Rafe's 13 Month Birthday

29 January 2013 | sila | | Family Pics

Another month, another very late blog entry! Again, we give thanks to the gods of backdated entries (whee!).

Drooly cutie pie

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EOTE: Irfan Escapes Mos Shuuta

27 January 2013 | Hisham | | Edged By The Empire, RPG Actual Play, RPG Irfan Plays, Role Playing Games, Star Wars

Edged by the Empire

Episode 01 Escape From Mos Shuuta

During the events of the previous blog entry, the GOKL gang also presented me with an early birthday: A Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game boxed set.

Teh books

At first the Star Wars RPG used the D6 system when it was licensed to West End Games. Then it used the d20 system when it was with Wizards of the Coast. The latest role-playing game to be adapted from Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games now uses the special dice with symbols instead of numbers, much like the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd edition.

You'd think it'd be complicated, but when I ran it the Beginner Game's scenario entitled "Escape From Mos Shuuta" for Irfan it felt easy enough after we both got the hang of the rules. At some points Irfan was interpreting the dice rolls faster than I was.

This is the face of a hardened space smuggler

Night's Black Agents: The Little Prince Job

25 January 2013 | Hisham | | GOKL Actual Play, Nights Black Agents, RPG Actual Play, Role Playing Games

Maulidurrasul, a national holiday, fell on a Thursday, and the GOKL guys invited me to play the new GUMSHOE system RPG Night's Black Agents. The venue was at Doug's new place which was not 3 klicks way from me along a straight road. I was happy to join them.

Night's Black Agents allow players to roleplay spies in a contemporary setting... where vampires exist in the shadows, and some of them call the shots.

The GOKL gang

The group consisted of Shiina "Misha" Mikado the Japanese grifter and heavy hitter, Jacob Novazembla the Dutch hacker, Sami Härkönen the Finnish grunt and me, Zlatan Kljujic the Bosnian driver. We had been called to the Stafford London, a hotel at Saint James's Place, which was across the way from Buckingham Palace by Air Marshal Morgan Prince of the British Ministry of Defence.


Another Ain Birthday

24 January 2013 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Last night, Cik Ma & Cik Su took us out for Ain's belated birthday dinner!

Sometimes I can't believe I've known Ain for so long and it seems like we've only met yesterday. But most of the times, I'm grateful for her and I know why life put her by my side. For her strength and resilience, I can't see anyone else in that position.

Happy birthday, Bini jadi.

Awaiting the chicken to arrive
Tri-Stat dX
Cik Ma & Cik Su

And thanks for the chicken, Cik Ma & Cik Su!


54 Months

22 January 2013 | sila | | Family Pics

And so Yaya is officially four and a half! 54 months! Where did all the time go? My little baby isn't so little anymore!

Happy girl

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Shane Goes To Star Wars Identities

19 January 2013 | Hisham | | Friends, Star Wars
Huh, Albertan Snow!

As mentioned in the Star Trek exhibition post downriver, my brother from another mother and hemisphere Shane went and visited Star Wars Identities exhibition at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton. Shane gave me permission to feature photos from his expedition into the world of Star Wars miniatures, maquettes, concept art and costumes.

Which gives me a reason to post more Star Wars photos on this blog for the lulz.



D6 Magazine 5: The Space Opera Issue

16 January 2013 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

The community driven D6 Magazine issue 5 has been released by Wicked North Games. This is the space opera issue with lots of space-based scenarios and stats for the Open D6 game system.

Six pieces of artwork were commissioned from me for two articles.

The first three are used for the scenario Outpost 1717, a sci-fi horror adventure written by Peter Schweighofer.

Escape from a space maelstrom

Click on the thumbnail above for a larger view of the space scene.


The one with the (second) first birthday party

14 January 2013 | sila | | Family Pics

So two weeks (and a day) after Adik's first birthday we had a small gathering of friends and neighbors at our home, to celebrate Adik's birthday (again!).

Another party! Yay!

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Irfan Treks to an Exhibition

09 January 2013 | Hisham | | Family Pics, Misc Sci-Fi

Irfan went to the National Science Centre.

Star Trek the Exhibition was being housed there for the time being. Shane managed to go to Star Wars Identities which looked better, but I takes what I gets.

They didn't beam us aboard, we had to walk up the steps and push the door open. Thankfully, this procedure did not need the use of a Heisenberg compensator.


Weekend Babbies

06 January 2013 | Hisham | | Family Pics

The past weekend was a weekend of babbies. On both Saturday and Sunday, we went visiting a family event at a relative's place. And at each place there was a cousin for Irfan to play with.

Saturday: Nuraz Aariz

Ain's cousin Akram held a housewarming makan-makan at their place. Although the feast was held at the condominium's rec house by the pool, we went down to their house to meet young Nuraz Aariz.

He was so excited, and had to be reminded that the makan-makan for him is milk, and not Ain's face.


SWD6: Our First RPG Session Ever

04 January 2013 | Hisham | | Enteague Chronicles, RPG Actual Play, Role Playing Games, Star Wars

Shanna Toarinar is on the coverIt was way back in 1989 when I received my first tabletop RPG, the first edition Star Wars The Roleplaying Game and the Star Wars Sourcebook by West End Games. I read through the rules and thought, let's try this out. I didn't even start with "Rebel Breakout", the introductory adventure that came in the book. I took a school exercise book and created a maze of corridors and rooms and thought, "Okay, this'll make a great Imperial space station interior." Actually the map wouldn't make a lick of sense as a military installation, but it was my first try.

Sila decided to be a bounty hunter and rolled up a player character whom she named Shanna Toarinar, and she went on to play Shanna for another ten years in realtime thereafter. And the campaign would go on for many years until I was able to fill out a sourcebook using story elements from different sessions.

Shanna was a bounty hunter who wears dark combat fatigues, grey flak armour, arm greaves and shin guards. Her parents were killed by Imperial stormtroopers when she was five and now she only hunted Imperial targets.

Episode 01 Trial Run

Shanna arrived at a secret Imperial space station orbiting the planet Sirsee. Deciding that she would have better luck hunting and killing Imperials, she had decided to join the Rebel Alliance. But as a trial of her skills, she was given a mission to retrieve a stolen prototype A-Wing fighter. This fighter's computer had encrypted plans and schematics for a new X-Wing extended range variant. The A-Wing was located on this station.

She arrived at the station hidden on a Lambda-class shuttle. Although she succeeded in sneaking off the shuttle as it was refueling, a remote sensor in the hangar bay registered her motion. Klaxons blared and the station went to full alert status much to her annoyance.

A scout trooper spotted her immediately and tried to stop her, but she put a bolt on the scout's chest armour via her long, slender custom blaster rifle. She slipped out of the bay, crept throughout the cramped corridors and reach a blast door. A bored stormtrooper was guarding it. She snuck past him and crossed the blast door threshold.


Irfan Meets Cousin Zara

01 January 2013 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Zara Arissa, sister of Aiman, arrived 21 days before 2013 did, so we took a trip to visit the young one at Pasir Mas. Unlike her brother we couldn't be there to greet her at the hospital because of distance. When we arrived, she was sleeping soundly and safely swaddled.

Hello baby