Paper Minis: Assassin Droids

But how do droids consume hashish?!

The Eliminator 434 assassin droid was statted up from a concept art in West End Games’ Star Wars Sourcebook.

The IG-86 sentinel droid appeared in multiple episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Since IG-88 is (more or less) unique, I gather they had to come up with a new type of droid that resembles it.

Inorganic matters

Inorganic matters

Click here to download them for printing and assembling.

Bonus pic: Here’s a screencap from behind-the-scenes preview features of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series. See anything familiar?

Maybe it's the Uulshos Justice Droid I DON'T KNOW!

Maybe it’s the Uulshos Justice Droid I DON’T KNOW!

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