju in a single book!

Do not be fooled. There are actually two books bound as one here. Both Mecha RPG by Chris Perrin and its Mecha: Kaiju supplement by Jacob Ross. I was thinking I of running a Pacific Rim setting for Irfan later.

From Mecha

There are some classic anime archetypes you can play

Archetypes are important. Archetype defines our characters initially. And then fill them out nicely so it becomes a well-rounded characters.


I also drew this kaiju!

I drew Mecha: Kaiju‘s interior artwork.

There as you can see, I now have three new RPG books. And now to ponder besides Irfan and Ain and the occassional students, who would be able to play a game session with me long enough so I could organise a proper campaign.

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Khairul Hisham J. is a tabletop RPG artist, writer, proofreader, translator, teacher, grad student and learner-in-general.

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  1. This is superb! soo beautiful as if all those books were formally published, thanks a lot, i find it very helpful from all of writings in this blog so far, appreciate it 😁😁

    by the way, do you still have all those roleplaying books in pdf format?

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