Otherworldly Creatures of Issyka

Christopher Mennell aka The Secret DM, commissioned me to create a host of otherworldly creatures for his fantasy setting of Issyka. It had been a while since I drew fantasy creatures. So I thought it would be a great for me to flex that cluster of creative muscle. Long after the ancient Shapers have gone extinct, their bio-factory are still creating new creatures that continue to roam the wilds of Issyka. Click on the images to expand them: An adult zegak-zoti grow anywhere from three to thirty feet tall. This type of creature has an armoured hide which could turn the best arrows. The largest of these beasts could be made into a mobile fortress if they could be tamed. However, the problem many find is that zegak-zotis adore the taste of human flesh. Sysakuunds are aquatic hunters that can grow up to fifty feet in length. They hunt prey […]

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Any guesses as to what this artwork is riffing off


Issyka is The Secret DM’s fantasy setting for a Play-by-Post game engine. Artwork commission for Issyka? Here you go: There is a hint of planetary romance with swapped gender tropes. Also, who is actually afraid of who in the drawing? The humans or the Illadon? Watch this space for more announcements on Issyka.

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