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  • Those Stories About What Happened...
    I might have overdone it with the "Those Stories About What Happened" meme adapted from the latest Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, pertaining to West End Games' Star
  • 25 Random Songs
    Gary writes on Facebook: This is another one of those Facebook memes. You turn your music player to random and write down the first 25 songs it spits out. I'm not a big ta
  • 25 Random Facts
    So, Gary tagged me on Facebook, therefore: Rules : Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At t
  • Only You Can Save The World
    I was tagged with a meme by Lil at iFantabulous some time ago and I finally got around to writing (and illustrating) it today. What I have to do is to fill out the form wi
  • Fabulous 'Friday' Five Meme
    So Athena tagged us and since I've been so bad about blogging lately, I decided I would take it on! . Plus, conveniently, it IS Friday! So here goes: DO YOU PREFER… 1. To
  • Horror Tag
    Since Simple American tagged me for this Horror Movie meme, here we go! Sorry for it being a few days after Halloween but my days have been pretty hectic lately! In all ho
  • Ten Terrifying Tales of Terror: A Tag
    Thanks to Jerry of Simple America for this tag. To find ten tales of terror I've isn't quite as easy as it sounds. I've seen very few horror movies when I was younger, and
  • Who, Me?
    Well! It's been a while, and I apologize for being so slow about it, but it's been a busy July (see? now August oredi..). Since Hijack Queen tagged me, could it be true? A
  • Fantastic Four: Meme Redux
    Another meme arrives and since my fellow bloggenstein who happens to also be my sister has tagged me... Wait, are there any rules about tagging your fellow blogmate based
  • Fantastic Four: A Meme
    Since Selena ( my preciousssssss pearl from PlanetKambing) tagged me for this, I figured I should get to it before I start procrasssstinating! Before any Silver Surfers st
  • 5 Favourite Movies - A Meme
    Tagged by the Hijack Queen with her metahuman abilities to hijack any sort of forum thread - quite an impressive feat if I might add - I will attempt to oblige her with my
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me - A Meme
    Brem has tagged me ! So I guess to allow this meme to survive and spread out to masses I have to list out the 5 things that I believe the lot of you do not know about me.
  • A Tag! A Meme! A Meme Tag!
    Diamond Lil tagged us with a meme about blogging it would so we have to oblige some answers to a set of questions. 1. Are you happy/satisfied with your blog, with its cont
  • The Meme Tagged thingamabob...
    Since Lilian tagged Hisham and I for the meme thing and Hisham actually did his, here's my meme. Quick story about "Meme", when I first saw it, I thought "grandmother?". M
  • Passing On A Meme (or Yikes! I've Been Tagged!!)
    Thanks to Lilian over at iFantabulous, I've been tagged . So here's I am letting the meme pass through me, allowing the idea to propagate and converting it into the text o

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