Aidiladha 2012 In Pasir Mas

30 October 2012 | Hisham | | Family Pics

This year for Aidiladha, we travelled to Pasir Mas for the holidays. However, instead of driving with our own car, we hitched a ride with Irfan's aunt Cik Emma's.

Ice cream at Gua Musang

We left home at 5am. Despite that, it took us 14 hours to reach Pasir Mas via the Gua Musang route. There were horrible traffic jams in nearly every town en route because of the holiday season. There was even one instance where we didn't move out in the middle of nowhere - well, Bukit Tujuh, - for 30 minutes that other drivers left their cars to stretch their legs.

But it's all good because as you can see above, there was ice cream in Gua Musang.


Rafe's 10 Month Birthday

29 October 2012 | sila | | Family Pics

And so Adik is now 10 months old! (And change, if I were honest - thank goodness for backdated entries!). 

Cheeky toothsome slobbery grin!

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D6 Stats of a Star Wars Hat

28 October 2012 | Hisham | | Role Playing Games, Star Wars

From Season 2, Episode 17: "Bounty Hunters" of Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes Embo the Bounty Hunter, a male Kyuzo. His signature gear is his wide-brimmed, armoured hat, which he's able to use as a shield when turned into incoming blaster bolts. Also, he is able to throw the hat to strike a target which then returns to him like Captain America's shield.

Here is my OpenD6 stats for Embo's Hat.

Starring in The Adventures of Embo's Hat


Type: Awesome Frisbee-Shield Hat
Skill: Melee parry (shield against ranged weapons) / Thrown weapons (for throwing attack)
Difficulty: Easy (to shield), Difficult (to throw)
Damage Resistance: 5D
Thrown damage: STR + 1D

  • Returning weapon: When throwing, upon Wild Die of 6, you automatically retrieve the returning hat. Else, you need to roll a second Moderate Thrown Weapons skill to grab it in mid-air if nothing stops it from returning back to the user.
  • Shield: Use Damage Resistance code above against both physical and energy attacks. When user the hat is being used as a shield, user is totally blind. Also, if the user is running, the attacker could still use a Called Shot to hit user's legs.
  • Heavy item: +10 to difficulty to both melee parry and thrown weapons rolls if user's Strength is 3D+1 and below.
When Embo throws his mi-i-ighty hat...

I can't wait for the spin-off show Clone Wars: The Adventures of Embo's Hat.


51 Months

22 October 2012 | sila | | Family Pics

And so another month has passed. The numbers are rising! And the girl has definitely come a long way in 51 months

Yaya loved the train ride at the outlet mall

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BareBones Experiment Artwork

20 October 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

DWD Studios came up with a great project suggestion. Somewhat like Wicked North Games' Azamar: The Paradise Fragment project, I was to create a cover and six interior black and white artwork, which the game developers will create a adventure around them. The adventure will be a supplement to their BareBones Fantasy RPG.

The cover has a creature that's pretty blue about things. How will the rest of the artwork be used in the still-untitled adventure? Watch this space when I announce its eventual release at the end of the year.

Here are the rest of the interior images.


Twelve Years Ago...

15 October 2012 | Hisham | | Recent News

Ain and I were married.

Today, we woke up extra early to pick up Abang G from the bus station. Ain had applied for a day's leave. Then we sent Irfan to Al-Huda school as Abang G rested at home. Then we watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead before heading back to retrieve Irfan from Al-Huda. We got lunch for everyone. I did a bit of work. Then we sent Irfan to his Primary School, and immediately sent Abang G to a hotel in PJ where he would be attending a course throughout the week. Then, en route home, we went to Open University head office to pick up documents for my EPF education withdrawal. Upon reaching home, we rested for a while before we had to go pick up Irfan from school. Then we had scant time to get him dinner before we had to send him for tuition class. We had some dinner before we had to go out to get Irfan from tuition.

Then we wound down, and went to bed tired as hell.

It was the best anniversary ever.


Vicious Crucible of the Eburnean Tower

13 October 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Here is a large artwork I made for Kallisti Press's The Vicious Crucible of the Eburnean Tower RPG, to be released later. Strange things are happening in and around the Eburnean Tower. Click on the picture above to see a larger image.

You can download for free the first Vicious Crucible game The Vicious Crucible of Verdigris Valley here to check it out!


gMalaysia Conference

04 October 2012 | Hisham | | Recent News

Earlier today I attended an event organised by Google Malaysia called the gMalaysia conference. It would be great to learn more about how Google products can help with my illustration business. Integrated with my Android smartphone, it's already a indispensible tool for marketing and communications for my work.


Ferry Rides To Pulau Pinang

02 October 2012 | Hisham | | Family Pics

So we went to Kulim to visit Irfan's aunt Cik Su who works there.

Because Kulim was very close to Pulau Pinang, we thought we'd take a drive there. We ended up going there twice in two days, and enjoyed a ferry ride to the island each time.

When Sila and I were small we loved our family trips to Pulau Pinang with our parents, some of them were way before there was a bridge across the strait. Although the ferry rides by cars were special events, they were very old, half-forgotten memories. Many times I've wondered if it was really fun as I remembered them. The last time we were there as a family was 1994, if memory serves.

Irfan in Kulim

I'm happy to report that they still are.

These cranes are like sentinels.

Once the car is parked, we all got out to enjoy the ride out at the bow.