Avocado Sandwich

When we balik kampung a couple of weekends ago, we bumped into our old neighbours in Sitiawan, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ling, who lives near Atok and Opah’s house. Ain and I had a brief chat with them about the good old days, and they gave us some freshly-picked avocados from their yard.


So, I thought we’d make some Avocado sandwiches.

Removing the flesh from the pit by twisting the fruit was novel, I thought. Then I cut up the flesh into slices because I am a sociopath who does not care about cutting up fruits.


Eventually cutting them up did not matter because ultimately we mulched them in the food processor – with several squeezes of lime.


Ain also prepped some eggs with mayo and onions, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.


Then boom, a some sort of sandwich was born.


And then boom, it had died, savagely devoured by me.



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