Rafe – 40 Months

And so Adik is 40 months old!

[[image:2015-adik40month-03.jpg:And he’s excited about it!:center:0]]

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It is mid-June and I am yet again very very late in writing Adik’s blog entry. All the same reasons and excuses as the previous months. I can’t turn back time but I can try to keep it short. 😉

Food status: the same as last month.

Reading status: still good. He seems to be able to read in other languages (he sounds out the letters). He is also starting to text me while I am at work using Vin’s phone. I get very very cute texts, mostly along the lines of “Hi Mama. I love you Mama. When I’m 3”. I love all the texts that I get from him, even the ones filled with gobbledygook. Adik also is showing more interest in writing although he always asks for help and likes for me to hold his hand and help him form the letters that way. He can write “Adik” pretty well, but letters that are curvy seem to give him trouble (e.g., S, C, etc.).

Potty training status: no change. The occasional pee in the potty chair but he insists on wearing a diaper and still no Number Two in the potty chair. Ah well.

I wish I had more to say about Adik in April but honestly it was two months ago so rather than making something up that is inaccurate, let’s get to the photos. Here is Adik in his Adik’s Cubs Cave:

[[image:2015-adik40month-01.jpg:Winking in the Adik Cubs Cave (note the Cubs blanket and Cubs folding chair):center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-02.jpg:Love this sort of pensive shot of him. Can anybody guess Adik’s favorite color?:center:0]]

Did you say blue? Then you would be right! Adik has adopted blue as his favorite color. Apparently Yaya’s message that Adik’s favorite color should be blue (which I believe she has insisted on since before he was born) has gotten through to him. 😉

Next is a series of photos taken while we were dyeing eggs and Adik was in a silly mood and hamming it up for the camera.

[[image:2015-adik40month-04.jpg:Yay to egg dyeing!:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-05.jpg:Making a funny face:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-06.jpg:Happy little boy:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-07.jpg:More tongue-sticking-out:center:0]]

I love how animated and joyful he was in those photos and how each smile looked different. OK so obviously I am biased, but I couldn’t cut any of the photos out even though they don’t really further the entry. I loved them all too much.

[[image:2015-adik40month-08.jpg:Bradley and Adik are watching a show on the new big thing (iPad):center:0]]

Adik, like Yaya, also had a lot of fun in Elkhart in April. He wasn’t that big on kayaking once we got on the water, and he refused to try roller skating but he had fun with his cousins.

[[image:2015-adik40month-15.jpg:Laughing in a kayak:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-16.jpg:Trying out the oars:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-09.jpg:Not too comfortable about being on the lake:center:0]]

So he got off the kayak and stayed safely on land. He played with his favorite cousin Corbin a lot.

[[image:2015-adik40month-10.jpg:Adik and Corbin:center:0]]

He also played in the kids’ impromptu game of American football (of a sorts). Adik mostly ran up and down the field yelling and screaming and laughing and had a really good time (and he slept well that night, let me tell you!).

[[image:2015-adik40month-11.jpg:Adik running around with his cousins:center:0]]

A couple more photos taken in Elkhart:

[[image:2015-adik40month-12.jpg:Reflecting while he goes down the stairs:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-13.jpg:Cheeky wink at breakfast at the “Aunt Becky hotel”:center:0]]

Here are a few more of the photos that I loved taken during the month:

[[image:2015-adik40month-14.jpg:Adik admires Yaya’s play doh chicks:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-17.jpg:Wrestling with Yaya:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-18.jpg:”Weekend toast” breakfast at the hotel in Fort Lauderdale:center:0]]

[[image:2015-adik40month-19.jpg:Love this shot!:center:0]]

It was another great month! Happy 40-month birthday, baby boy!! We love you!!!!

[[image:2015-adik40month-20.jpg:Bye! See y’all next month!!:center:0]]

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