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Twice tested, twice failed

Twice tested, twice failed

So for the second time, I have contracted COVID-19. I was infected the first time last year. It seems this time the effect is a bit more severe compared to the previous time, with my body temperature reaching 38.1° Centigrade for over two days. Even after registering with the MySejahtera app and applying for Quarantine Leave from work, things went on as usual. I ran online classes – thankful that my wits are still holding up. The only blow was that my friend Dan (and Star Trek Adventures player over Discord) was supposed to come for a visit. Because of this, he was forced to cancel.

All in all, I think I have to monitor myself for Long COVID. How will this infection affect me in the long run? Has it been affecting me neurologically? I have no idea.

Addendum: Ain too became infected the day after I was. We both feel extremely exhausted at times. So far Irfan has not been infected, but he was feverish before I was infected. His tonsils were inflamed, so I thought that might have been the cause of his fever. I might have been mistaken.

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