67 Months

Another month! 67 months old!

[[image:2014-yaya67month-06.jpg:Yaya the butterfly (note the antennae):center:0]]

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Food status: Yaya has been eating home made bread. Mostly the Cuban Bread (which looks and tastes like her favorite bread from Dorothy Lane Market, the french boule), but she did gobble up the schiacciata, which contained molasses and was brown. So that counts as a new food and she did get a new toy for that (the Peppa Pig ball, see below). Also she had a few licks of vanilla ice cream and an actual spoonful of it. Unfortunately she needed three mouthfuls to qualify for a new game/toy, and she refused to go to 3 mouthfuls, so she did not get anything for that. Now she declares vanilla ice cream her favorite (she had 1 taste of it and refused any more). What can we say?

Reading status: same as last month but we are still slowly progressing.

Let’s get to the pictures. So this first one is one taken early on 1 Feb 2014:

[[image:2014-yaya67month-16.jpg:Yaya sings while Adik has the boggle timer:center:0]]

Note the beautiful long locks of hair. Now say goodbye to them. That evening I gave the girl a haircut:

[[image:2014-yaya67month-01.jpg:After washing her hair, I brushed it out and am preparing to begin snipping:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-02.jpg:In progress:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-03.jpg:All done!:center:0]]

While it wasn’t the most professional of haircuts (yes, there is some unevenness here and there), Yaya was pleased with her new look and very happy to no longer suffer daily while all her tangles are brushed out. She wanted pictures to be taken as the haircut was in preparation for “picture day in school”. OK. We realize that she is homeschooled and we don’t actually have a picture day, but we went with it. Vin is super happy to not have the onerous task of shampooing her hair and detangling that mess. And overall, there was happiness all around! Whee!

It has been a very brutally cold and snowy winter, and February was no slouch. We did get a bunch of deer in our backyard a few times. Here’s a photo:

[[image:2014-yaya67month-05.jpg:Bambi and his kinfolk:center:0]]

I have pictures of the kids in the snow too, but we already saw that last month. More snow. Whoop de doo. Although Yaya was excited and pleased every time we had snowfall and she loved going outside to play. Adik went out to play sometimes as Vin tended to take Yaya out during Adik’s naptime. But when he did go out, he had fun.

Anyway, this next section is called “fun with Adik”:

[[image:2014-yaya67month-09.jpg:Yaya on the Peppa Pig ball, and Adik on Benny the Bull:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-10.jpg:Bouncing like crazy!:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-11.jpg:Rolling around on pillows:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-08.jpg:Yaya reads Dinosaur vs Bedtime to Adik:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-15.jpg:It’s time for a tea party!:center:0]]

We did have a first: Yaya agreed to watch a movie at the movie theatre and based on previews, she chose the Lego Movie. So we did all go to that, and that was fun and Yaya enjoyed it and was not scared and did not want to leave at the first sign of trouble. Adik fell asleep on me halfway through the movie and had a nice nap. He was very excited when they showed a preview of the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, and at the end of that preview he yelled “That’s a good one!”. 🙂 I was just ecstatic to finally go to a movie after almost six years with no cinema outings.

[[image:2014-yaya67month-14.jpg:Yaya in front of the refreshment center at the cinema:center:0]]

I think now that we have broken through that hurdle, it would be nice to take the kids to the movies every so often. We went to watch the movie in the early afternoon of a weekday and the theatre was basically empty. There was only one other party watching the Lego Movie with us that day. So it was stress-free and we didn’t have to keep the kids tightly leashed. It was nice.

Some of my favorite solo shots of the girl:

[[image:2014-yaya67month-07.jpg:My beautiful baby girl:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-12.jpg:Pounding garlic and thyme in my mortar and pestle (a Malay cook’s best friend!):center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya67month-13.jpg:Funny face!:center:0]]

Happy 67-month birthday, baby girl! We love you!!! 🙂

[[image:2014-yaya67month-04.jpg:Piggyback rides are fun!:center:0]]

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