Oh, For the Thirty-Third Time!

29 January 2008 | Hisham | | Recent News

Happy Birthday Missus Renstrom. You've made it this far, now keep swimming another 33 years and more to get your prize at the end. Which according to Sree is a pair of Eastern European leather shoes on sale.

Also, Happy 36th Anniversary Atok and Opah Irfan! Ain, Irfan and I thank you for your love and support all these years.


The Last Time...

27 January 2008 | Hisham | | Recent News

... I saw my phone was when I powered it down before getting on the flight at Gate 316, Stuttgart Airport. So long, faithful communication device. That ought to teach me to bring my mobile phone with me everywhere.


After 6 long days, we're going home...

The Mercedes-Benz Museum

24 January 2008 | Hisham | | Recent News

After the second day of training, we were all brought on a bus through the cold but sunny afternoon weather from our training centre out near Hausen to the city of Stuttgart where we came upon this futuristic looking building: The Mercedes-Benz Museum.

From afar it looks like a big flattened face grinning at us ominously


Kehren Sie Nach Deutschland Zurück

21 January 2008 | Hisham | | Recent News

The Hirsch Hotel
It was a cold Sunday morning when we arrived in Germany. It wasn't as cold as it was two Februaries ago when snow surrounded Munich airport, but it was chilly enough for a bunch of Malaysians. But instead of staying over at Tiefenbronn (which was close by) I was given a room at Hotel-Gasthof Hirsch.

And no, I can't speak, read or write in German. The title came about after a quick visit to an free online translator website.


Boy or Girl? DON'T TELL US!

18 January 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

This is Vin's and my new project. If you can tell the gender, please don't tell us because we want this to be a surprise, something we will find out after
(s)he arrives in the world. Here's what (s)he looks like as of today (14 weeks and 3 days), and (s)he weighs 3 ounces:

Facing us, one arm stretched over the head

Doesn't it look like (s)he's doing the macarena??

And this one:

Head down, showing off one arm and fingers

Flexing the biceps?? ;-) (S)he was very active when being scanned, and was just dancing and turning around and around! It was just amazing!


Posted Without Comment

13 January 2008 | Hisham | | Humour
Best animated gif evah

Perth - Part 4

12 January 2008 | sila | | ACS Memories, Family Pics, Friends

It's now our third day in Perth, and it is one day before EJ and Indra's wedding. We start off the day when EJ came to pick us up in a rental van. We then drive down to Cottesloe where Hsu and David are staying.

EJ and Vin by the van

Perth - Part 3

07 January 2008 | sila | | ACS Memories, Family Pics, Friends

After our nice outing, we hung out some more with EJ until he dropped us off at Mei's place - he was off to the airport to pick up some more people. Can you guess who they might be? ;-) In the evening, Mei, Colin, Vin and I piled into the mini and drove to EJ's for dinner. BTW, when trying to fit Vin and 3 other people in the mini, always place Vin either in the front passenger seat in front of Mei, or behind the driver's seat if Mei is driving. Everyone has plenty of room with this arrangement! :-)

Here are the pictures at EJ and Indra's place (please mouse over the pictures for captions):

Vin and Colin

Perth - Part 2

06 January 2008 | sila | | ACS Memories, Family Pics, Friends

After a good night's sleep, Vin and I were ready to tackle the first full day in Perth. While poor Mei and Colin had to go to work, EJ picked us up and took us to see the sights.

EJ and his car

Perth - Part 1

05 January 2008 | sila | | ACS Memories, Family Pics, Friends

Just a short entry on our arrival in Australia. We arrived in the late afternoon in Perth, and my best friend Mei picked us up from the airport. We stuffed the luggage and ourselves into the mini (Note: Vin fits quite nicely into a mini cooper!) and headed to Mei and Colin's place. We settled in, and then met up with Eu-Jene, Indra, Colin and some of Mei's work friends for drinks and then dinner at EJ's favorite restaurant: Uncle Billy's.

Vin, EJ and me

Malaysia Trip - Part I

02 January 2008 | sila | | Family Pics, Friends, Transformers

I know I've been quiet. I don't know why but somehow I sort of slipped into a bit of a hibernation period. I haven't really done very much, haven't swept the floors either (that's next on the list). I really have to get started on sharing the pictures from our awesome 4-week trip (3 weeks in Malaysia, 1 week in Australia). So here it is, the beginning of the sequence. These are the pictures that I took the first few days we got home.

I admit it - I was pretty exhausted and didn't take as many pictures as perhaps I should have, plus then the camera battery conked out and all kinds of excuses. We were only in Malaysia for 2 and a half days before we had to set off for Perth. So we stayed on the 10th floor (enjoying the view) with Hisham and the rest of the family.