Not Very Uplifting

Here’s another rant I stored somewhere which I rediscovered.

Say you’re waiting on the ground floor of a building. You need to get up to the tenth floor. When you arrive at the elevator doors, the cab is currently at the tenth floor. You hit the button and it starts to descend. Another guy waits with you by the lift. It stops at the 8th floor to pick up a passenger on the way down. Then it stops again at the 7th floor, where it remains there for more than 30 seconds. Then it descends and stops at the 5th, 4th and finally the 2nd floors.

The doors open and a bunch of folks come spilling out. One guy is carrying a large item of furniture, which probably held the lift at the 7th. Once the lift is clear, you and the other guy waiting board the lift cab. You hit the 10th floor. And the other guy squints, moves his finger with uncertainty deciding which button to press and finally hits the 1st floor button.

The 1st floor.

Where you can reach at least 90 – 240 seconds earlier by just climbing up one floor using the stairwell adjacent to the elevator lobby.

Many thanks to the more-than-just-a-couple-of-people who’ve wasted my time in such instances, and kudos for managing your time in such an efficient manner. Bravo! Author! Golf clap!

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