Starring Kevin Sussman from Wil Wheaton's Tabletop, "Dragon Age" episodes!

Matrimonial Juggernaut

What is remarkable here is that Stuart knows the 22-metre long HAWv A5 Juggernaut. The A5 first showed up in West End Games’ Imperial Sourcebook in 1990. The visual design of the vehicle was based on Joe Johnston’s concept art for The Empire Strikes Back. Since then it popped up sporadically in unlikely locations such as Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: Empire issue 29. Most fans are familiar with is the larger 49-metre long HAWv A6 variant – the so-called “clone turbo tank“. This is because the A6s were featured in the 2005 film Revenge of the Sith Later, they also showed up in Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series. As such, all the toys and visual encyclopaedias refer mostly to the A6. There is no reason why Stuart would bring up the A5, even if he’s read the wiki thoroughly. Unless he plays West End Games’ Star Wars […]

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"We've hit this AAT, sir. Should we exchange insurance details?"

The Savage Battle at ToysRUs

Today, we took a trip to Empire Shopping Gallery at Subang Jaya – a mall we’ve not visited before. Somewhere near the top floor of the mall was a Toys’R’Us outlet. Toys’R’Us as many of us are aware of sells toys. There are many sections in the store which I usually browse (but don’t normally buy at the moment). One such section is the Star Wars aisle. There was something I discovered here that caught my eye. A fantastic Star Wars: The Clone Wars diorama using dozens of action figures, some vehicles and a fantastic environment. It was a battle scene, with the Grand Army of the Republic laying siege to a Separatist stronghold. And the Republic’s heavy hitter was the Kuat Drive Yards A6 Juggernaut toy vehicle. Modified to have physical damages and custom-painted with carbon scoring, the Juggernaut (also known as the “Clone Turbo Tank”) made a spectacular […]

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