Zarin and Lily

In case anyone was wondering how Lily took to having Zarin around for a few days, she was totally comfortable with him. (These are pictures that Zarin took – guna sikit ya, Zarin?).

First night, already that kitkat made herself comfortable right in the middle of Zarin’s bed:

[[image:lily19.jpg:Right in the center of the guest bed:center:0]]

[[image:lily20.jpg:What’s going on over there?:center:0]]

[[image:lily18.jpg:Sooo tired:center:0]]

Lily was sleeping on the bed with Zarin from the first night! Truly a shameless cat. Apparently she begged to be let in if the door was closed. We told Zarin to be heartless and not let her in, but he was nice enough so Lily got her way. So comfortable until –

[[image:lily21.jpg:Zarin’s shirt is nice to sleep on:center:0]]

[[image:lily22.jpg:What? What’s wrong with sleeping on this shirt? It’s ready for the laundry, right?:center:0]]

Ish ish ishhhhh. Kucing ni! And finally, the day that Zarin was leaving, Lily was totally checking out his suitcases (she does NOT like packed suitcases as she knows that means somebody is leaving). And when we came home from the airport without Zarin, Lily went to sleep in the car on the backseat. She NEVER sleeps in the back seat – either on the floor of the car or in the back window. But we think she was expressing that she missed Zarin by sleeping on the backseat where she knew Zarin had been sitting.

[[image:lily23.jpg:Where’s Uncle Zarin?:center:0]]

Zarin, even Lily missed you after you left! Come visit us again soon, ya? 🙂

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