Rainy Day at the Mines

29 June 2010 | Hisham | | Family Pics

The day after the bird park visit, there was another thing that Irfan wanted to do with his grandparents - which was to bowl. Actually the previous day we did attempt to travel to the bowling alley at Midvalley but the arcology was jam-packed with cars, so we instead went birdwatching.

However, on this day we decided to see if the bowling alley at the mall known as the Mines Shopping Fair was good for a game. It was, so there we bowled. 

Not the Wesley Crushers

Allie's 23 Month Birthday

27 June 2010 | sila | | Family Pics

And Allie is now another month older. She was 23 months old last Tuesday, and now is not even a month away from her second birthday! How crazy is that? It feels just like yesterday when Allie was born and now, look at her:

Wearing her trademark barrette

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Happy Father's Day! (Backdated)

20 June 2010 | sila | | Family Pics

This is a backdated entry in honor of Father's Day. I managed to pick out some gifts for Vin (seen below) and Allie and Lily got together and sent Vin an e-card. In keeping with last year's theme, Allie models Vin's presents:

Take me out to the ballgame!

Vin got to play in his Father's Day baseball game, but Allie, Lily and I stayed home since Allie had slept in.


An Exploration of the Aviary

08 June 2010 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Atok and Opah came a-visiting for the school holidays, and one of the places Irfan wanted to go with them was the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. It was quite huge and housed many species of birds, most of which are free to fly about under the park's netting enclosure. Sure, there were a number of cages which housed lots of the wilder birds, but the amount of birds walking, flying, perching and eating among the visitors were just astounding.

Because it rained earlier in the morning, Irfan wore his Atok's hat just in case it rained again. The hat stood by constantly in Atok's car for emergency usage.

Just past the entrance enclosure

Irfan later became a perch for a couple of colourful birds. He was happy the birds didn't poop on him.

An unforgettable experience

Subang Airport Pickup

06 June 2010 | Hisham | | Family Pics

After 10 days back in Pasir Mas, Irfan's Cik Ma returned to KL by way of the old Subang Airport, which is now the new "Subang Skypark". It seemed to have transformed from a musty warehouse airport into a 21st century shopping mall airport. Doors opened automatically for us and stuff! There were two banks in the building accessible from the inside! (Not that we had any cash in them.) One of those new-fangled Starbucks coffee shop too, which probably has coffee!

Irfan posed before the Skypark's big screen computer display of the inbound and outbound flights. His Cik Ma's flight is on there, speeding closer to the airport.

Real Time Flight Whatchamacallit

The Ting Sisters

05 June 2010 | Hisham | | ACS Memories

It's now 2010, and it's exactly 30 years since I first met Teik Sing in Standard 1. We were a year younger than Irfan is now.

They're back on vacation from Sydney and we went out to meet them at their old place in Puchong, where we first meet Ashley's new sister Emma Grace. Both had the sniffles so Ashley opted to stay at home with his Aunt Ivy as we all went out to grab a bite. But Emma appeared to take a bit of a shine to Irfan during the ride to the restaurant.

Ashley Joan

Ashley was waving the inked illustration I made of her as a present as Ain took a photo. Obviously she waved it too quickly.

Emma Grace

Emma grabbed on to Irfan's hand at the restaurant, then fell asleep most probably exhausted by the runny nose.

Hope we get to meet them again before they leave for Sydney again.