Weekend Babbies

The past weekend was a weekend of babbies. On both Saturday and Sunday, we went visiting a family event at a relative’s place. And at each place there was a cousin for Irfan to play with.

Saturday: Nuraz Aariz

Ain’s cousin Akram held a housewarming makan-makan at their place. Although the feast was held at the condominium’s rec house by the pool, we went down to their house to meet young Nuraz Aariz.


He was so excited, and had to be reminded that the makan-makan for him is milk, and not Ain’s face.


He was also appreciative of Irfan being there.


After the visit, we went home in the rain.

Sunday: Ahmad Fahim

My cousin’s Firdaus’s wedding brought the Unggais from Perak, and with them young Ahmad Fahim! It was an extraordinarily warm day so he was pretty uncomfortable, but he still obliged us with many a smile.


Fahim loved bouncing in his grandfather’s arms.


Also, he’s fascinated by the camera pointed at him.


After that, we went home in the hot sun. It was so hot it fried the air-conditioning system in the car. they need to do way instain sun> who kill thier cars’ air-conditioning systems. As usual no one was truely sorry for our lots. We hope to fix it someday.

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