58 Months

Two more months till the big birthday! And how much do you love backdated entries! Woohoo!

[[image:2013-yaya58month-13.jpg:My beautiful baby:center:0]]

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Food status: No change. Nothing new passed through her lips this month. On the other hand, it is cheap to feed her and it is cheap not to have to get her any toys or games. I guess I’m a glass half full kind of person. 😉

We had some work travel at the end of the month, and fun travel to Chicago at the beginning of the month, and everyone did OK. We managed to do a big east coast tour during our work travels – saw the family in Maryland, friends in New Jersey and crammed a lot of socializing into a short thirteen days. Whew!

Yaya really is a sweet child – I learnt that when we went to the Children’s Museum in Chicago and was exposed to children who are, shall we say, not as sweet? Even though we do have to keep telling her to be gentle with her brother and there are times when she is a little crazed (who isn’t at the end of the day), she really is not a bad child at all. Her rowdiness is really not as bad as we think it is – exposure to other children really taught me that. She and her brother do get along for the most part. Adik just wants to copy everything that she does, and she wants to play with exactly the same toy that Adik picks up. Such is the way of siblings, I suppose. Adik is learning to hang on to things that he wants, yelling and hanging on for dear life when Yaya tries to take it away. And Yaya is learning that if she plays rough with Adik, he is going to play rough right back to her. It’s quite a discovery for Yaya to learn that her sweet tiny little baby brother is learning to stand his ground and retaliate. However, they do play together all the time and they hug and kiss each other so sweetly. Who can resist all the cuteness?

Yaya has a couple of new favorite TV shows:, Disney Jr’s Henry Hugglemonster and Timmy Time. Both have very catchy theme songs that remain in your head. She is also starting to express sadness about leaving a place or missing a person, as well as anticipate something a few days or even a week ahead of time. My little baby is growing up and no longer just living in the present! Waiting is so hard and not something you can really teach a child without them experiencing it.

Here are some of my favorite photos taken this month. 

[[image:2013-yaya58month-05.jpg:Mama forgot to pony tail my hair!:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-06.jpg:Fun with bubbles:center:0]]

Playing bubbles is fun for everyone! Adik tries to blow bubbles and loves to chase after them as well. Note the boots that the kids are wearing? We had had a ton of rain and the backyard was muddy in many places. This next section is the Yaya and Adik section – it’s getting difficult to take photos of Yaya without her brother in the frame. 🙂

[[image:2013-yaya58month-02.jpg:Adik copying Yaya’s pose:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-08.jpg:Giving Adik a ride:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-11.jpg:Happy Yaya and happy Adik:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-14.jpg:Empty boxes are fun:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-04.jpg:I love this photo – even though Adik is frowning:center:0]]

Some solo Yaya shots:

[[image:2013-yaya58month-01.jpg:Love this candid shot of her:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-03.jpg:Dancing and being silly:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-09.jpg:Basking in the sun:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-10.jpg:Love this shot that Vin took:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-12.jpg:Ooops! Looking guilty!:center:0]]

[[image:2013-yaya58month-15.jpg:One cool chica:center:0]]

Time is flying by like bubbles in the wind. Happy 58 month birthday, baby girl! We love you!

[[image:2013-yaya58month-07.jpg:Artsy bubbles shot:center:0]]

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