Pajeri Terong

When we were growing up, Hisham’s favorite food was Pajeri Nenas (holy cow! No Wikipedia listing for this!!). Pajeri is a kind of spicy thick gravy, sweeter than a curry but similar to a curry, containing different spices as well as kerisik). I had never made this dish myself, and finally I attempted it. But instead of Nenas (pineapple), i used Terong (eggplant/aubergine) to make Pajeri Terong. The eggplant (terong) being cooked: [[image:pajeri1.jpg:The gravy is still yellow and thin:center:0]] The pajeri terong, cooked and ready to serve: [[image:pajeri2.jpg:The gravy has darkened and thickened:center:0]] Amazingly, it turned out pretty good! I thought it tasted like my mother’s. It felt like I was home and eating her food, stealing as many pineapples from Hisham as I could. 😀 Thanks for the recipe, Mak!!

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V For Verisimilitude

I saw V for Vendetta on Monday. Therefore I shall write about it here. With spoilers. You have been warned. I only read the comic for the first time last year, so I never really connected with the background of the millieux presented by Alan Moore in the book. I understand why there was a need to alter it in the movie, giving it a more up to date topical setting and tying it with current events. A Neccessary Reflection of The Here And Now [[image:v00.jpg:Vox Populi:right:0]]As as example of what I’m talking about, the movie talks about the Norsefire regime in the UK rising into power because of the release of the St. Mary’s Virus as a terrorist attack in England killing 80,000 souls. Soon after the supposed terrorists were captured, tried and executed. The conservatives played upon the fear of the people and became the ruling party, thus […]

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A Website I’m Working On

Here’s a website I’ve been working on the past month. It’s come a long way from minimal HTML code, simple CSS, placeholder images (which constisted of the Cylon raider “Scar”) and the words “Text coming soon, bitches.” on some pages. It’s still far from being fully operational. I’m hoping it’ll be 95% ready for public viewing by the middle of April. Comments? Critiques? Tuna sandwiches? No, seriously. I’m kinda hungry.

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Aragorn Jenkins

Aragorn of Pals For Life Guild

It’s unknown to me who made this image, but every time I look at it I have to at least stifle a laugh… because the way Aragorn rushes into combat almost without warning is nearly similar to how that fateful battle began at Blackrock Spire. Unfortunately not everyone will get the joke. Just you MMORPG jocks. Meanwhile, everyone else please read this Wikipedia page for a history of the internet meme.

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Hishgraphics H

New Comments CSS Code

I’ve jazzed up the blog’s CSS code for each journal entry’s comments. It’s now, um… well, comment to this post to discover how it looks like now (or you could just check out any other entries possessing any sort of comments). I hope it would not only look aesthetically pleasant, but differentiating individual comments would be much easier now. Comments for the comments in the form of kudos, critiques and exploding toilets would be most welcome. And by the way… if you’re seeing the comments like so: …then you’re not really seeing the “aesthetically pleasant” I was talking about. For example, the transparent background on the “Comment” png image isn’t transparent in the image above. What you really should be seeing on your browser screen is the following: See the difference? The curved border corner? Eh? Eh? In closing, get Firefox. 😛

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Monster Chick

Illustration Friday: Monster

Yet another entry for Illustration Friday featuring the topic Monster, this artwork displays the city-leveling, destructive rampage of a fearsome, gigantic chick. Yes, a gigantic, adorable, yellow-feathered chick that hatched from an egg. Of course the fun would only begin when its mother of proportionate size comes to a-looking for the infant.

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There’s A Dragon In The House

Half past ten post meridian equals no sunlight or its dim red afterglow outdoors. Thus if lights are out indoors, it’s dark. Last night we were about to go to sleep when Irfan asked for his Dinosaur book (Das Reich Der Dinosaurier. Gee, I wonder where I bought that for him) to read. It was out in the darkened living room according to memory so I told him, “Go out and get it.” He said, “No, I’m scared.” What? That’s never happened before. “What are you scared of?” “It’s dark. There are dragons.” Ain and I both looked at each other. She then asked again, “Why are you scared?” “There are dragons outside.” He doesn’t pronounce it “dragons”, not does he say “dwagons”. It’s more of something in between, like “dr-wagons”, which I find pretty amusing. So, I had to go out into the dark living room, braving against the […]

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Noumenon cover

Noumenon is Coming

According to the powers that be at Abstract Nova, the book which I contributed some writing for is currently in print. Although one of the two pieces I submitted didn’t make the book, the one left out will be featured in a download in May. The book itself will be launched in June. Hopefully a comp copy will be in my hands within the month. Its name is Noumenon, and its preview cover art is displayed right below.

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Irfan’s Cycling Saturday

Thanks to Irfan’s Tok and Opah, he now has a brand new bicycle with which he would rule the world. Or at the very least the play area at the KLCC park. Quite eager to try out his new vehicle in the morning, we took a drive to KLCC last Saturday morning. As usual, the queue into the parking lot is atrociously long for the simple reason that the coin machine at the entrance gate sucks majorly. It costs a ringgit to enter the parking lot. It took me a brazillion tries pushing in the 50 cent coins into the slot until they finally dropped in, raising the barricade arm. To KLCC: Get a new gate system. The current one sucks. Or have someone there weekend mornings to receive money with one hand and the gate lever in the other. Additionally, a pox on the testicles on each of the […]

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We’ll Be Back October

Not “we” as in Hishgraphics. [[image:doll.jpg:Have a dolly to play with til October:left:0]]According to the press release, we have seven months to sit around, twiddle our thumbs and tap our toes to catch the third season of Battlestar Galactica. The 90-minute second season finale will be aired on Friday. I guess I can wait, watch the news or the cool, flashy ads they air on TV until then. Scott Collura of Now Playing Magazine wrote of the impending third season: “The network press release promises “even more of the drama, intrigue, and action that viewers have come to expect from the series,” which sounds like typical PR talk – until you remember that Battlestar Galactica has so far provided us with more drama, intrigue, and action than we could ever have hoped for.” Amen to that. To BB, Jo-Jo, Reilly, Beano, Dipper, Flat Top, Chuckles, Jolly, Crashdown, Sheppard, Dash, Flyboy, […]

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The Library

At the end of last summer, we finally finished our library project. We turned the front room from a room where the books were stacked on the floor to having books sorted out on bookshelves. OK, let’s admit it. Neither Vin nor I are handy enough to actually build our own bookshelves, believe me we have enough trouble trying to assemble anything that has the tag “Some assembly required”, so Josh, our friend Jeanne’s grandson was commissioned to do the actual building. Here’s a little photojournal of the evolution of our library. First Vin vacuumed the room, and we stacked all the books elsewhere. [[image:lib01.jpg:Love the bright colors in this room!:center:0]] [[image:lib02.jpg:This wall is to be covered by the shelves, unfortunately:center:0]] Prototype box: [[image:lib03.jpg:One is the loneliest number:center:0]] The room fills up: [[image:lib04.jpg:More boxes:center:0]] [[image:lib05.jpg:The corner is to be a workstation for Vin:center:0]] [[image:lib06.jpg:This wall is filling up:center:0]] [[image:lib07.jpg:Recessed lights […]

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Illustration Friday: Insect

It’s been a while since I submitted something for Illustration Friday. So here’s the first for 2006, I believe. I came up with it quick and dirty, taking only about 45 minutes to whip this up. Apologies to all rhinoceros beetles worldwide for any discrepancies in anatomy.

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