Symposium Gift Artwork

At the language symposium last week, besides the two assignments I wrote about I also had a third task: Which was to sketch some artwork to be printed and presented as gifts to the special guests of the event. The common theme for each drawing was Perlis.

I drew them all in Krita separately. Photographic references, of course, were used.

Pandora gate

The university main campus gate

The best part of the cave is the gelatinous cube

We have seen this cave before on this blog.

The masjid over the sea

The moon might not be to scale though

Best thing about living here are the mangoes

I assure you the photographic reference for this drawing was of Perlis Harumanis mangoes.

MPK is the Kangar Municipal Council

I believe the present Padang Besar looks a bit different now

Dua seringgit

The artwork now rendered in meatspace

Originally I had composed them all in a single artwork. Ultimately, the committee decided to frame them as separate images.The artwork was printed and framed in groups of fives and threes.

I feel like I won a boxing match

I hope he likes it

Here is one of the group-of-three frames given to the speaker after the teaching workshop in the afternoon.

Click here to view the artwork on ArtStation. Click on the expand icon on each image to expand them.

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