Star Wars Rebels Experience

Mid Valley Megamall held a Star Wars Rebels Experience exhibition last Sunday, commemorating the debut of the series on local TV.

I didn’t think I was going to make the exhibition because college assignments had to be submitted by midnight. I had one more to complete and submit. But when it was announced that the deadline was pushed back 2 days, we headed for Mid Valley at Point Five beyond lightspeed.

I wonder if the MFTAS is to scale as well

The big helmet

I saw the big helmet at the South Court all the way from the Centre Court. Irfan posed before it for posterity’s sake.

Stormtrooper on the prowl

No doubt from the Carida Academy

The Five-Oh-First was on site to ensure no rebel agents disrupt the proceedings.

The Inquisitorious also do mall appearances

The Inquisitor

The Pau’an Inquisitor was also around being all Lucius Malfoy-ish.

What IS his real name?

He’s from Utapau

He has quite a nice profile, but he’s no Inquisitor Tremayne. I hope Tremayne shows up in the series at some point and they both go out for coffee or something. Inquisitors first appeared in Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments From the Rim.

The spinning mechanism is pretty spectacular in motion

Inquisitor’s lightsabre

The Inquisitor’s toy lightsabre up close.

Will a TX-130 tank appear in Rebels?

Action figures

There was a diorama of Star Wars Rebels action figures – Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger and Chopper – fighting on top of some vanilla cake with the Inquisitor on a Sabre-class tank.

But no Aurebesh

Rebels screen

When one of the screens were vacant, Irfan tried out the interactive character profile thingie.

If he had a meiloorun, everyone would be in trouble

Astromech droid

He listened to the C1-10P astromech character profile while the hologram screen displayed visuals.

Now here's a fiesty droid


Meanwhile, Chopper was being restrained elsewhere among the exhibits. This will not end well.

More C1 astromechs please


Woop! Woop! Woop!

Some postcolonial irony in the background

Ezra Bridger

Irfan takes a photo of Ezra Bridger whom I understand is NOT the son of Captain Nathan Bridger of seaQuest DSV.

Ephraim Bridger is also played by Dee Bradley Baker

A close look at Ezra’s custom-painted combat driver helmet

Ezra – the son of Captain Rex (my own pet theory, okay?) – shows off a cadet trooper helmet he filched on Lothal.

Stun damage only

Wrist slingshot

The wrist energy slingshot Ezra wears, as all good Kid template characters in West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game wear.

...anak Langkau

Kanan Jarrus

Minor Jedi (and former padawan) Caleb Dume attempts to avoid Imperial attention by impersonating a mannequin.

I'd say this has 4D+1 damage

BlasTech DL-18

I almost made a grab for his DL-18 blaster pistol, but there were Imperial troops about.

Sabine was here!

Imperial stormtroopers

I bet the Five-Oh-First is pissed off that someone vandalised the big helmet. And on Empire Day no less. Too bad there were no exhibits of Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Kallus. Maybe next time.

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