Things To Do In BareBones Covert Ops

Here are more interior artwork for DwD Studios‘s upcoming BareBones Covert Ops RPG. Covert Ops allow players to be part of a crack covert team of agents – military or civilians – and do a bunch of spy stuff. For research, I saw some 007 movies, Mission: Impossible movies, Person of Interest (for the civilian black ops angle) and Archer (“Well there’s false flags, dead drops, drop outs, cut outs, active doubles, passive doubles, dangled moles. The often under appreciated honeypot. One of my favorites.”) It also helped that I am in the midst of playing a Night’s Black Agents campaign. Later, I also realised that Fast Five is a great heist movie that shows player characters as primarily wheel artists.

This batch of art shows activities you can do in the game, such as baking a cake, having a stroll, mowing the lawn, getting a mortgage for your secret island base:

Off Costa Rica

Island Base

Defeat a tank with a knife:

RIP tank

Tank Assault

Get your doctor mad at you for not adhering to your prescribed diet:

Always listen to your doctor

Rampaging Doctor

Ride on a train:

It's not the Orient Express, but I takes what I gets

Train Ride

Go for a night out with your friends:

The party opens a door

Breaking and Entering

Help a friend move:

That helicopter looks familiar

Cover Fire

Take a truck out of the garage for a joyride:

Let's drive it out the back of the burning plane

Truck Heist

Oh no! Cindy Bear managed to sneak herself into that last picture, like she did the last time.

Cindy Obnoxio Bear is probably the mastermind of this heist

Cindy O. Bear

Watch this space for the release of BareBones Covert Ops, using the d00 system rules, coming soon!

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