Spring Flowers

Spring is springing!!

Even though it’s a high of 40F (5C) today, and there looks to be little granules of snow falling from the sky (no accumulation so far tonight) and the low tonight will be well below freezing, it’s Spring!

Witness the crocuses:


They say crocuses are the heralds of spring. They bloomed early, and now they’re gone. But they were gorgeous while they lasted:

[[image:flower04.jpg:Little crocuses in a row:center:0]]

[[image:flower02.jpg:Very comel, no?:center:0]]

[[image:flower03.jpg:Lagi crocuses:center:0]]

Then we saw these purple flowers blooming from the middle of this plant (last year I don’t think they bloomed – they look quite new. The plant grew, but didn’t flower last year):

[[image:flower05.jpg:Dunno the name of the flower:center:0]]

[[image:flower06.jpg:But it’s a pretty purple!:center:0]]

What this flower is called? No idea. But in a few days, it went from the pretty little purple little balls above to this kembang:

[[image:flower07.jpg:Mystery Flower fully blooming:center:0]]

[[image:flower08.jpg:Close up sikit:center:0]]

[[image:flower09.jpg:Close up of the other side:center:0]]

These flowers grew in the middle of our daffodil flower bed. Here’s the daffodils before they opened fully:

[[image:flower14.jpg:Daffodil buds:center:0]]

Then they started blooming. Every day we look, it’s gorgeous and so cheerful that you can’t help but smile:


[[image:flower12.jpg:Corner blooms:center:0]]

[[image:flower16.jpg:Different angle:center:0]]

Here you can see the mystery purple flowers playing with the daffodil:

[[image:flower17.jpg:Daffodils conversing with Mystery Flowers:center:0]]

Now some more daffodils:

[[image:flower11.jpg:Cheerful bunch:center:0]]

[[image:flower15.jpg:Blooms of sunshine:center:0]]

[[image:flower13.jpg:Close up:center:0]]

Unfortunately the daffodils are done for the season. Hopefully this frost doesn’t kill the tulips and narcissi (they haven’t bloomed properly yet). Freezing in April? Bah, Humbug.

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