Aidiladha Games

The second Eid of the year has come and gone. For Hari Raya Haji, we took the bus back to Pasir Mas. But for this Aidiladha post, we focus on games played by Irfan, Aiman and Zara when the cousins rendezvous at their grandparents house in Pondok Lubok Tapah.


Irfan could not wait to meet up with Aiman once again…

Early bird gets to jump on the still-sleeping cousin

…although Irfan had some trouble getting the sand out of his eye at mornings

Capitalism at work

The first game they played was one Aiman brought: Monopoly. However I don’t think they found any monopole ores

No harm in getting sweaty

Irfan also brought his badminton racquets back with him, so in the late evenings before the rains the youngsters thwacked shuttlecocks all over the place

Battleship without that John Carter dude

Aiman took to Battleship Hidden Threat like a natural. He won against both Irfan and I several times

Tsuro tiles being strategically placed

Even young Zara joined in at Tsuro as the rules were easy enough for her to understand

Time to go home

Soon it was time to go home. Irfan is anxious to play with Aiman again in Kuala Lumpur during his school holidays at the end of the year

The bus arrived two hours late at the new Pasir Mas bus terminal as the Eid played havoc with the traffic from Kota Bharu. We arrived home late, but in one piece.

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