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  • Childhood Friends vs Chicken Wings
    I called up Nazri to find out if he was in town for Eid and discovered that a bunch of folks from school were. There was a plan to meet up later that night at Aeon, at a c
  • Salam Aidilfitri from Sitiawan Again
    Semalat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Eid Mubarak from the ol' hometown. From the our household, who are spending the Eid at Irfan's Atok and Opah's place. We drove home from
  • Dinner with Tsing and Michelle
    Tsing, Michelle and their kids visited us for dinner last night. Having us as one of their regular stops during their vacation never fails to warm my heart. The last time
  • A Bunch of Boys Bled on Boulders By the Beach
    by Khairul Hisham Note : This essay is slightly edited from a 1000 word assignment for Professional Writing 1: Core Competency submitted last Sunday June 30. The story is
  • Schoolmates From A Thousand Generations Ago
    Nowadays when I return to Sitiawan for Chinese New Year, I rarely get to meet old ACS classmates. It's because either they're away at the in-laws, or their family has move
  • Wotsit?
    Back in secondary school, for some reason that I can't recall anymore we suddenly had this bat as our mascot so to speak. Its name, Wotsit the Confused Bat , also popped u
  • Yati Comes a-Calling
    On the fifth day of Aidilfitri (September 14th), my old friend Yati stopped by for a quick Hari Raya visit: It had been a while since I last saw Yati, and it was really go
  • Guess Hoos Coming to Raya?
    On the second day of Aidilfitri (September 11th), the Meis and their family came for a visit. By family we mean Mei Lin, Mei Chin, their husbands, their daughters, their p
  • The Ting Sisters
    It's now 2010, and it's exactly 30 years since I first met Teik Sing in Standard 1. We were a year younger than Irfan is now. They're back on vacation from Sydney and we w
  • Yet Another Gathering of Old Schoolmates
    And old school, we were. The school being ACS Sitiawan. The location being the pool level of Mei Lin's apartment building. Mouseover the pics for captions.     Thanks for
  • Ashley's Sister Emma Auspiciously Arrives
    Let's all welcome young Emma-Grace Ting ChangXin who was born on 26th October, at 3.555 kg and 51.5 cm. News has it her big sister Ashley-Joan has already requested to car
  • Ashley and Her Parents Come for a Visit
    Teik Sing, Michelle and adorable little Ashley took some time to come over for dinner with us on Friday. They fly back home next Saturday. Clear skies, guys. Check out the
  • Objects At Rest
    Comrades, some since Standard 1 in ACS Sitiawan way back when the town had one main road running into it and there were swathes of rubber trees between small clusters of h
  • A Time of Reunion 2: The Sequel
    Last year, we had a gathering up here at the Tenth Floor. This year we found some time to coordinate another, but this time it was after Aidilfitri. So it doubled as an Ai
  • Manjung District Scout House
    Being in the 1st Troop Manjung of the Scouts was great. Some memorable experiences while there. A bunch of us sometimes went down to the district Scout House on Fridays to
  • Chinese New Year, Sitiawan... Some Time Ago
    The Nineties kind of rushed by me, as if I can't wait to be somewhere but it looks more, as time goes by, like I will not be reaching there anytime soon. So a lot of the d
  • A New Baby For Hanim and Awie
    Young Aisyah has a new brother! Abdul Qayyum bin Mohd Zawawi was born to Hanim and Awie at 0715 hours on the 22nd of April. We went a-visiting the newborn and his family a
  • The Return of Ashley Joan Ting... and Parents
    On his birthday I got a call from Teik Sing. He's back in town for the Chinese New Year, accompanied by Michelle and a nearly 1 year old Ashley Joan. We met up for lunch a
  • Perth - Part 4
    It's now our third day in Perth, and it is one day before EJ and Indra's wedding. We start off the day when EJ came to pick us up in a rental van. We then drive down to Co
  • Perth - Part 3
    After our nice outing, we hung out some more with EJ until he dropped us off at Mei's place - he was off to the airport to pick up some more people. Can you guess who they
  • Perth - Part 2
    After a good night's sleep, Vin and I were ready to tackle the first full day in Perth. While poor Mei and Colin had to go to work, EJ picked us up and took us to see the
  • Perth - Part 1
    Just a short entry on our arrival in Australia. We arrived in the late afternoon in Perth, and my best friend Mei picked us up from the airport. We stuffed the luggage and
  • Malaysia Trip - Part I
    I know I've been quiet. I don't know why but somehow I sort of slipped into a bit of a hibernation period. I haven't really done very much, haven't swept the floors either
  • ACS Kids at Aidilfitri
    At Aidilfitri Irfan met and played with a whole bunch of kids of his generation whose parent(s) were former students of ACS Sitiawan. Here are some pics of Irfan and frien
  • Pacific Northwest: Part IX (Journey to Vancouver)
    I know, it's been a long time and I haven't finished posting our Pacific Northwest story. Here's the next installation. Just a quick recap to remind everyone where we were
  • Pacific Northwest: Part VIII (Addendum: Artsy Seattle)
    Now that my little spate of patriotism is over, and it's September (Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! And YAAAAY to Monday being a holiday!), a little addendum to day we s
  • Pacific Northwest: Part VII (Walking Around Seattle)
    After the Space Needle , the first thing we did was get ourselves an early lunch at the Bite of Seattle. It's a big food fair where tons of local restaurants manned little
  • Pacific Northwest: Part VI (Seattle and the Space Needle)
    I meant to blog more over the weekend but I got distracted with other stuff (don't even ask me what because I can't seem to account for too much of the time, except I did
  • Pacific Northwest: Part V (Lavender Farm and Back to Seattle)
    So many things to blog about, so little time to actually do it! Picking up the travel from the Dungeness Spit , we drove east to Kingston to catch the ferry back to Seattl
  • Pacific Northwest: Part IV (Dungeness Spit)
    After our disappointing Hurricane Ridge outing, we had to recover so we opted for an early lunch. We were planning to have a big sushi-buffet feast for dinner, so if I rec
  • Pacific Northwest: Part II (Rialto Beach)
    After the wet Rainforest adventure, we relaxed and napped in our room before going out to dinner. Vincent recommended the Smokehouse, a little outside of downtown Forks. T
  • Pacific Northwest: Part I (Hoh Rainforest)
    Last month, we packed our bags and took a flight to Seattle, WA for an almost week-long Pacific Northwest extravaganza. We met up with our friend Vincent (a citizen of Glo
  • A Time of Reunion
    We don't get together that much these days, but when we do the survivors of the ACS Sitiawan, SPM 1990 batch, create one hell of a ruckus when we sit around the table talk
  • Hawaii Day 3 - Hanauma Bay and an Old Friend
    The morning of our third day in Hawaii was bright and sunny. We enjoyed yet another marvelous buffet breakfast at the Rainbow Lanai, then we packed our stuff and headed ou
  • Best Text Message I Got Today
    Not 2 minutes ago I received the best text message today. Heck, it even might be the best text message for the last couple of weeks. It conveyed a sense of joy. I can't st
  • Lunch With Nanda
    Nandakumar has been a good friend of mine since I was 14. Form 2 was when this newcomer to Sitiawan traipsed into our classroom and sat close to me along with the usual su
  • Early Morning Raid at the PC Fair
    Well, to be honest it wasn't that early in the morning. It was about 10AM. And it wasn't a raid as it was us moving slowly through the computer exhibition picking out stuf
  • First There Was Lunch, Then It Rained
    Today, Teik Sing, Ahbau & I went out for lunch, just because. We had nasi lemak ayam madu and talked some. The restaurant is situated near the Glenmarie industrial park's
  • More Tales of Connectivity
    I've been chatting online for more almost four years. I've chatted with acquaintances that have now become really good friends (although I've never met most any of them, a
  • Great Expectations
    I leant of a very heartwarming news yesterday when I was having lunch with Tern Lik (or Tem Lik as his business card erroneously states, heh). Irfan's Uncle Teik Sing and
  • European Adventure IX: Bournemouth
    This is the final part of our European Adventure. After saying goodbye to Joanne in Leeds, we drove back to London. It was Friday, May 26th, and we were to fly home on Sun
  • European Adventure II: Stonehenge and Salisbury
    To continue our European adventure, Mei took a day off work and we went gallivanting around England while poor Colin had to work. We went to Stonehenge and Salisbury. Ston
  • European Adventure I: Surrey and London
    Recently, Vin and I went on a 16-day vacation to Europe. We went to a few countries, visited with many friends and for the first time ever, I travelled around the European
  • What I Miss Most About Sitiawan
    What I miss most about Sitiawan can be summed up thusly: I miss watching movies (at the big screen and home theatre) and discussing them from a geek's point of view. I mis
  • Another of Irfan's Uncles A-visiting
    Tonight was the first time Irfan met his Uncle Kok Soon, my former schoolmate from way back when Knight Rider was on TV, and perhaps even before. Irfan immediately took a
  • Midnight Jaunt to Lumut
    At midnight we went for drinks at the Lumut Waterfront cafe, on the newly reclaimed land on Dindings River opposite of Kampung Acheh. At nearly midnight the well-lit playg
  • CNY at Teik Sing's House
    This afternoon, Ain, Irfan and I went to Teik Sing's house to celebrate New Year. The last time the former ACS students of SPM 1990 gathered together was during Independen
  • Comrade Is Not Fallen: An Update
    A former school classmate Sockalingam, upon reading my past entry on Vernon Netto , did some investigation on his own and returned with some good news. In an email dated J
  • Another Fallen Comrade?
    January 13 Update: A follow up to the contents of this entry can be found here . I checked this blog's statistics this morning. Hits from search engines are always fun, be
  • Almost Aidilfitri?
    Well not exactly. Another two months. So, for no reason in particular, here's another pic of old ACS Sitiawan buddies; this time gathering at my house for Aidilfitri, and
  • What Happened on Independence Day 2005?
    What happened was that a bunch of my old classmates and I (with some of our family) met at 1 Utama mall in Bandar Utama. We then proceeded to the open air Rainforest locat
  • Pangkor 1992: Fu Lin Kong Temple
    I was back on vacation from studies at the end of 1992 when Woon Seong, Shahar and I went on a trip to Pangkor. It was disconcerting times in those days, when I haven't se
  • Hockey Time at ACS Sitiawan
    PE time in ACS Sitiawan during our time was usually the PE teacher asking us football or hockey, or if you're an Amerikaner, soccer or field hockey . I remember 70% of the
  • Camping in ACS 1986
    Back in 1986, when I was a First Former, and a Scout, the yearly school session were divided into three terms. During the two term holidays of that year, 1st Troop Manjung
  • Blackfoot Country - Kampung Acheh
    Kampung Acheh used to be an isolated spot for my buddies and I to spend weekends. Thick mangrove swamp, mudskippers and crabs scuttling on the mud and sometimes, a hint of
  • Pangkor Island
    As teenagers, my schoolbuds and I liked very much going on camping trips to the beaches and sometimes the islands near our hometown of Sitiawan. The most famous tourist sp
  • Sathya Gets Married
    One fine 2003 day, we attended Sathya's wedding. Sigh. Let's see what pictures we have.

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