Allie's 17 Month Birthday

30 December 2009 | sila | ΒΆ | Family Pics

Last Tuesday, December 22nd, Allie was 17 months old! Unfortunately, the poor little girl was recovering from strep and possibly the flu. You can see how uncharacteristically unenergetic she is here:

Poor sick baby

She had been fever free for a day, but was still weak and listless. She was diagnosed with strep throat and the doctor suspected the flu (although she did not test positive for flu) and had been on tamiflu and amoxicillin since Friday (the 18th). She had high fever and was just a ball of heat, the poor baby. She stopped eating, surviving on shrimp crackers (keropok udang), water, fruits and milk and rarely had a smile, and was super clingy, needing to be held all the time. She even refused her beloved bread, that's how ill she was.