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  • Rafe - 41 Months
    The boy is now 41 months old! Almost 3 and a half! That is the face he made after eating his fill of roti canai at the Straits of Malacca . * Mouse over the pictures for c
  • Rafe - 39 Months
    And now Adik is 39 months old! * Mouse over the pictures for captions Somehow I am getting more and more delinquent - it is mid-May and I am just now writing this March en
  • 80 Months
    80 months of Yaya! * Mouse over the pictures for captions It is mid-May as I write this and so I will keep the chatter brief. March was another busy month where I had my v
  • Rafe - 38 Months
    Here are Adik's 38-month photos. Mouse over the picture for captions. So, when I mentioned in last month's entry that we were moving to the smaller entry, I really meant i
  • Rafe's 25 Month Birthday
    The boy is twenty-five months old now! * Mouse over the pictures for captions Speech status: it is unbelievable how many words the boy can say. He is also formulating his
  • Christmas 2013
    So this year we decided to participate in the Christmas tradition. Yaya is old enough now to enjoy it and in fact, she asked for it. So here we go! Our first family Christ
  • 64 Months
    So we are now at 64 months! * Mouse over the pictures for captions Food status: Yaya tried one new food this month! Honey. She finger tasted it. I have hopefully convinced
  • Rafe's 22 Month Birthday
    Only two months until the big second birthday for the boy! * Mouse over the pictures for captions So another month has passed, and in two short months, the boy will turn t
  • Rafe's 18 Month Birthday
    Here we are at Adik's 18 month entry! The boy is now 1 and a half years old! * Mouse over the picture for captions Adik is now fully mobile - walking, running, and climbin
  • Rafe's 14 Month Birthday
    And here it is not even a third of the way through March and Adik's 14 month entry is here! As always, thanks to the gods of backdated entries! Adik has at least seven tee
  • Rafe's 13 Month Birthday
    Another month, another very late blog entry! Again, we give thanks to the gods of backdated entries (whee!). * Mouse over the pictures for captions This month, Adik went f
  • 49 Months
    And so, another month has passed. Time does not march on, it flies faster than a speeding bullet. Four years and a month old. The darling of our lives, la reina del punto
  • 47 Months
    One more month till the big birthday!! Can you believe it? We certainly cannot! We had another activity filled month - the 5 days Zarin was here were quite busy (more on t
  • Rafe's 4 Month Birthday
    Here we are, at the four month mark. He's just getting so big now! He seems to be just growing up almost too quickly! * Mouse over the pictures for captions He went out to
  • Rafe's 2 Month Birthday
    Despite the date on this entry, it has been a long time since the boy's 2 month birthday. It's been a crazy busy time, but definitely a wonderful, and exhausting time for
  • 42 Months
    It has been a milestone month for everyone! Yaya spent her first month as Kak Yaya (big sister Yaya), and we all had to adjust to having Rafe in our lives. And now the gir
  • 41 Months
    Another impossibly quick month has passed. Don't ask me where the time went. Despite my best efforts, this entry is quite late and (guiltily) backdated. My excuse: work. I
  • 33 Months
    I'm just not even going to mention how late this entry is or the reasons why because they're all the same boring reasons recycled month after month. At any rate, the girl
  • 31 Months
    It's a miracle! Only a few days after the girl's 31 month birthday, this entry is being written? What's gotten into me? Anyways, this past Tuesday the 22nd, Yaya turned 31
  • 30 Months (She's 2 and a half!)
    So the girl is now two and a half! Years!! How crazy is that? Time really does fly. Especially in 2011 since suddenly I am so very very late with this entry. Yaya's gettin
  • 29 Months
    Another month, and how quickly it passed! Granted, I only fairly recently wrote her 28 month blog (cheating and dating it earlier than it was actually written, but whateve
  • Allie's 28 Month Birthday
    I am very delinquent this month (and cheating by dating it a little earlier - it is actually much later in December that I'm writing this entry but I'm fudging the posting
  • Allie's 27 Month Birthday
    And lo, the child speaks!!!!! Seriously, Allie finally started talking! It all happened starting about two weeks ago - but hey, better late than never, right? The smile-gr
  • Allie's 23 Month Birthday
    And Allie is now another month older. She was 23 months old last Tuesday, and now is not even a month away from her second birthday! How crazy is that? It feels just like
  • Allie's 22 Month Birthday
    So Allie turned 22 months old on the 22nd (yesterday)! Since it fell on a Saturday and I didn't have to work, Vin and I had a fun day planned out for the girl. And I apolo
  • Allie's 20 Month Birthday
    It happened! On March 22nd (last Monday) Allie became a 20-month-old! We have no idea where the time went and suddenly she's such a lively and independent little thing! Sh
  • Allie's 19 Month Birthday
    Yet another month has gone by! Allie was 19 months old last Monday, February 22nd. It's quite amazing how quickly time flies! * Mouse over the pictures for added captions
  • Allie's 18 Month Birthday
    It's true! Allie is 18 months old now! She is one and a half years old! (Well at the time that this was written she is 18 months and 10 days old).It happened on January 22
  • Allie's 17 Month Birthday
    Last Tuesday, December 22nd, Allie was 17 months old! Unfortunately, the poor little girl was recovering from strep and possibly the flu. You can see how uncharacteristica
  • Allie's 15 Month Birthday
    Dadgummit! Time, wings, and all that. Can you believe Allie is now 15 months old? And this time I didn't wait weeks before doing her 15-month blog entry. Heh.   * Mouse ov
  • Allie's 13 Month Birthday
    Behold, a mosquito bit the 13-month-old Allie's cheek! Allie was 13 months old last Saturday August 22nd, also the first day of Ramadhan. She's had another month of a full
  • The one with the birthday crepes
    Two days after Allie's first birthday was Vin's birthday! And since it was his day, he got to pick what he wanted as his birthday treat and he chose crepes. This is my fir
  • Allie's 11 Month Birthday
    Well, somebody's pleased to be 11 months old!! That's right, the girl was 11 months old last Monday, June 22, 2009. Another fun-filled month has gone by. It seems like I p
  • A Visitor!
    During the time of the big hu-ha (laptop dying + snowfall + sad miserable cold Sila), we had a welcome visitor here in Southwestern Ohio! Unfortunately, the weather being
  • Allie's 6 Month Birthday
    It happened! Last Thursday, January 22, 2009 (also Yong's birthday, happy birthday Yong!), Allie was six months old! She is filling her (and our) waking moments with giggl
  • December Musings
    Here we are, December again. There was snow on the ground last week, and it has since melted. However, as I write this entry, it has begun to snow again. Winter has arrive
  • And the Kitkat ups the Ante - I
    It seems like since Allie was born, Lily has seriously upped her own CQ, as if to compete with Allie? Check it out: * Mouse over the pictures for captions This is what we
  • Allie's 2 Month Birthday
    We can't hardly believe it, but time has flown and last Monday, Allie was 2 months old! Here's what she did on her 2 month birthday: * Mouse over pictures for captions She
  • Winging Home
    A little over 24 hours ago, we said goodbye to Tok and Opah at the airport. Hard to believe that 2 months have passed. And Allie is now 6 weeks and 2 days old. Tok and Opa
  • Some Assembly Required - Part 1
    First thing we assembled for the baby is the changing table (one of the lovely gifts received). Lily, of course, has been very curious about all the goings-on with regard
  • Thirty Eight Weeks
    Time for the bi-weekly update. Thirty eight weeks have passed. I am constantly surprised at how much larger I keep getting, but I'm assured by the doctors that we are wher
  • Zarin and Lily
    In case anyone was wondering how Lily took to having Zarin around for a few days, she was totally comfortable with him. (These are pictures that Zarin took - guna sikit ya
  • Pictures of Lily
    Pictures of Lily By The Who : I used to wake up in the morning I used to feel so bad I got so sick of having sleepless nights I went and told my dad He said, 'Son now here
  • Dog Days of Summer
    August has been a gruelling month in Southwestern Ohio. We might have seen a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest when we visited, but from when we got home to this past M
  • Hawaii Day 10 - Last Day and Home to Lily
    I know, it's been two months since the trip and I'm finally getting around to putting up the final installment of the Hawaii pictures. But, in my defense, I am slow. Just
  • Another Suitor For Lily
    Young Tiger Lily Belle, who just meowed her way into Sila & Vin's household, already has suitors apparently. You can get the details from Sila later, about the poet and th
  • Stunt KitKat
    Since the arrival of Tiger Lily Belle (Lily, to those closest to her), Vin and I have hardly been able to take our eyes off of this little cutie. She sleeps on the bed wit
  • Birthday Surprise
    As Hisham so kindly posted, my birthday was just last Monday, January 29th. It was a really good day, not to mention I began celebrating on Saturday with a small dinner pa

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