Opah’s Orchids

It’s the school holidays! So we headed back to Sitiawan to spend time with Irfan’s Atok and Opah.

[[image:sitiawan-garden01.jpg:The pond has a school of koi in it:center:0]]

When we arrived, some orchids hanging at Irfan’s grandparents’ garden over the koi pond were blooming. It was quite a spectacular sight as the following photos of the individual plants show.

Does anyone know what species of orchids they are?

[[image:sitiawan-garden02.jpg:Some yellow orchid with a red centre:center:0]]

[[image:sitiawan-garden03.jpg:Some red-speckled yellow orchid:center:0]]

[[image:sitiawan-garden04.jpg:Some violet orchid with a yellow centre:center:0]]

Someday we might even have some place with our own garden.


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