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  • Call of Cthulhu: Happy Endings
    Last time on Call of Cthulhu (back in June) our solo protagonist, the young Detective DJ Stark failed to stop whatever unholy occult occurence at Horton Opera House . Stab
  • Tsuro Picnic
    Once upon a time, earlier today, Irfan came up with the idea of setting up a mat out in the yard so he and other neighbourhood kids can play board games outdoors. Later, t
  • 15th Anniversary Pizza
    Fifteen years since we that day Ain and I got married. We've had a number of anniversaries over the fifteen years. Fifteen years of juking and barrel rolling and Tallon ro
  • Is that 13 Solar or Lunar Years?
    And just like that, our once-newborn son is a teenager. As Irfan is so fond of reciting, "Masa berjalan begitu saja." Although Atok and Opah had treated us to an early bir
  • We're Not The Droids You're Looking For
    Irfan got a present from his aunt last weekend when two aunts visited. He got this great t-shirt filled with droids. There's everything from the demolitions droid, some as
  • Visitors Formerly From the Tenth Floor
    Over the Merdeka Day Weekend, we received some visitors, two of which lived back at the Tenth Floor with us back in the day Cikma, Ayah Cik the Younger and Ciksu travelled
  • Weekend at Sitiawan
    Last weekend, we balik kampung to Sitiawan. Coincidentally, we got to attend my cousin's wedding in Ipoh on Saturday. All except Opah Irfan went to the community hall wher
  • Legendary Guardians
    On our recent return to the city , the GOKL gang gifted upon us more fun stuff: the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion set for the Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building game. S
  • Call of Cthulhu: A Night At The Opera
    Last time ( a year and 4 days ago in real time ) , despite being badly injured and walking on crutches, Detective DJ Stark (played by Irfan) succeeded in thwarting the sch
  • Boy Spells Words
    Irfan told informed us that he was invited by a teacher to attend some spelling bee. Later he told us the event was held at a local hotel: the biggest hotel in town. He di
  • A Return To the Tenth Floor
    It's the Labour Day/Wesak Day long weekend. We were unsure if we were able to travel 500 klicks plus change to the old house back on the Tenth Floor in Kuala Lumpur . We h
  • A Return to Burger Republik
    Because we sent some freelance proofreading work in the direction of the proprietor of Burger Republik , they invited us over for dinner on the house. I had the chicken ke
  • Atok and Opah's April Visit
    Atok and Opah visited us in Perlis once more, this time to help ensure all went well during the my last ever semester final examinations. If I make it through this, then I
  • Finally TIme for a Breather and a Kitty
    I have not been posting much because life in the last month or so has been very hectic.   First , I was commissioned to proofread a doctorate student's thesis from a neigh
  • An Unexpected Guest: The Wet Sprocket
    Upon returning home from Pasir Mas to pay our last respects to Irfan's Nyang , we discovered that the house had an unexpected guest. It was a big katak puru that took refu
  • Ya Seen For Nyang
    Last Monday, Irfan's only living great grandmother passed away. She was 91 and only after her death did we learn that both Irfan and his Nyang shared a birthday. We depart
  • A Legendary Card Game with Marvellous Heroes
    Before we left the city, the GOKL guys gifted to us Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game . A box of cards. We tried to play it when they brought it over the last time th
  • Irfan Gets a Dendrobium
    Atok and Opah came to visit for a better part of the week to see Irfan's first official day in school. They also spent some time with Irfan, visiting some sights in the ar
  • First Weekend of the Year
    Our first weekend of the year was an eventful one. Irfan registered at his new secondary school, which was not far from the house. He would be able to ride a bicycle to it
  • EOTE: Adversity of the Unexpected
    Edged by the Empire Episode 09 Adversity of the Unexpected Previously on Edged by the Empire... It's the first of January. Irfan didn't spend any of his 15 XP. He rolled u
  • EOTE: On the Trail of Dad
    Edged by the Empire Episode 08 On The Trail of Dad Previously on Edged by the Empire... Irfan had 35 XPs, so he blew it on a couple of more Talents, namely a second Skille
  • First Entry From The North
    Here we are at the northernmost part of the country, over a hundred klicks away from the nearest population centre which could be called a "city". We live in a kampung, al
  • Final Entry from the Tenth Floor
    The blog is not headed anywhere. But the subtitle "View from the Tenth Floor" will be changed starting today as we will no longer be living on the tenth floor. A breakfast
  • EOTE: I Was Young When I Left Home
    Edged by the Empire Episode 07 I Was Young When I Left Home Previously on Edged by the Empire... Irfan did not use any of his 15 XP to upgrade his character Hondo Pash. He
  • Cave of Dramatic Lighting
    We visited Gua Kelam yesterday. Gua Kelam is officially translated as "Cave of Darkness" at the plaques we saw at the site. The cave is a tunnel that runs through a limest
  • Aidiladha at the Tenth Floor
    Another year, another Aidiladha spent in Kuala Lumpur . There was no balik kampung because of insufficient resources. So yesterday we tried to make the best of it. In the
  • A Birthday Once More
    It's Irfan's 12th birthday. We were supposed to set something up for him, like allowing him to invite his friends over. But because of low resources, we had to cancel. But
  • BareBones Fantasy: The First GM Session
    Earlier this week, Irfan gamemastered his first RPG session with his friend at his friend's house. He had took my printed out copy of BareBones Fantasy , created his own p
  • Iftar at Some Place Fancy
    We rarely ate out for iftar this year. So we thought we'd go to the Kluang Station restaurant before Ramadhan was over. The Kluang Station restaurant was nearby and not in
  • Iftar at Irfan's School
    Irfan's school raised enough money to build a dedicated surau not just for the students and staff, but is open for the public. We attended its opening ceremony which also
  • Call of Cthulhu: Healthcare Blues
    Episode 3 Last time on Call of Cthulhu (almost two years ago in realtime), Detective D.J. Stark played by Irfan ( the youngest Call of Cthulhu player ever? I have no idea
  • We Keep Going Back To Sungai Congkak
    ...probably because it's the picnic spot in the woods that's closest to us. Still we needed to drive over the hills to reach it. It was Irfan's school holidays, so Atok an
  • EOTE Tabletop Day Episode: First Day on the Job
    For International Tabletop Day  today, Irfan a quick game of Edge of the Empire for Irfan. Then, Farid and Cikma came a-visiting and Farid joined the game. Edged by the Em
  • Robotech RPG: The Sinkhole Situation
    Irfan began a playing a new game today: Palladium's Robotech RPG . Sila had a copy back in our teenage years. I played less than her friends and her did because I was away
  • Teluk Senangin Picnic
    During the trip back to Sitiawan, Atok and Opah thought it would be great for us to have a picnic at Teluk Senangin, a public beach accessible from the Sitiawan-Pantai Rem
  • The New School Year is New
    It's Irfan's final year of Primary School. He starts on Secondary next year. I can't believe five years have come and gone since he registered for Standard 1 .
  • BareBones Fantasy: Over The Hills and Far Away
    Some time ago, I ran BareBones Fantasy RPG for Irfan. The campaign is set in the default setting: the Keranak Kingdoms! Late afternoon yesterday, we continued the game wit
  • An Academic Award
    For the first time ever, Irfan gets an award for an academic achievement in school. I not just proud of him, but grateful to all my friends in meatspace and cyberspace who
  • Doctor Who AITAS: The Flames of Salem
    Doug ran a great Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG session just in time for Halloween! Continuing the previous session Feet of Flesh, Feet of Steel ! After disc
  • Irfan at the Game Shop
    Earlier today, there was an Eclipse Phase game at Wira Games and Hobbies in Subang Jaya. Irfan came along for the ride. At first his plan was to buy his own set of polyhed
  • EOTE: Aggressive Negotiations
    Edged by the Empire Episode 03 Aggressive Negotiations The Star Wars RPG adventure continues from the previous session with Act 2 of The Long Arm of the Hutt free download
  • Irfan's Eleven
    Irfan's eleven now! It started when we thought about inviting Emma's forthcoming family-in-law for dinner. It just so happened that it was on Irfan's weekend's birthday! S
  • EOTE: Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines Part 2
    Edged by the Empire Episode 02 Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines, Part 2 I totally forgot when this Triumph came up. The adventure continues from the previous entry : I ran th
  • EOTE: Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines Part 1
    Edged by the Empire Episode 02 Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines, Part 1 Last Monday, Irfan and I finally continued his Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG adventures. I ran The
  • Picnic at Sungai Gabai
    It had been awhile since we went for a picnic at the waterfalls of Ulu Langat . So last Sunday, we went for a morning drive out to the country and headed for the Sungai Ga
  • Doctor Who AITAS: Feet of Flesh, Feet of Steel
    Doug GMed Cubicle 7 's Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG for Irfan and I for the first time and it was an enjoyable night. For Irfan this was the first time some
  • The Many Yops
    Irfan's Atok and Opah came to visit over the weekend. Here's a picture of the three Yops together. Apart from Atok's car having clutch problems less than 10 klicks from re
  • Aidilfitri plus Engagement at Pasir Mas
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin from Irfan, Ain and I. As per the alternating location format our family uses, we spend this year's Aidilfitri in Pasir Ma
  • Bye Tim
    Tim the Turtle had grown too big to reside in its tank. And there is no surplus space in the house for a bigger tank. Which meant it was time to say goodbye to Tim. Thankf
  • Irfan Meets a River
    On the way back from Pasir Man, Irfan met a river. It was raging force of nature filled with teh tarik after a sustained rainfall in the mountains. We just came from over
  • Darkness Falls
    Power outages used to be part of normal, everyday life back when we were growing up in Sitiawan. Not that there were blackouts every night, but perhaps once or twice a mon
    I chased Irfan down two aisles at the supermarket with a toilet plunger saying. "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" I was sad that the egg beaters weren't close by.
  • The Cousins' Weekend Sleepover
    We spent most of the weekend at Baby Zara's where Irfan and Aiman had a fun time together playing and watching cartoons. Once in a while they played with Zara as well, so
  • BareBones Fantasy: The TableTop Day Session
    For International TableTop Day , I thought I'd run another a continuation of BareBones Fantasy RPG campaign for Irfan. Thus, Irfan's Jake Hastur the halfling wizard and my
  • Slugshark - With Stats!
    When Irfan showed me this clay creature he created, I thought I'd take a photo of it and make up some stats for it. Star Wars D6 Slugshark, Amphibious reptilian predator S
  • Happenings at the Beginnings of the Year of the Snake
    Meanwhile, the three-night balik kampung back to Sitiawan for Chinese New Year was somewhat enjoyable. The traffic was not too bad, and no one lost their sanity. We left t
  • Cousin Zara Naps On Irfan
    Zara Arissa is back home in the Klang Valley for the first time in her life. We went to visit her to see how she was adapting to new environment. She seems to be doing pre
  • EOTE: Irfan Escapes Mos Shuuta
    Edged by the Empire Episode 01 Escape From Mos Shuuta During the events of the previous blog entry, the GOKL gang also presented me with an early birthday: A Star Wars Edg
  • Another Ain Birthday
    Last night, Cik Ma & Cik Su took us out for Ain's belated birthday dinner! Sometimes I can't believe I've known Ain for so long and it seems like we've only met yesterday.
  • Irfan Treks to an Exhibition
    Irfan went to the National Science Centre . Star Trek the Exhibition was being housed there for the time being. Shane managed to go to Star Wars Identities which looked be
  • Jogging at a Park
    I have no idea why they named this park Taman Pudu when Pudu proper is some leagues in that direction. The Deepavali morning was cool and sunny, perfect for a run. The par
  • BareBones Fantasy: The First Quest
    The night before we headed home to Kuala Lumpur from Pasir Mas, Irfan and I decided to try out the BareBones Fantasy RPG . BareBones Fantasy (BBF) is a simple - but intrin
  • Aidiladha 2012 In Pasir Mas
    This year for Aidiladha, we travelled to Pasir Mas for the holidays. However, instead of driving with our own car, we hitched a ride with Irfan's aunt Cik Emma's. We left
  • Ferry Rides To Pulau Pinang
    So we went to Kulim to visit Irfan's aunt Cik Su who works there. Because Kulim was very close to Pulau Pinang, we thought we'd take a drive there. We ended up going there
  • A Decade of Irfan
    Once upon a time, this baby thought it'd be a good idea to come live with us. Ten years later to the day - last night, he's celebrating his birthday with his parents and a
  • Ascension: Chronicles of the Balik Kampung
    So, just before Eid, Ivan came around and gave us another gaming gift. This time it's the deck-building card game Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer by Gary Games. We
  • Salam Aidilfitri from Sitiawan
    This year we spent Eid-ul-Fitr in Sitiawan. Here's a photo of everyone during Eid morning. Then later that night, we had guests over the internet in the form of the Renstr
  • Call of Cthulhu: Stark Raving Mad
    For several weeks, Irfan was asking me if I could run the continuation of his first Call of Cthulhu game where he roleplays SFPD Detective D.J. Stark. Finally I had the ti
  • How Everyone Lost Their Tooth In Sitiawan
    We balik kampung to Sitiawan the other week and everyone - Irfan, Ain and I - lost one tooth each while there. Irfan extracted his own tooth even before we arrived at Atok
  • Abang Ngah's Wedding
    Six years ago we attended Abang Long's wedding kenduri at Kampung Permatang during a balik kampung trip back to Sitiawan. It was now time for his younger brother Abang Nga
  • Small World
    Created by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, Geek and Sundry's new biweekly TableTop web series features 30 minutes of tabletop gaming video that shows how much fun it is to pa
  • Irfan's Transmogrifying Present
    Irfan received a gift over the mail from Ryan Rhodes . There is a great sketch of Irfan with the octopus plushie at Wan Chor's house in the inner cover! Here's hoping Irfa
  • Call of Cthulhu: The First Game Ever
    I've had the Call of Cthulhu RPG for a decade now. I've never run it... til now. It was a gift from Gary before Irfan was born. We used to joke that if I couldn't find any
  • Quick Run To Kinokuniya
    I am in school. Second year plus change. Which means I am eligible for the RM200 book voucher giveaway for university students. With voucher in hand, the boy and I quickly
  • Irfan's Imperial Entanglements
    So the other day, Irfan was in a blaster shootout with some Imperials - perhaps CompForce troopers. Click here to check out the video .
  • Aidiladha 2011: Back To Sitiawan
    This Aidil Adha we drove back to Sitiawan. As per standard operating procedures, we took a family photo Aidiadha morning, before heading out to visit others. I love this p
  • Birthday Cake Transforms Into...
    Well, the birthday cake was transformed into digested matter submerged in digestive fluids in our stomachs. However, the box with which the cake was transported was transf
  • Salam Aidilfitri from Pasir Mas
    This year it's balik kampung to Pasir Mas for Aidilfitri! And for the first time ever, we flew to Kota Bharu.  Why did we fly there? Cause I don't think the car can surviv
    Irfan's robot design takes the spotlight in this blog post. It's a red giant robot with claws on its left hand and a machine gun on its right hand.
  • Adventure on Langkawi Island
    A couple of weeks earlier, Irfan, Atok, Opah, Ain & I went on a three-day vacation to Langkawi , where I had been on work assignment before twice since 2006 but never had
  • Irfan Takes A Train To The Mall
    One activity Irfan and I did this school holiday was to take the Light Rail Transit (LRT), the city-wide train network. He rarely gets to ride on it, since we drive everyw
  • Irfan Goes To Petrosains
    We all went for a trip to Petrosains Discovery Centre located at the fourth level of Suria KLCC today for the first time. It was quite an informative and entertaining jaun
  • Back to School in 2011
    Also, the first post of 2011. This year, Irfan began his proper Islamic classes; three hours in the morning, ending about two and a hours before regular afternoon school s
  • Here's To A Decade
    Ten years ago today, there was an aqad ceremony where Ain and I were wed. Here we are 10 years later, together and eating chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters after so many tr
  • Last Day In Malaysia
    It was the last day of Alya, Vin and Sila's vacation in Malaysia. It was a sad day for everyone. It was sad. Thankfully, the cousins did not feel a smidgen of sadness. The
  • Fun at KL Hilton
    Since Irfan had no school due to the UPSR exams, we took the opportunity to go for a mini-vacation and spent ultimately two nights at the Hilton KL Sentral. This is freaki
  • After Eight Years, Irfan Reaches Eight
    Irfan's eighth birthday occured when Alya, Vin and Sila were visiting at the Tenth Floor. I was happy they were around for the birthday bash, seeing that they don't usuall
  • Pool Time with the Cousins
    It wouldn't be a visit to our place without a dip in the building's swimming pool. Irfan practically learnt to swim by himself here. Sila and Vin had been training Yaya th
  • Yati Comes a-Calling
    On the fifth day of Aidilfitri (September 14th), my old friend Yati stopped by for a quick Hari Raya visit: It had been a while since I last saw Yati, and it was really go
  • Journey to Taiping and Ipoh
    The journey began on the morning of the 12th of September. The planned route would have taken us from Sitiawan, up north toward Taiping to two houses, Opah Teh and Tok Teh
  • Guess Hoos Coming to Raya?
    On the second day of Aidilfitri (September 11th), the Meis and their family came for a visit. By family we mean Mei Lin, Mei Chin, their husbands, their daughters, their p
  • Eid 2010 Group Photo
    Strangely enough, thanks to jet lag and other stuff we only got a family photo taken on the fifth night after Eid. We had to leave for Kuala Lumpur the following day. We w
  • Young Book Readers during Eid
    The most awesome thing which was agreed upon by everyone was that Irfan and Alya were friends almost from the get go. Even when Alya was grumpy, badly affected by jet lag,
  • Eid Mubarak from the Cousins
    Alya and Irfan send their Eid greetings from Sitiawan! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin, from the whole family!
  • Gamera Tears Up The Living Room
    ... or at the very least, it wishes it could. As previously mentioned Irfan seems to have taken a shine to Gamera , the giant monster turtle with awesome powers! I was loo
  • Gamera vs. Godzilla
    800th blog post! Irfan's been on a daikaiju kick lately. Checking out all the monster throwdowns on Youtube, he's decided that giant, flying, bipedal sabre-toothed tortois
  • Avian Visitor at Night
    And so it came to pass that as I was relaxing in the living room as the last glow of the setting sun disappeared, a bird flew into the house. At first it just rested on th
  • Visit to Putrajaya
    A few weeks ago before the school break ended, Irfan followed his tuition centre group on a visit to Putrajaya where they visited the botanical gardens, among other places
  • Rainy Day at the Mines
    The day after the bird park visit, there was another thing that Irfan wanted to do with his grandparents - which was to bowl. Actually the previous day we did attempt to t
  • An Exploration of the Aviary
    Atok and Opah came a-visiting for the school holidays, and one of the places Irfan wanted to go with them was the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park . It was quite huge and housed man
  • Subang Airport Pickup
    After 10 days back in Pasir Mas, Irfan's Cik Ma returned to KL by way of the old Subang Airport, which is now the new "Subang Skypark". It seemed to have transformed from
  • Irfan's Player Character Saves The Day
    Irfan played his first complete Star Wars Role-Playing Game adventure today, as everyone's favourite intrepid astromech droid Artoo-Detoo. He was awesome at figuring out s
  • Irfan Takes To The Alleys
    The bowling alley, to be precise. Thanks to Irfan's Cik Emma, we all went for a round of bowling last Sunday. Irfan was at first hesitant to pick up a bowling ball, but so
  • In My Garden, In The Shade
    My player character in Eclipse Phase is named Hokusai Tarnungshaut . He is an octopus. Specifically, he is a North Pacific Giant Octopus with an uplifted human-like intell
  • Yet Another Gathering of Old Schoolmates
    And old school, we were. The school being ACS Sitiawan. The location being the pool level of Mei Lin's apartment building. Mouseover the pics for captions.     Thanks for
  • Irfan Meets a Cat
    It's not a stray because it seems to be well-fed, not unkempt and has a collar. It's prowling the corridors outside the tenth floor. Naturally, Irfan tries his best to hav
  • Wrath Of Diabolical Water Elementals!
    While picking up Irfan from school in the very late afternoon, we were hit by a great, big thunderstorm the size of a big thunderstorm. There was a point where there was n
  • Irfan Attends Cik Ja's Engagement
    It was Irfan's aunt (or "first cousin once removed" to the rest of the English-speaking world) Cik Ja's engagement ceremony in Ipoh last Saturday. We were in attendance fo
  • Irfan Goes To Space
    Here we have Irfan sleeping soundly in zero-gee aboard the International Space Station's bunk at Low Earth Orbit after a day's work of repairing the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Even The Exhibits Mooned Me (With D6 Stats)
    Muzium Negara focuses primarily on the cultural history of this magical fantasy realm currently known to the world as "Malaysia", although some natural history of the land
  • Irfan's Fighting Fish
    Our recent foray back to Kelantan during Aidilfitri rewarded Irfan with a new responsibility. A Siamese fighting fish, given to him by his Tok Cik Mi. I told him don't, be
  • Eid Mubarak & Happy 7th Birthday
    Aidilfitri greetings to everyone from us who are spending the holidays in Pasir Mas this year. This year, our family was garbed in black on Aidilfitri morning. The next da
  • Irfan Draws Again
    Note the day-old mustache and stubble I have.
  • Irfan Wears Glasses And Stares At People
    After asking him to do a reading test on stuff all over the house, standing at a distance, we came to the realisation that Irfan's eyesight isn't good at all. We took him
  • That Is One Big John Fruit
    The last leg of the vacation was a couple of days back at Ain's kampung at Pasir Mas, Kelantan. When we arrived,Irfan's cousin Aiman and family were on their second-to-las
  • Here There Be Mountains, Ryan
    En route between Sitiawan, Perak and Pasir Mas, Kelantan we had to drive across the Titiwangsa mountain range. It was about one hundred kilometers between the towns of Ger
  • The Monkey-Swamps Of Lumut
    What are these monkeys up to? Where do they come from? Do they have insurance? It was late afternoon when Irfan, Ain and I went for a drive toward Lumut. We drove through
  • LOL! PraWNED!!!111
    Once upon a time, Atok and Opah told us of a little out of the way place named Bagan Nakhoda Omar , Harbour of Captain Omar in Anglic. Who was Nakhoda Omar and ship did he
  • A Sporting Event For Irfan's School
    Irfan handed us the letter from school early this week saying that Friday morning is sports day! The pre-school and Years 1, 2 and 3 classes' sports day to be precise. The
  • Which Shoe Is The 7-year-old's?
    So, which one of these belongs to Irfan? Maybe it's quite easy to spot thanks to the design, but there doesn't seem to be any 7-year-olds in the house with us according to
  • Aiman Joins Irfan In The Pool
    Earlier this month, Irfan's cousin Aiman came to join Irfan for a quick dunk in the pool. Ain whipped up some bihun goreng with keropok, and off we went to a mini-picnic.
  • Ashley and Her Parents Come for a Visit
    Teik Sing, Michelle and adorable little Ashley took some time to come over for dinner with us on Friday. They fly back home next Saturday. Clear skies, guys. Check out the
  • The Exercise of Vital Powers
    Another month, another new year - making this the third new year in two months. What's a new year - especially Chinese New Year - without a vital trip to the nearby FELCRA
  • Moments of Transitions
    In anticipation of Irfan's schooling days, we bought a new desk for him, which came by pretty cheap at Carrefour. After hauling the furniture, allowing it to percolate for
  • The Long, Twilight Struggle
    With preschool ending last year, it's now time for Irfan to experience actual public school education, warts and all. Waking up earlier than he is wont to, Irfan took a ba
  • Ye Olde Good Widow Village
    Breathing a little mountain air is said to do one good. So we decided to saddle up and head uphill... so we can inhale lots and lots of mountain air. 4,000 or 6,000 cm³ pe
  • Psst, Computer. Define Dancing.
      Dancing : A series of movements... ... involving two partners ... ... where speed and rhythm ... ... match harmoniously ...   ... with music.
  • Escaping the Death Star using Dice
    Once upon a time, Sila brought back with her a Star Wars: Escape the Death Star Action Figure Game , which is actually a board game with two sets of rules (an easy and an
  • Someone Played With Scissors
    So some kid, who lives in this house, who goes to kindergarten found some scissors at school. Then he decided he'd do a little experimenting with the scissors. On his hair
  • A Time of Reunion 2: The Sequel
    Last year, we had a gathering up here at the Tenth Floor. This year we found some time to coordinate another, but this time it was after Aidilfitri. So it doubled as an Ai
  • Teaching Kids to Roleplay is Only Natural
    I have been GMing some very simple scenarios with Irfan. Mostly it's been dungeon crawls through caves with traps and obstacles, trying to find his way out. Today I read t
  • Six Years Old Today
    It's September 21st again and once more it's time for Irfan's birthday. Wearing his Iron Man t-shirt a gift from Ayah Cik, he greeted the arrival of his cousin Aiman (as w
  • Packed Lunch is Packed
    After only bring in sandwiches for snacks at kindergarten, Irfan brought an awesome looking packed lunch in his schoolbag which consisted of awesome meehoon goreng that Ai
  • More Pictures Painted With A Tablet
    This time it's not me. Irfan's learned to not only draw and colour pictures digitally, but he's also learnt to use layers. I'd create a file for him with two layers, and h
  • The Parents of One Irfan Shafiq
    Irfan drew some stuff which I thought I'd put up here. Here's Irfan's Abah. And then, here's Irfan's Ummi.
  • A Conjunctivitis Onslaught
    Well, it's not really an onslaught, but Irfan's right eye seem to be suffering from viral conjunctivitis. He's home from school today with a note from the doctor, and seem
  • Irfan Moves Pieces Around The Board
    Irfan's Cik Emma got a free chessboard after a trip to the PC Fair at KLCC . So I spent a short while teaching Irfan to play chess, showing him how the various pieces move
  • The End of Aiman's First Year
    Irfan's cousin Aiman's celebrated his first birthday last Sunday. So they gladly played together after the birthday meal. Here's Irfan allowing Aiman to maul him on the fl
  • Communications As If It's Science Fiction
    Earlier today (well, about 5 minutes ago) Hisham, Ain and Irfan talked with Sila, Vin, Atok Irfan and Opah Irfan for almost an hour with one of those new-fangled tee vee p
  • On To The Far Side Of The Planet, Redux
    Irfan's grandparents left Malaysia at 2245 local time for Singapore, which is their first leg on the trip to Middletown to visit Sila. An attempt to catch the ERL from Ban
  • Irfan's NimbleX
    I'm currently running a new LiveCD within which resides the Linux operating system called NimbleX , and I'm writing this article with the Konqueror browser nestled deep wi
  • Top Incisors Have Been Extracted
    For the second time, Irfan visited the dentist with two loose upper incisors. According to the dentist, it would hurt to pull them out directly unlike before. So without f
  • Irfan's Second Sports Day
    Last Friday, Irfan had his second ever sports event at his kindergarten during this years' Teachers' Day. This time, Atok and Opah Irfan was also present for the proceedin
  • Irfan Takes Atok's Pictures
    As told previously, Irfan likes to use the camera (that is wondrously chimaeraed into the phone by wizards) to take pictures of everything. Some weeks ago, we went to Siti
  • Irfan the Photographer
    Nowadays when eating out, Irfan asks for the phone so he can scamper all over the restaurant being an avant-garde photographer of sorts. He just aims at something he likes
  • Irfan, Uncles and Anti-Gravity
    Irfan went swimming this morning at the building's swimming pool. With him went his Opah Cu and his uncles, Pak Ngah and Pak Cu. Thanks to exotic technology that manipulat
  • Irfan Gets a Diploma
    There was a ceremony today. It was organised by the owners of the kindergartens, one of which was Irfan's. So today Irfan got a diploma. Before that, though, there were a
  • Guess Who's Back In Town?
    What the title says....
  • Meanwhile At Irfan's School (or The 500th Post)
    After Aidilfitri, Irfan also had some events at school, before exam week begins. The first being his belated birthday celebration at school, which apparently everyone has.
  • ACS Kids at Aidilfitri
    At Aidilfitri Irfan met and played with a whole bunch of kids of his generation whose parent(s) were former students of ACS Sitiawan. Here are some pics of Irfan and frien
  • Irfan: Five Years After the Day
    Tonight was Irfan's 5th birthday, as can be noted via the photo of his cake below. See? It's in the shape of the number five. Five. Five candles, ah ah ah. But yeah, Ain n
  • The Old Daycare Gang
    When Irfan spent two years in daycare with his Opah Cik just across the highway in Pandan Jaya, I always meant to take a picture of him and his fellow daycare buddies but
  • Under Water And On Ground
    Last week, Atuk and Opah Irfan came a-visiting to spend some time with their favourite grandkid. (No competition... he's their only grandkid for now. Right, fellow Hishgra
  • Sneak Attack Irfan
    Here we have in the living room a pile of pillows of various shapes and sizes. You might think it's harmless and drop your guard as you unwittingly walk by this scene in t
  • Irfan's First First Cousin
    Today begins a new era in Irfan's life. He is now officially a first cousin to another human, in this case the less-than-a-day-old, yet nameless newborn son of Kak Nor & A
  • Irfan and a Friend
    I thought I'd paint a picture of Irfan and his friend, and then post it here. Check it out by clicking on the thumbnail to the left. Or you could view a much, much bigger
  • Irfan's One Utama Walkabout
    One fine day, Irfan Shafiq went a-walking about the hallways of the mall known as One Utama. Movie Carnival 2007 weekend was just around the corner. So there were plenty o
  • A Time of Reunion
    We don't get together that much these days, but when we do the survivors of the ACS Sitiawan, SPM 1990 batch, create one hell of a ruckus when we sit around the table talk
  • Irfan's Sports Day
    Precipitation did give us a break this morning. The sun shone brightly. Since we're not too far from the equator relatively, a shining sun means sweltering and scorching h
  • A Birthday At Irfan's School
    It was supposed to be sports day today at the kindergarten. Unfortunately the heavy rain had other ideas, so instead the school proceeded with the birthday party of a boy,
  • Irfan's Political Affiliation....
    ... is not really known from this photo of him, because we really have no idea which party Nathan Petrelli belongs to. But hey if you want a good quality in a congressman,
  • Irfan's Conflagration of Grandparents
    For the first time in a long time, all four of Irfan's grandparents were at the same place and time. All the way from Sitiawan, Atok & Opah Irfan travelled to Pasir Mas to
  • A Couple of Checks and He's Seaworthy
    No fear of taking a leap into the deep end of the swimming pool: check No fear of submerging his entire body and head underwater with eyes open: check Ability to stay aflo
  • But Dopey He Aint, Thankfully
    So I arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Bangalore by way of Chennai (which I was told used to be called Madras, by the way) at around 1540 hours this morni
  • Tok & Opah Irfan Comes A-visiting
    Last Saturday, my parents (also known as Irfan's Grandparents) came to spend several days with us. It was the first time, they saw Irfan all dressed up ready to go to scho
  • Irfan Goes To Kindergarten
    Today was Irfan's first day at school. He was awaken an hour earlier than usual and was thrust under a shower much to his displeasure. But after a warm bottle of milk, he
  • Irfan Breaks Teluk Batik Surf
    Tuesday morning Tok Irfan took us all to Teluk Batik, my old beach stomping ground, for a picnic. Naturally like all my old stomping grounds it doesn't look a bit like wha
  • A Snappy New Year To All
    Another Gregorian year is over. There were numerous message replies to it over text messaging, such as the fairly regular "Yep! Happy New Year!" to "I propose a moratorium
  • Irfan Gets Wet at Ulu Langat
    Sometime after noon and after Ain made mi goreng , we took a drive to the back end of Ampang, went over the hill and headed for Ulu Langat for a picnic. It would be a perf
  • Irfan Goes To School - After A Fashion
    Irfan is now registered as a Standard 1 student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pandan Indah. He is in fact the 32nd student to be registered at the school for the 2009 intake. Ther
  • After That We Took Some Pictures
    A belated Eid Mubarak from Ain's kampung at Pondok Lubok Tapah, Pasir Mas. We spent a week here, and had plenty of good food to eat. The morning of Aidilfitri, Tok Ma made
  • On To The Far Side Of The Planet
    Tok and Opah Irfan boarded the flight that would take them to Singapore, then hopskip to Tokyo, Chicago and finally Cincinnati where Ayah Cik and Cik Dik would be waiting
  • Irfan at Centrepoint
    Centrepoint Bandar Utama, that is. While waiting for his mother to finish work, Irfan took the time doing his usual thing, running about amongst the greenery and going up
  • Exactly Four Years Ago Today...
    ... Irfan Shafiq was born just before 5 p.m. in the maternity ward at Kuala Lumpur Hospital. He caused his mother to be stuck at the hospital for almost 12 hours before fi
  • Kachow!
    After months of using other vehicles as substitute of Lightning McQueen from his favourite movie when playing with his toys, Irfan will finally get the real deal thanks to
  • Abang Long's Wedding
    Last weekend we were back in Sitiawan where Abang Long, the second cousin of Sila and I, had his wedding in Kampung Permatang. The bunga manggar above marks the occasion o
  • Irfan Gets a Haircut
    Today I acquired the means to extract the photos in my cell phone, which have been percolating in its memory for almost two months. Some time last month, we took Irfan for
  • Irfan In Pasir Mas Once Again
    Irfan's grandfather was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago and we would have been there sooner to visit if not for work and exam (as mentioned in the previous entr
  • Today The Light Switch...
    ... Tomorrow the world!!! Earlier today Irfan realised that he has a new super power: the ability to reach any high switch on the wall with his hands (albeit on tippy toes
  • Irfan Around Lumut
    Last weekend, we were back in Sitiawan to attend a couple of kenduri s. On Monday, Irfan's grandparents decided to take us to Teluk Batik and Lumut. It was great, but the
  • Brief Pahang Incursion
    Ain's good friend from Univerity Malaya, Jalilah, got married last Saturday. It was, of course, another Family Trip to parts unknown; this time to FELDA Lepar Hilir 1 in t
  • Exsanguination Day at the Mall
    Because Irfan's Cik Emma missed having her blood drained out of her body, we took a drive to nearby Cheras Leisure Mall where a blood donation drive was underway last Satu
  • There's A Dragon In The House
    Half past ten post meridian equals no sunlight or its dim red afterglow outdoors. Thus if lights are out indoors, it's dark. Last night we were about to go to sleep when I
  • The Amazing Hisham and Son Balancing Team
  • Irfan's Cycling Saturday
    Thanks to Irfan's Tok and Opah, he now has a brand new bicycle with which he would rule the world. Or at the very least the play area at the KLCC park. Quite eager to try
  • Sometimes I Swear...
    ... minus the dog and the rice wine, this show is Irfan, Ain & I turned into a Japanese cartoon. Even down to Irfan pronouncing words wrong hilariously.
  • Another of Irfan's Uncles A-visiting
    Tonight was the first time Irfan met his Uncle Kok Soon, my former schoolmate from way back when Knight Rider was on TV, and perhaps even before. Irfan immediately took a
  • Opah Irfan's Wayward Purse
    We only noticed it when Ain got off the car to buy some drinks in Kuala Kangsar. It was on Ain's seat, hidden beneath her when she sat. It was a small coin purse labeled A
  • Irfan Goes To MIAT
    Today Irfan's youngest aunt, his Cik Su F, enrolled in MIAT . In three and a half years, she will be graduating with a Diploma in Aviation Maintenance Technology (Avionics
  • Home Sweet Home, After A Fashion
    We're back on the tenth floor of this apartment building. The tiles on the bathroom floor are coming apart. The extra room still reeks of termite poison . We have the smal
  • Eid Mubarak from Sitiawan
    Eid Mubarak, and Selamat Hari Raya from Irfan Shafiq, Khairul Hisham and Nurul Ain. Here are some family photos from the morning of the first day of Aidilfitri. Present ar
  • Irfan Goes To Opah Cu's House
    Earlier this year, when we were in Sitiawan we went Irfan's Opah Cu's house in Ipoh, the capital of Perak. As usual, upon arriving at a brand new location for him, Irfan t
  • Irfan Cuts His Cake and Eats It Too
    "I want to eat the Happy Birthday Cake!" Irfan begged for hours after seeing the number three-shaped vanilla cake with the Tigger-esque toon on it. He wasn't getting it un
    The two new grandmothers, September 2002. Three years ago, Irfan Shafiq was born at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Within that three years, he's given not just his mother
  • Irfan Goes To The Zoo
    Last Sunday, Irfan (along with a bunch of family members) went to the zoo! Here's a series of photos that came out of our little zoo trip. The crew lead by Irfan walks by
  • He Seems To Be Developing A Sense of Style
    Yesterday, Irfan and I took a drive to the Ulu Langat district, where it was serene, green and a winding stream shadowed the road for miles. It was just him and I in the c
  • Irfan's Aunt Emma's Graduation
    As was reported in an earlier post, we were all at Universiti Malaya for Emma's graduation ceremory. Irfan's grandparents along with assorted uncles and aunts were there f
  • More Like His Old Man By The Day
    There were thousands of humans swarming the area before the Dewan Tunku Canseler in Universiti Malaya today. I swear if I didn't know there were individual consciousness b
  • Irfan's Birthday Present from ABC TV
    Apparently ABC has a birthday surprise for Irfan's 3rd birthday this year. They'll be airing the Lost second season opener on September 21st . Hooray! More answers to our
  • Excursion to KLCC
    Today we went to KLCC for a picnic. Irfan, as usual, went straight for the extensive playground they have there, running up and sliding down the play structures. Later, I
  • KLIA June 2005
    Their time in Malaysia had come and gone. Vin and Sila left the country, back to their own lives in the United States last night. It had been a fantastic month, and we wer
  • A Stay At The Hilton: Another Photojournal
    For the last year or so, after sending Irfan to day care, we drive to work together. After the construction of Hilton KL Sentral, we drive past it every morning. Sometimes
  • Sila's Wedding: A Photojournal
    Herein lies a selection of pictures of Sila & Vin's wedding.
  • KLIA May 2005
    11.15 pm was Sila and Vin's arrival time at KLIA from Cincinnati, by way of LA and Incheon. We went with two cars, because Sila's message was quite explicit: "Need empty c
  • Irfan As A Star Wars Planet
    Irfan has a planet officially named after him in the Star Wars universe. Specifically, a gas giant in the Vaxal system. Third planet of the system, with seven moons orbiti
  • Ain's Graduation Aug 2003
    In August 2003, a thousand families flocked to Universiti Malaya to see a family member graduate. Ours were there to see Ain graduate (with a 11-month old Irfan in tow), f
  • Irfan the Water Baby
    At two and a half years old, Irfan has absolutely no fear of water. Unbidden, he will kick off his shoes, run to the edge of the pool, do a little sing and dance routine (
  • Picture of a Second Birthday
    Last September, Irfan celebrated his second birthday by eviscerating a cake as seen in the attached image. This year perhaps we'll celebrate his third by watching Firefly.

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