Something broke

Lower Control Arm Goes Even Lower

Today Ain needed to go to for her scheduled medical check-up. She was along the kampung road out of our housing area when something when BOINK under the car. Immediately she felt the tyres pulling her steering wheel towards where she did not want to go. So she turned around and headed back to our taman perumahan and just as she turned into a main road in our area – 50 metres or so from our home – the car stopped and refused to move any further. She walked home, distressed by the occurrence, and I went to have a look. The closer I got to the car the more dire the damage seemed to be. Also, there was a large puddle of fluid forming under the car and gravity was pressing down the wheel well onto the tyre. We called our regular mechanic and he came an hour or […]

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Riding shotgun am I

The Third Driver

Once upon a time, Irfan needed us to carry him around for mobility. Now he has the ability to drive a car. This means there is a third driver in our household which will be very convenient. I like the way he drives. It appears he attempts to be perceptive when controlling the vehicle on the road. May he keep out of harm’s way when driving cars in the future.

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Under strict supervision away from traffic

In the Driver’s Seat

Once upon a time, my son could barely reach the light switch. Today, he can drive an automobile. Irfan has been taking driving lessons this month and we let him practise on our car. Evidently, he is a natural driver, and he hardly made any mistakes while he drove. Earlier in the month, he obtained a 49/50 score for his written test. For record-keeping purposes, I sat in the back and took photos.

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Not the Tire Again

It was early in the morning when we sent Irfan to school as usual. I took the following photo of the sky in front of his school upon dropping him there. Click on it to expand. We then took the long way round back to the house. In hindsight we should have just made a u-turn and headed home the way we came. Only when the mechanic removed the tyre from the hub could we see this screwdriver shank. It had pierced the tread complete and had been rattling inside the tyre as air was escaped. Bye bye, Republic credits.

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Needs moar tire iron

The Car Exhausts Me

Usually car problems come not within a month or two of one another. For us. So far. Until now. Friday It was Friday afternoon just before Solat Jumaat when the car engine refused to start. After prayers, with the help of some colleagues, I got a nearby mechanic to see to our immobilised vehicle. It turned out that the battery – nearly two years old – was as flat as a paper miniature. Saturday Saturday was the lull in the storm. Little did we know that our car troubles for the week were not done yet. Sunday The car returned from a short jaunt to refill our potable water bottles and hissed at me. Since the thermometer was broken, we were unsure if it was the radiator. After it cooled down, I attempted to refill the radiator and reversed the car a metre or so, away from the puddle I […]

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