Issue 89 is here

TeeKay-421 Comp Copy

Today I received a pair of complementary copies of a magazine. Issue 89 of Teekay-421, the official Belgian Star Wars fan club magazine, sports my cover art of Sabine Wren rolling some dice in front of a faux-Edge of the Empire gamemaster screen! The magazine itself is fully printed in Belgian Dutch, so I am unable to read it. Even so, it does look like it has a lot of great features that I would enjoy reading. The theme of the issue is Mandalorians, so the magazine features write-ups of Mandalorians in canon and Legends; even their vehicles and in-universe art! Of course The Mandalorian TV series starring Pedro Pascal and run by Jon Favreau is featured prominently. Someday I might even write about the show on this blog. There are reviews of the latest Star Wars novels, books, comics and games throughout the magazine, making it an important resource […]

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Issue 89

TeeKay-421 Cover Art

Yesterday, TeeKay-421 the official Belgian Star Wars fan club magazine revealed their cover for their upcoming issue 89. The cover was illustrated by me. Check it out below: The theme was Mandalorians. I could draw a number of famous Mandalorians played by Ray Stevenson or Jon Favreau or Katee Sackoff or Pedro Pascal. Then I thought Tiya Sircar missed out on playing Edge of the Empire with her castmates on GEGG Wars. I decided to have Sabine Wren roll some Fantasy Flight Games dice with a custom GM screen for the cover of issue 89. The original tweet is displayed below: Preview: TeeKay-421 Magazine 89 @TeeKay421be ! Art by @hishgraphics ūüôā ‚ÄĒ Sompeetalay (@Sompeetalay) August 2, 2019

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Sabine was here!

Star Wars Rebels Experience

Mid Valley Megamall held a Star Wars Rebels Experience exhibition last Sunday, commemorating the debut of the series on local TV. I didn’t think I was going to make the exhibition because college assignments had to be submitted by midnight. I had one more to complete and submit. But when it was announced that the deadline was pushed back 2 days, we headed for Mid Valley at Point Five beyond lightspeed. I saw the big helmet at the South Court all the way from the Centre Court. Irfan posed before it for posterity’s sake. The Five-Oh-First was on site to ensure no rebel agents disrupt the proceedings. The Pau’an Inquisitor was also around being all Lucius Malfoy-ish. He has quite a nice profile, but he’s no Inquisitor Tremayne. I hope Tremayne shows up in the series at some point and they both go out for coffee or something. Inquisitors first […]

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Maybe it's the Uulshos Justice Droid I DON'T KNOW!

Paper Minis: Assassin Droids

But how do droids¬†consume hashish?! The Eliminator 434 assassin droid was statted up from a concept art in West End Games’ Star Wars Sourcebook. The IG-86 sentinel droid appeared in multiple episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Since IG-88 is (more or less) unique, I gather they had to come up with a new type of droid that resembles it. Click here to download them for printing and assembling. Bonus pic: Here’s a screencap from behind-the-scenes preview features of the upcoming¬†Star Wars Rebels¬†animated series. See anything familiar?

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