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  • Illustration Friday: Sail
    The topic for Illustration Friday for this week is "sail", as can be seen above. Now what would be weird is if the camera pans down and we see the mast planted firmly on a
  • Illustration Friday: Poof!
    Or more specifically, what happens after the poof !   For Illustration Friday .
  • Illustration Friday: Foggy
    Finally an Illustration Friday artwork that's actually published on a Friday! This week's  topic is apparently "foggy". Click on the thumbnail to the left to see the full
  • Illustration Friday: Baby
    An Illustration Friday entry, done before the weekend is over. The topic is merely "Baby". The other parts where it has cables connected to its cranium and spine are mostl
  • Illustration Friday: Missing
    Few and far in betweem, yet another Illustration Friday piece makes its way into the weblog. The title of this Illustration Friday is "Missing", which means that this guy
  • Illustration Friday: Super Hero
    It's been several ice ages since I participated in an Illustration Friday . So, here's one for this week. Created wholly with the Gimp 2.2 using the handy-dandy Wacom - af
  • Illustration Friday: Play
    For the topic of "play" for Illustration Friday , we have a digital painting of two baby dragons at play, like kittens trying to wrestle and bite each other attempting to
  • Illustration Friday: Clean
    A visual study of the juxtaposition of a gigantic, filthy garbage monster with a sparkling clean jeweled goblet upon its hand, its most prized possession. For some reason,
  • Illustration Friday: Sticky
    One more Illustration Friday piece... and it's really supposed to be a reminder of what I'm supposed to be doing this week. A virtual Post-it note. Hee.
  • Illustration Friday: Sorry
    A late entry to this week's Illustration Friday is my version of the current topic: Sorry . Once I read the topic, this image popped in my mind and it'll bug me to death i
  • Illustration Friday: Angels and Devils
    The topic of this week's Illustration Friday is represented by two individuals, a father and a daughter, who each has the gift to see either of the topic subjects: angels
  • Illustration Friday: Under The Sea
    Here's another Illustration Friday artwork for the weekend, entitled Under The Sea . It's fully made in Photoshop within 40 minutes and with me about 45% conscious. So wha
  • Illustration Friday: Robot
    I pencilled, inked, scanned and colored this piece in around 3 hours. Not just a robot, this model of humanoid artificial intelligence is also a transport to school, a bul
  • Illustration Friday: Monster
    Yet another entry for Illustration Friday featuring the topic Monster , this artwork displays the city-leveling, destructive rampage of a fearsome, gigantic chick. Yes, a
  • Illustration Friday: Insect
    It's been a while since I submitted something for Illustration Friday . So here's the first for 2006, I believe. I came up with it quick and dirty, taking only about 45 mi
  • Illustration Friday: Blue
    Here's an Illustration Friday piece with the subject title of "blue". The young lady, bathed in blue light, is also feeling a little blue. Click on the thumbnail to view l
  • Illustration Friday: Night
    Illustration Friday time again, and this time the topic is Night. Click on the thumbnail below to view a larger image.
  • Illustration Friday: Remote
    Not just remote, but cold, lonely and desolate as well. Click on the thumbnail below to view the whole image.
  • Illustration Friday: Cold
    Another Illustration Friday entry, with the subject title "Cold". How could a person be sent out walking the plank in his shorts in space? With the closest star being just
  • Illustration Friday: Lost
    My first Illustration Friday submission for 3 weeks and I'm late for it. It's almost time for the next topic to come up. This week's topic is "Lost"... and there's only on
  • Illustration Friday: Escape
    Escape is the topic of this week's Illustration Friday . Two convicts sneak out stealthily of a watery tunnel near a prison from which they've just broken out. All they ha
  • Illustration Friday: Depth
    Another Illustration Friday , another illustration. The topic for this week is depth . I'm trying add another layer to the concept of depth in this piece of artwork. Desol
  • Illustration Friday: Roots
    Here's a quick one using Photoshop, a whole lot of solid layers and brushes, a bit of color dodge. It's nothing profound and nothing I'm trying to say. It's just a graphic
  • Illustration Friday: Reflection
    After two straight weeks of cheerful pieces based on the titles given by Illustration Friday, I present to you something that's on the other end of the scale. Here's this
  • Illustration Friday: Wisdom
    Someone with great wisdom would be revelling in relaxation, high above the hustle and bustle of the tedium of mediocrity that is the life of regular people. Medium: Physic
  • Illustration Friday: Empty
    My first Illustration Friday piece, with the title Empty . I had a bunch of concepts for this, but somehow I took the easy way out and just painted a somewhat empty room.

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