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Paper Minis: Clone Wars Batch 2

It’s been quite a while since I made some Star Wars RPG paperminis. So here are some new ones from Star Wars The Clone Wars! Includes a surprise batch of mooks on the PDF! If your players are duking it out in the Clone Wars era, maybe they could meet these famous characters. Download, print and assemble them for free here!

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Players in the Clone War

Paper Minis: Clone Wars Batch 1

For a bunch of folk on different sides of and profiteering from a war, they look good together. The character design for The Clone Wars animated series was amazingly done, although Aurra Sing was designed for The Phantom Menace. Here they are as paper minis, as commissioned by Brian Purvis for his son’s birthday but because of lack of computer resources and limited internet access after my move, I was late in delivering it. Download, print and assemble them here!

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They're both in the G section of any alien species sourcebook

Paper Minis: Just Plain Photos

It was a slow work day and I got bored. So I played with the Star Wars RPG paper miniatures I made. No new paper minis. No game sessions. Just me playing with some cheap, homemade Star Wars toys. After a fashion. Here are some Hutt goons storming into Chalmun’s Cantina at Mos Eisley, leaving their protocol droid by the door. The Ortolan cook has enough of their crap. An Imperial officer leads a collection of troopers down into the cantina’s basement, perhaps for some hooch for the battalion. Out in the streets of Mos Eisley, a phalanx of assassin droids attempt to corner some Imperial troops. Three Chiss ladies and their coterie of astromech droids run this YT-1300 light freighter. Alliance troops and pilots investigates the YT-1300. A LOM-series protocol droid scurries to safety. A Gran and a Gand are imprisoned while an officer leads a squad of Imperial […]

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An R1 is clearly visible during the Jawa droid sale scene at the Lars farm

Paper Minis: More Astromech Droids

Once upon a time, I posted a PDF of astromech droid paper miniatures. Specifically, the R2-, R4- and R5-series astromech droids manufactured by Industrial Automatons. Today, I post more astromech droids that you can use in your Star Wars RPG campaign!¬† Specifically, the large outdated R1-series from Industrial Automatons, and C1-series astromech – newly-introduced in the all-new Star Wars animated TV series Star Wars Rebels! There might be one C-1 paper miniature that has 90% paint job of Rebels‘ C1-10P a.k.a. Chopper! Click here to download pdf file! Presently, the manufacturer of the C1 is yet unknown. Please check out my Patreon site for more paper miniature downloads. Some free ones are readily available too.

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Protocol is protocol

Paper Minis: Protocol Droids

So now we have protocol droid paper miniatures for your Star Wars RPG campaign! LOM-series for bipedal insectoid species and C-series for bipedal mammalian species. Everyone needs protocol droids when dealing with government, large organisations, corporations, royalty, kindergarten administration and other assorted middle management-heavy institutions! Also, if you have protocol droid player characters. Click here to download the pdf file! Included are 6 LOM-series and 6 C-series droids. Please check out my Patreon site for more paper miniature downloads. Some free ones are readily available too.

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With tiles from d20radio!

Paper Minis: Outer Rim Ladies

Here are paper miniatures of some ladies who live and work in the Outer Rim Territories. They might be scouts, colonists, doctors, outlaw techs, diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers. Wait! Wrong sci-fi franchise, but still applicable for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game! As a bonus, there’s also a Chiss version of the same ladies because Chiss stats for player characters are in the recent Enter the Unknown supplement for Star Wars Edge of the Empire. These could easily stand for Chiss scouts, traders and agents of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force from Csilla way out beyond the rim in Wild Space. Have fun with them. Download and assemble from Google Drive here.

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Paper Minis: GONK!

GONK! Download the Veril Line Systems’ EG-4 and EG-6 power droids paper miniatures for your Star Wars Role-Playing Game campaign! GONK! GONK! GONK! Speaking of paper miniatures, I’ve just launched a Hishgraphics Patreon campaign for general purpose gaming. It will eventually cover everything from high fantasy to science fiction to horror. Check out the link here! Expect a blog post about it soon. GONK! (Download from here, I mean!)

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Minions galore!

Paper Minis: Stormtroopers Redux

I’ve released paper miniatures of Imperial stormtroopers before, but they were black and white line art. So I thought I’d create brand new non-monochrome Imperial troops. One group of troopers wield SE-4R blasters and the other E-11 blasters. Click here to view, download from Google Drive for free and assemble the minis to be used in your Star Wars RPG campaign! Or you could decorate your workstation with them. Just make sure the colours match.

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Wait. Are the pilots catcalling the drivers here?

Paper Minis: Imperial Pilots

And now, paper miniatures for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game with a bunch of armoured Imperial pilots: the TIE fighter pilot and the AT-AT driver. Their costume designs are amazing if you see photos of them up close. If you need some NPCs to fight with while in the hangar bay of an Imperial Star Destroyer or a garrison, you could use these guys. Alternatively, you could have your characters dress up as them for disguise, or even use them as legitimate player characters. like an old character in one of my campaigns named Jack Wasiwawix who was a former Imperial TIE fighter pilot who had defected and still had his uniform and gear with him. Hmmm. The TIE pilots here might be played by the Fonz though. Download here for printing and assembly from Google Drive.

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I don't know if these guys are from Tierfon Outpost

Paper Minis: X-Wing Pilots

If you’re playing any version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, perhaps you’d like some paper miniatures if your player characters or your non-player characters are X-wing fighter jocks. There are male and female pilots, wearing and not wearing helmets. The helmeted male pilots – if you study them closely – have their tongues sticking out just because. ūüėõ Download here from Google Drive for assembly!

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Space Nazguls FTW!

Paper Minis: Cloaked Dudes

A lot of folks wear cloaks and hoods in the Star Wars universe, from the Jedi to senators to even street spy Garindan. You shouldn’t have any lack of reasons to use these paper miniatures in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game as player or non-player characters. Click here to download the cloaked dudes who stay cloaked at Google Drive. In fact, you shouldn’t even have problems using these in a fantasy RPG like BareBones Fantasy, The One Ring, Runequest, Dungeon World, Pathfinder, 13th Age or this new game you might not have heard of before: Dungeons and Dragons.

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Some sort of humans

Paper Minis: Naboo Security Forces

Sure these are Battle of Naboo-era uniforms, but they look much more varied than Clone Wars-era NRSF uniforms. Just remember that after the Senate dissolution, Naboo and the Chommell Sector would be under the command of Moff Panaka who is still good friends with the Emperor. These would be legitimate Imperial-aligned adversaries for player characters during a Rebellion era campaign. ANYWAY, PAPER MINIS. Sorry but no paper minis of the Naboo Gian and Flash speeders. Yet. Click here to download them from Google Drive. Addendum: Oh hey, look! Entry 1313.

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There be boys and girls

Paper Minis: Rebel Troops

So I made a new batch of Star Wars RPG paper minis. These are Rebel officers and troopers just in time for FFG’s Age of Rebellion release. Now your scoundrel characters can interact with the Rebels, or start off as Alliance characters! Click here to download the pdf for printout and assembly! What other Alliance paper minis would you be interested in? SpecForce? Fighter pilots? Echo Base troops?

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Bossks and Zuckusses

Paper Minis: Trandoshans and Gands

Because Trandoshans and Gands are among the playable species listed in Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, here are a bunch of Trandoshans and Gands as paper miniatures to be used with it. Well, also with any Star Wars RPG system really. I remember the first time reading Star Wars Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back where they list Bossk’s and Zuckuss’ species name. Sigh. Good times. Good times. Download the pdf from Google Drive, print and assemble here!

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More aliens out in the fringe

Paper Minis: Asok’s Fringers Part 2

Here is a second set of paper minis created from¬†Ryan “Asok Yeesrim” Rhodes’s¬†illustrations used with his permission. Check out larger versions of the artwork at his gallery linked from his name. The first batch of Ryan-drawn minis can be found¬†here. Here’s our first non-canonical alien species created by Ryan, named the Trog – which I thought looks a lot like the¬†yet-unnamed stalk-eyed species¬†created and drawn by Mike Vilardi for West End Games or perhaps a¬†Zilkin¬†which appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Also, our first extra wide paper mini by way of the humongous Herglic, which takes twice the width. Click here to download the set from Google Drive.

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Some Imperial officer using the droids for his escort

Paper Minis: Floating Droids

Here are three types of floating droids as paper miniatures for use with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. You’ve seen the Marksman-H training remote before in Star Wars, where Luke trained with one on the Millennium Falcom. There’s also the Mark IV sentry droid that helped the sandtroopers in Mos Eisley look for Luke and Ben. Finally there’s the “recon droid” from The Clone Wars. Still unnamed officially, This appears to be a smaller version of the larger Arakyd Viper probe droid seen in Empire Strikes Back. Each of these can easily be low-level obstacles for players in your game session. Even the training remote’s sting beam can be refitted with something stronger to ensure players are sufficiently challenged… or killed… or both. Note: These droids aren’t remotely to scale with other human-sized figures. Download from Google Drive for free and assemble it for immediate use.

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