Allie's 4 Month Birthday

24 November 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

And just like that, another month has gone by. Alya turned 4 months old yesterday. It seems so unreal that she is now 4 months old, and able to do more and more, and becoming her own little person. She now squeals and babbles regularly, sometimes going into the only-dogs-can-hear-her register. She is starting to sleep better at nights (and thus, so are we), and wakes up happy and smiling (as do her parents). She's really tugging and yanking at the hanging animals on the gymini, and has been busily at work massacreing Yellow Belly (the little hanging insect at her right-hand side off the car seat handle) and the Bee Buzzer. She can almost sit up on her own (I need to give her very little support), and she can stand and support her weight if we hold her up. She's just learning new things every day! It's totally exciting to see her do something that even 2 days ago she had trouble doing.

Smiling at Daddy

This entry has a bunch of baby pictures all taken yesterday on her birthday itself, so consider yourselves warned. :-)

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Hair! The Sequel

19 November 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

So, I finally did it!

a) I got a haircut

b) I left Allie at home with Vin for the first time.

Oh my. It was more than a little nerve-wracking. Vin had expressed milk in the fridge, and a baby in a good mood. I was showered and dressed to go out. So. I left without her. It was quite strange, I felt discombobulated and scattered. Like I had forgotten something. I kept checking my pockets and my purse. (Was I expecting to find Allie on my person somewhere? I don't know). Anyway, it was a successful outing. Hair that desperately needed to be cut (can we say post-partum hair loss? aka telogen effluvium) got cut, and I didn't have any real separation anxiety attacks. And when I came home, Vin had kept a detailed note of what he and Allie did together. Wasn't that sweet of him? So I knew what happened and didn't miss anything.

Here are pictures.


And the Kitkat ups the Ante - I

19 November 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

It seems like since Allie was born, Lily has seriously upped her own CQ, as if to compete with Allie?

Check it out:

Usurping the gymini

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Psst, Computer. Define Dancing.

16 November 2008 | Hisham | | Family Pics


Dancing: A series of movements...


Musings on The Chicken

14 November 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

It's been months now since we last saw the chicken. I wonder whatever happened to it? Aside from having made it into the blog, and becoming one of the entry header pictures, did it also end up being somebody's lovely free range roasted chicken dinner? Did it get repatriated to the countryside, and sent to a chicken-friendly environment? Did it get auctioned off to the highest bidder? Did it wander back home (wherever that might be) to be reunited with its family? Is it hobnobbing with Mel Gibson and the Chicken Run gang? Is it lolling in some warm climate (not the oven), getting a sun tan?

Anyway, we have not seen the chicken for a loooong time. I sort of miss it. No more random yelling, no more worries about it pooping everywhere and eating the birdseed that Vin puts out for the birds and squirrels.

Perhaps the chicken is on a spaceship being anal probed, right now. Wherever it is, we wish it well. Sayonara, Chicken.