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  • 15th Anniversary Pizza
    Fifteen years since we that day Ain and I got married. We've had a number of anniversaries over the fifteen years. Fifteen years of juking and barrel rolling and Tallon ro
  • Is that 13 Solar or Lunar Years?
    And just like that, our once-newborn son is a teenager. As Irfan is so fond of reciting, "Masa berjalan begitu saja." Although Atok and Opah had treated us to an early bir
  • Visitors to Burger Republik
    When the visitors formerly from the tenth floor visited, we thought we would take them to some place fancy, namely Burger Republik . For the occasion, two tables were join
  • A Return to Burger Republik
    Because we sent some freelance proofreading work in the direction of the proprietor of Burger Republik , they invited us over for dinner on the house. I had the chicken ke
  • Birthday Burgers
    Ain and I couldn't celebrate our recent birthdays during our birthdays for one reason or another. Then we both received some extra coin for doing some freelance work. So w
  • Iftar at Some Place Fancy
    We rarely ate out for iftar this year. So we thought we'd go to the Kluang Station restaurant before Ramadhan was over. The Kluang Station restaurant was nearby and not in
  • A Return to Bread
    So it has been a very long time since I baked bread. My old toy 's motor died in 2007 or early 2008 (after 3 years of weekly bread baking). Despite looking around for a ha
  • Rafe's 25 Month Birthday
    The boy is twenty-five months old now! * Mouse over the pictures for captions Speech status: it is unbelievable how many words the boy can say. He is also formulating his
  • Ain's Birthday Dinner
    Ain levelled up yesterday. She's gained a year, so we thought we'd splurge a bit on a proper birthday dinner. It would be a proper dinner with proper food, namely burgers.
  • Christmas 2013
    So this year we decided to participate in the Christmas tradition. Yaya is old enough now to enjoy it and in fact, she asked for it. So here we go! Our first family Christ
  • Return to Orange Beach - The Other Stuff
    So now that we are done with the beach pictures and the pool pictures , here are some of the other fun pictures taken during our trip to Orange Beach. * Mouse over the pic
  • Selamat Hari Raya 2013
    We wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Eid Mubarak! * Mouse over the pictures for captions Just a quick one with pictures. We
  • Avocado Sandwich
    When we balik kampung a couple of weekends ago, we bumped into our old neighbours in Sitiawan, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ling, who lives near Atok and Opah's house. Ain and I had
  • Another Ain Birthday
    Last night, Cik Ma & Cik Su took us out for Ain's belated birthday dinner! Sometimes I can't believe I've known Ain for so long and it seems like we've only met yesterday.
  • A Decade of Irfan
    Once upon a time, this baby thought it'd be a good idea to come live with us. Ten years later to the day - last night, he's celebrating his birthday with his parents and a
  • Rafe's 6 Month Birthday
    It is Adik's half birthday! Yaya says, "But he's still zero!!" While he's not one yet, he's already 1/2 year old, but apparently we haven't taught Yaya fractions. Can you
  • Birthday Cake Transforms Into...
    Well, the birthday cake was transformed into digested matter submerged in digestive fluids in our stomachs. However, the box with which the cake was transported was transf
  • Best ABC This Side of the Euphrates
    When we balik kampung to Sitiawan, we try to drop by at Ain's favourite ais batu campur (ABC) restaurant, which just happens to be at the Lumut Esplanade, overlooking wher
  • Here's To A Decade
    Ten years ago today, there was an aqad ceremony where Ain and I were wed. Here we are 10 years later, together and eating chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters after so many tr
  • Fun at KL Hilton
    Since Irfan had no school due to the UPSR exams, we took the opportunity to go for a mini-vacation and spent ultimately two nights at the Hilton KL Sentral. This is freaki
  • Breaking of Fast With Atok and Opah
    Most of our breaking of fast at sundown during Ramadhan - known as iftar - were done at home at the dinner table. But once in a while we do go out to dinner, but only afte
  • Breaking of Fast, Ramadhan 1431
    Ramadhan mubarak to everyone! Another year, another fasting month. Ain spent an hour preparing this meal for our first breaking of fast this year.   We broke fast with dat
  • The one with the surprise birthday cake
    We had a crazy busy month of July! I know it is way into August now, and I haven't even done any entries on Allie's big day. That's because we have been running around lik
  • Makan-makan with Jen
    So before Jen and Mike set off for their awesome vacation (one of the legs included dinner with Hisham's family ), we had a warm up makan session at the newly discovered P
  • Wrath Of Diabolical Water Elementals!
    While picking up Irfan from school in the very late afternoon, we were hit by a great, big thunderstorm the size of a big thunderstorm. There was a point where there was n
  • Year Nine Celebratory Dinner
    Here we are at Year Nine. That means it's been a year since this blog entry , which is Year Eight. Instead of relaxing at home, or both of us forgetting about it (which ha
  • The one with the birthday cake
    Since there has been a demand for cake, here it is!!   * Please mouse over the pictures for captions On Sunday, July 26th, we held a small gathering, a cookout and potluck
  • The one with the birthday crepes
    Two days after Allie's first birthday was Vin's birthday! And since it was his day, he got to pick what he wanted as his birthday treat and he chose crepes. This is my fir
  • That Is One Big John Fruit
    The last leg of the vacation was a couple of days back at Ain's kampung at Pasir Mas, Kelantan. When we arrived,Irfan's cousin Aiman and family were on their second-to-las
  • LOL! PraWNED!!!111
    Once upon a time, Atok and Opah told us of a little out of the way place named Bagan Nakhoda Omar , Harbour of Captain Omar in Anglic. Who was Nakhoda Omar and ship did he
  • The Exercise of Vital Powers
    Another month, another new year - making this the third new year in two months. What's a new year - especially Chinese New Year - without a vital trip to the nearby FELCRA
  • Intersections in Real Time
    The counter ticks up for Ain every year on January 22nd, which makes this the thirteenth year I've been around her to hear the counter tick. This year also marks first yea
  • Packed Lunch is Packed
    After only bring in sandwiches for snacks at kindergarten, Irfan brought an awesome looking packed lunch in his schoolbag which consisted of awesome meehoon goreng that Ai
  • Pajeri Nenas!
    Just a quick note to say, yay-yay Mak and Abah are here! Annnnnnd, Mak made her world famous pajeri nenas. Here we are enjoying our dinner: Abah shows off the lovely pajer
  • Dinner With Irfan's Tok and Opah Unggai
    Irfan's grandparents are here from Sitiawan and have been spending several days with us. Tonight they will be heading for Middletown where they will spend the next two mon
  • This One's For the English-speaking Non-Malaysian Readers
    ... all 3 or so of them.
  • Pacific Northwest: Part XI (Vancouver - Night)
    After walking around Vancouver, we were pretty tired, so we met up with Lilian for a spot of dinner. Come see what we had! We had us a veritable feast! Yummy! I was so inv
  • There Were Trees, Fruits Grew Off Them
    The previous weekend, we were all at Pasir Mas where Irfan's cousin's kenduri transpired. However the kenduri photos are still in Cik Emma's camera so we have instead for
  • Pacific Northwest: Part VIII (Addendum: Artsy Seattle)
    Now that my little spate of patriotism is over, and it's September (Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! And YAAAAY to Monday being a holiday!), a little addendum to day we s
  • Pacific Northwest: Part VII (Walking Around Seattle)
    After the Space Needle , the first thing we did was get ourselves an early lunch at the Bite of Seattle. It's a big food fair where tons of local restaurants manned little
  • Pacific Northwest: Part V (Lavender Farm and Back to Seattle)
    So many things to blog about, so little time to actually do it! Picking up the travel from the Dungeness Spit , we drove east to Kingston to catch the ferry back to Seattl
  • Chocolate Lemon Bars
    Thanks to the birthday presents from Lilian , I have had some more fun experiments in the kitchen. One of the recipe books contains the recipe for Lemon Bars, which is a s
  • Bread 2006 - Sprouted Wheat Bread, 2nd Try
    So last year, I tried making Sprouted Wheat Bread with whole wheat flour and it turned out like this: Remember this bread? The one that required me to be part gardener, pa
  • Bread 2006 (September through December)
    Let's take a short break from the vacation for some bread. These are breads that I baked the final 4 months of last year. I know, I should have really written this entry a
  • Shepherd's Pie
    For some reason today I'm a bit rajin to write and publish entries on the blog. Must be the prospect of the 3-day weekend coming up! Woohoooo! I'm a bit backlogged, but he
  • Irfan Webs An IMAX Theatre
    It's May 1st. Some might say it's Labor Dabor Day . Others would say it's the first day of the general release of Spider-Man 3 , beginning 2007's run of monumental summer
  • Breads 2006 (Sprouted Wheat Bread)
    I really have been remiss in posting my bread experiments from last year! So to continue the story, I take up where I left off: the next bread I baked in April. I tackled
  • Birthday Surprise
    As Hisham so kindly posted, my birthday was just last Monday, January 29th. It was a really good day, not to mention I began celebrating on Saturday with a small dinner pa
  • Yesterday's Birthday Cake
    Yesterday was Ain's birthday. I thought I could have the money to buy a present for Ain this year. But we spent way over our regular budget this month getting Irfan prepar
  • In a galaxy far, far away... Southwestern Road Trip Day 8
    After a long hiatus, here’s the final part of the Southwestern Road Trip. Finally! I know! Forgot already. But here's the last part of the story. Our final morning in Flag
  • Karachi is Sunny but Cool
    Today Hikam and I took a drive around town with a tour guide / taxicab driver. The idea was that we'd tell him what we needed to buy on a souvenir hunt and he'll know the
  • First There Was Lunch, Then It Rained
    Today, Teik Sing, Ahbau & I went out for lunch, just because. We had nasi lemak ayam madu and talked some. The restaurant is situated near the Glenmarie industrial park's
  • In a galaxy far, far away... Part I
    After Yope, Yong, Emma, Irfan, Wan Ngah and Aji sent Abah and Mak to KLIA, they embarked on a long, arduous journey where finally they landed in the Cincinnati/Northern Ke
  • Soups
    I don't know what it is about Ramadan, but fasting makes me think about food. My last entry was about bread. What goes well with bread? Soups, of course! Toast up a little
  • Desperate Prevention of Dilution
    This was conceived untold years ago by me, but I forgot about it until recently, and most especially last night when we had teh ais to drink for dinner. Teh ais translates
  • Cake on the First of May
    May 1st is Irfan's Cik Su F's 19th birthday. Her sisters, including Ain, chipped in for a cake for a little get together. The cake had oranges and strawberries and mangos
  • Pajeri Terong
    When we were growing up, Hisham's favorite food was Pajeri Nenas (holy cow! No Wikipedia listing for this!!). Pajeri is a kind of spicy thick gravy, sweeter than a curry b
  • The Quest for a Fregg
    A fregg is a perfect fried egg, according to my buddy Ben Flood-Paddock of Brighton. And he has put up a page that would chronicle the quest to create such an egg. To read
  • Squiddies!
    The best fried calamari (sotong celup tepung) on this planet, as well as several other planets and moons (including the seafood industry on Europa), is located at the Meda
  • Northern California: Part I
    For Christmas, Vin and I went roving again...this year we flew to San Francisco, and stayed in Northern California for 8 days. Part I will cover the first few days we were
  • Maryland - Part II
    As promised, here's Part II of our trip to Maryland. Aside from fishing , during the day and a half we spent there, we ate our fill in Maryland's pride and joy, the Maryla
  • Maryland - Part I
    Hisham's reminiscing has prompted me to finally take action - all this summer I have been procrastinating making some family related entries. Vin's family had several fami
  • Irfan Cuts His Cake and Eats It Too
    "I want to eat the Happy Birthday Cake!" Irfan begged for hours after seeing the number three-shaped vanilla cake with the Tigger-esque toon on it. He wasn't getting it un
  • My New Hobby
    I thought and thought and thought about my new hobby - bread baking, and I wanted to write a long paean to it. But now the days keep passing me by and my workload has not
  • Today's Breakfast
    Using whatever ingredients left in the fridge, I came up with this earlier today, took a picture of it, gobbled it all down, and now in my belly it will find a new definit
  • A Stay At The Hilton: Another Photojournal
    For the last year or so, after sending Irfan to day care, we drive to work together. After the construction of Hilton KL Sentral, we drive past it every morning. Sometimes
  • Sila's Wedding: A Photojournal
    Herein lies a selection of pictures of Sila & Vin's wedding.

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