76 Months

76 months of Yaya!


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OK since it is almost January as I sit to write this entry, I feel like I can barely remember what November was like. It was busy. We spent two weeks in Tampa, Florida (including another quick Clearwater Beach getaway), then it was Thanksgiving and we had a houseguest and went to Elkhart, Indiana. So it was a busy busy month.

Reading status: no change. Still the same. We are still trying to gently encourage her. She does like it when we read to her. It will come together for her, inshallah.

Food status: Yaya tried a few more things in November. This includes:
* croissants (she’d tried this before but for breakfast at the Hilton Clearwater Beach, she ate them like crazy, dipped in butter)
* fresh juiced orange juice (Becky has a juicer and Yaya helped prepare the juice and then actually drank it! She refused to drink self-juiced orange juice when we did it at home)
* cracker (Yaya tried a different kind of cracker – I believe it was a parmesan cracker)
* popcorn (Yaya tried popcorn when we went to the Nutcracker with her cousins and her Aunt Becky – she did not like it but she tried it)

Since this entry is being written so late, let’s go straight to the pictures. First, some Clearwater Beach action shots. It was colder this time (in November), but we still enjoyed our weekend at the beach. We still swam in the sea and the pool, although more time was spent on the beach rather than in the water.

[[image:2014-yaya76month-09.jpg:Playing in the sand with her brother:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-10.jpg:Being a seagull, I think:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-11.jpg:Running in the waves:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-12.jpg:Wave jumping:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-13.jpg:The hole that they are digging keeps getting filled with water:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-14.jpg:Attacked by waves!:center:0]]

Here are some hotel shots:

[[image:2014-yaya76month-16.jpg:Yaya and Adik at breakfast:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-17.jpg:The breakfast lady at our hotel in Tampa made this lovely hair ornament for Yaya!:center:0]]

At Thanksgiving, Becky took us to a local production of the Nutcracker:

[[image:2014-yaya76month-05.jpg:Yaya and the girls:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-06.jpg:Cousin Gabby braided Yaya’s hair:center:0]]

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend at Becky and Phil’s. Thanks for the lovely time! 🙂

[[image:2014-yaya76month-15.jpg:Becky reads to Yaya and Adik:center:0]] 

Here are some of my favorite solo shots of the girl from this month:

[[image:2014-yaya76month-02.jpg:Proudly showing off her “paper mini” Pocoyo:center:0]] 

Yaya made me go through the blog looking at all the paper minis that her Pak Yope has made, as she wanted a Pocoyo paper mini. Since Pak Yope had not made any, she decided to make one herself! And she wanted me to take pictures to send to her Pak Yope. 🙂

[[image:2014-yaya76month-04.jpg:With a blue elephant at the art museum in Elkhart. Yaya went to her first art museum!:center:0]]

[[image:2014-yaya76month-07.jpg:Creating her Nutcracker masterpiece based on the nutcracker that Becky gave to her:center:0]] 

[[image:2014-yaya76month-08.jpg:New Hello Kitty knock-off footed ‘jamas!:center:0]]

Happy 76-month birthday, baby girl!! We love you!!!

[[image:2014-yaya76month-03.jpg:Raccoon-hatted smiley girl:center:0]]

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