X-Men meets Dracula (THE Dracula)

Uncanny X-Men 159: Cornered

Cornered blog’s event this week is CORNERED FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! My contribution is Uncanny X-Men #159 where the X-Men meets not just any vampire, but Dracula himself, who finds himself enamoured by Storm! Vampire hunting hijinks ensues. My entry can be found here. I’d drawn another picture using inkbrush, but then I scrapped it on account of Storm’s grimace being too ugly – so I whipped up another one with a pen quickly. No human, mutant nor vampire (or any combination mix thereof) should look so hideous. Also I think I got the headpiece arms wrong. They should be turning outward, not inward.

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Original X-Men 01

In the Space of Forty Odd Years

I can’t believe it’s been 43 years between the two images below. Both show the same characters. The first was illustrated by the late great Jack Kirby in 1963 ten years before I was born. The second was drawn by Yanick Paquette in 2006. The first has the members of the original class of Xavier’s school horsing around during training – still in their teens. The second shows the same group of people years later – older, wiser and scarred aplenty – just after the events of the House of M and in the thick of the current Civil War storyline in the Marvel universe.

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