Meanwhile, in New Perlis

Risus RPG: Perchance To Dream

Risus RPG One Shot Perchance to Dream This was a Risus the Anything one-shot game that I ran for my Master’s Degree supervisor Prof Harshita and my colleague Asha who was along for the fun of it all. I thought Risus would be a great way to introduce them to RPGs as a language learning tool because of the versatility of the Risus’ clichés. It went smoothly, and I can see how the characters could develop new clichés as the story went on. Dramatis Personae General Desi – a retired military general Ms. Bong – a rich entrepreneur The retired General Desi and entrepreneur Ms. Bong were travelling through the tall grass and rolling fields of the land they called New Perlis. Desi needed a walking stick as at her old age she was Easily Tired (1). Above them, two suns blazed in a cloudless noon sky. The land rose […]

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A Registered Student Once More

I never thought it possible even three years ago, but now I am registered as a postgraduate student at my workplace! (It helps that I work at a university, obviously.) I would like to thank my family and friends who supported and encouraged me one way or another. I would have never reached this point if it were not for them. More news to come, I would wager…

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