Deep Space Squadron

Cover for Deep Space Squadron

Ebb and Folks commissioned a new cover for an upcoming ebook entitled Deep Space Squadron. Originally I designed the cover artwork to show the single multi-kilometre long capital warship Resolution under attack by smaller corvettes or frigates, but then it was decided to have less clutter. Thus, only the Resolution remains in the final artwork. Remember: Port is red. Starboard is green.

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That's a big book

Ruthermore’s First Cover: Redux

The cover of Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet was the first in the series that I drew for Ebb and Folks back in 2011. There was a request for an enhancement of the cover. Originally painted in water colours, I employed GIMP to give it a digital upgrade by smoothing out roughness and applying digital paints where required. For a look at the original painting, click here.

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There be a bragon! Perhaps there be also a bungeon

Ruthermore’s Fourth Cover

After creating the cover of David Leyman’s debut entry of his science fiction story Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet, followed by the covers of two subsequent entries, Ruthermore Heidigens and the Voices and Ruthermore Heidigens and the Nights at the Round Table, now comes the cover I made for the upcoming fourth installment of the series in Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fires of Avalon! Check out the dragon. He seems nice. Keep an eye out for its ebook release on Amazon at David Leyman’s website here!

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Ruthergens Heidimore and the Nights at the Round Table

Ruthermore’s Second and Third Covers

After illustrating the cover of David Leyman’s first “Ruthermore Heidigens” science fiction novella, Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet, here are two more cover artwork from two other stories in the series, Ruthermore Heidigens and the Voices and Ruthermore Heidigens and the Nights at the Round Table – the former of which I made over a year ago but forgot to post here since.  

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Cover for Five’s The End

[[image:ebb-n-folks-5s-the-end-cover.jpg:Cover with the creature Three:center:0]] Here is another cover commissioned by Ebb and Folks. Five’s The End is a novella by David Leyman that completes the trilogy that begins with Three’s Company and continues with Four of a Kind (the second artwork in this post). The style of digital inks and colours (instead of a painterly look) of the cover for all three novellas is an editorial decision.

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Cover for The Adepts Book 2: Empath

The sequel to The Adepts Book 1: Furato will soon be released and here’s the cover I painted for it. The blog entry about the cover for the first novel can be found here. Without further ado, here’s the red-tinged cover painting for The Adepts Book 2: Empath, continuing the star spanning adventures of the powerful Adepts and their guardian Payan warriors. The novel will be on sale at the Amazon Kindle Store very soon. [[image:ebb-n-folks-empath-cover.jpg:Red cover is red:center:0]] For a larger view, please check out the cover at DeviantArt.

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Two Covers, One Customer

Two cover artwork were commissioned by Ebb & Folks for their Iqliptiq Books science fiction imprint. The first is for a prequel and the other a sequel. [[image:ebb-n-folks-rhittach-cover.jpg:Two Blades, One Customer:center:0]] Rhittach: The Beginning This short story tells the rise of Rhittach, the Payan warrior featured in the novel The Adepts Book 1: Furato, which was previously shown in this blog post. [[image:ebb-n-folks-4-of-a-kind-cover.jpg:Two Characters, One Pile of Gold:center:0]]  Four Of A Kind This is a sequel to Iqliptiq Books’ short story Three’s Company, also featured here previously in this blog post. Both books were written by science fiction author David Leyman.

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Heidimore Ruthergens

Ruthermore’s First Cover

Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet is the first of David Leyman’s Ruthermore Heidigens science fiction novellas. It features the most powerful wizard in the known universe, simply because he’s the only wizard in the universe. His powers are real, but are they really of a magical source? Here’s the cover for the book I painted recently in watercolour:

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Cover Process for Hags of Teeb

EBB & Folks sent me another task to complete: The cover for another ebook novella titled The Hags of Teeb. Here is the step-by-step process involved from the first sketch until the finished cover artwork. The first sketch (seen below) was based on the original black and white cover illustration made by David Leyman. I used the general shape of the Hags and the cauldron in the sketch and put them in a cave. After the sketch was approved, I decided to create two painted elements which would then be composited digitally. Firstly, I painted the cave background element (below). The centre of the cave where the cauldron sat upon a fire was lighted. The hags themselves were easy enough. I painted over the pencils I drew, using the outlines of the characters I drew above in the sketch. They were mostly dark and in shadow. Their outlines closest to […]

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Cover for Meevo

Meevo is the ebook novella by David Leyman. It is a suitably eerie horror-flavoured science-fiction tale involving an escaped prisoner, the prisoner’s hunters and – as we see in the opening scenes – a mutant, in a post-apocalyptic future. To view the full cover image, click on the thumbnail below. Meevo is available for purchase on here.

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Cover for Three’s Company

Ebb n Folks’s latest short story soon to be published on Amazon as a Kindle download is Three’s Company. The publisher called for a lined artwork with clean colours on it. So here it is. “Three” in the story title is the catlike lady seen below. But why has she been with the protagonist all these decades? Watch for it on soon. [[image:ebb-n-folks-threes-company-cover.jpg:What’s with the picture in the middle?:center:0]]

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Cover for Crater

Ebb & Folks has again given me the assignment to come up with another cover for one of their books. This time it’s the novella Crater by David Leyman, now on sale on as an ebook. [[image:ebb-n-folks-crater-cover.jpg:That star is Aldebaran, by the way.:center:0]]  It’s a star and time spanning tale of humans versus a ruthless alien civilisation at war. Check it out at the link above to buy and download it.

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A Background Element

[[image:crater-element-bg.jpg:funeral service:center:0]] I am working on an ebook cover. The plan is to create separate water colour elements and digitally bring them together for the final artwork. The above is the background element for the piece. Stay tuned for the final artwork and the link to the ebook.

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A Novel Tale of a Novel Cover

Once upon a time, I went to study on how to repair flying machines. During my dozens of years (not really, just 2 and a half years) of studying there were many instructors that taught me different aspects of flying machine repairs. Some taught me metalwork, some taught me electrics, some taught me theory of flight. One particular person taught me about turbine engines. He was a tall gentleman, he was. Over the years after I returned home, I’ve always known from second hand accounts that he’s now living in this country. In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with him again briefly. Last month, he and his lovely wife came down all the way from Ulu Klang (which is about 10 klicks up the Middle Ring Road) asked me to produce a cover for a science fiction novel that he has written and is about to […]

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