Paper Minis: Assassin Droids

But how do droids consume hashish?!

The Eliminator 434 assassin droid was statted up from a concept art in West End Games’ Star Wars Sourcebook.

The IG-86 sentinel droid appeared in multiple episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Since IG-88 is (more or less) unique, I gather they had to come up with a new type of droid that resembles it.

Inorganic matters

Inorganic matters

Click here to download them for printing and assembling.

Bonus pic: Here’s a screencap from behind-the-scenes preview features of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series. See anything familiar?

Maybe it's the Uulshos Justice Droid I DON'T KNOW!

Maybe it’s the Uulshos Justice Droid I DON’T KNOW!

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    • The Eliminator 434s were our go-to bad guy bots back in the early days of the game. It was the only fighting droid in the Star Wars Sourcebook that could guard hallways and prison cells. Viper probe droids and IT-0 interrogator droids weren’t suited for those.

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