Illustration Friday: Clean

29 July 2006 | Hisham | | Artwork

A visual study of the juxtaposition of a gigantic, filthy garbage monster with a sparkling clean jeweled goblet upon its hand, its most prized possession. For some reason, it is the one thing in its collection which it keeps spotlessly clean.

Woohoo! I get to use the word "juxtaposition" once again! Still no opportunity for the word "curbstomp", "mandelbrot" nor "ragamuffin".


More Tales of Connectivity

28 July 2006 | Hisham | | ACS Memories

I've been chatting online for more almost four years. I've chatted with acquaintances that have now become really good friends (although I've never met most any of them, and you know who you are, ya maggots), and I'm also in IM contact with some of my old schoolmates, but I have never had any real time internet contact with my old classmates from ACS, the SPM 1990 people, the guys who were my friends since primary and secondary school.

All that changed today. I was online on Skype with Teik Sing, Woon Seong and Tern Lik today, and it wouldn't be the last. I've already sent out a general call to the rest of the gang on our Yahoo Groups and Mei Lin's already answered.

We'll have more joining us, I hope. We've been maintaining our network of friends after more than 20 years and now it looks like we'll be moving into the realm of real time internet media.

I have nothing more to say about this. Except maybe laugh evilly.


Great Expectations

25 July 2006 | Hisham | | ACS Memories

I leant of a very heartwarming news yesterday when I was having lunch with Tern Lik (or Tem Lik as his business card erroneously states, heh). Irfan's Uncle Teik Sing and Aunt Michelle are expecting a baby! Michelle's been pregnant 8 weeks.

I can't believe Teik Sing and I played in school when we were seven and now our kids will have the opportunity to play with each other.

Congratulations to Teik Sing and Michelle! It's going to be one thrilling ride.


Optimus Prime is Optimus Prime Once Again

22 July 2006 | Hisham | | Transformers, Trawling The Net

So here's what Moriarty from Ain't It Cool News has to report from ComicCon:

ComicCon News!! TRANSFORMERS Announcement! The Voice Of Optimus Prime Is...

Music Of My Choice In The Car Again

20 July 2006 | Hisham | | Recent News

The cassette player in my car hasn't been functioning for quite a long time, and I don't have a CD player aboard. So I have been at the mercy of whatever the radio stations been churning out should I want to listen to music in the car.

But from yesterday, all that have changed. I am now able to listen to stuff I want to whenever I want to.


Summer Vacation On Zeltros

16 July 2006 | Hisham | | Artwork, Star Wars

SWAG's Theme Art Contest for this month is in the bag, with two points in mind:

1. Terras' title suggestion, which is My First Summer Vacation on the Planet Zeltros.

2. Darren's suggestion of using Team: Sabredart imagery once again.


Ruminations of Superman Returns

13 July 2006 | Hisham | | Movie Review

Superman Returns
I went in to watch Superman Returns with high expectations and I got what I deserved, I guess. It was quite a decent movie, but it isn't as epic as i thought it would be.

First the non-spoilerific thoughts:


Job Done - Heading Home

12 July 2006 | Hisham | | Recent News

I forgot to mention in the previous post that Sam and I spent the night at Ambhara hotel. It was quite a comfortable place to stay, with a shopping mall (whose name escapes me for now) right across the street from it. For some reason we were too lethargic when we arrived all we could do after ordering room service - I ordered the nasi goreng pelangi - is fall asleep until sundown.

That night our contact met up with us at the cafe downstairs for the next day's big meeting preparation, then Sam and I went to the mall across the street where he had bakso and I had nasi goreng omelette. I had no idea it was nasi goreng dumped on a humungous omelette - which was delicious, so I ain't complaining.


Meanwhile In Indonesia

10 July 2006 | Hisham | | Recent News
Greetings from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Arrived this morning, I'll be here until tomorrow for a presentation concerning work and work-related work stuff. The good news is I got some pictures. The bad news is that the pictures were only taken when we reached our hotel room.

European Adventure IX: Bournemouth

09 July 2006 | sila | | Family Pics

This is the final part of our European Adventure. After saying goodbye to Joanne in Leeds, we drove back to London. It was Friday, May 26th, and we were to fly home on Sunday morning, the 28th. The drive back to London was smooth until we hit the M25 (the ring road around London). It was about 2:30 in the afternoon but Monday was a bank holiday, so we hit the rush hour. Everybody left early in order to start the long weekend. So it took us about 2 hours to get from getting on the M25 to Surrey, and I was cursing under my breath the entire time.


Beast Wars - A Series Review

07 July 2006 | Hisham | | Transformers, TV
Rattrap,Optimus Primal, Rhinox and Cheetor... no-prize for guessing who's whoIt was just past the mid-90s. X-Files was at its prime on TV and there was news of a brand new CGI Transformers series that will be airing on TV. Being an 80s child, the original Transformers series was one of the shows I followed fanatically. The thought of giant alien robots being able to hide among us in the form of Porsches, Lamborghinis, Lancia Stratos and VW Beetles was very exciting to me and my friends.

But after reading the synopsis of Beast Wars Transformers my interest waned. What's so hot about robots being able to transform into Earth animals on an supposedly uninhabited alien planet? Why is there even a need to hide?

I passed on the pilot. But sometime during the middle of the first season, I happened to catch an episode, thanks to the proddings of my friend Ishak.

Travel Trivia

05 July 2006 | sila | | Trawling The Net

So I was reading Lilian's iFantabulous site, and she posted a little map that was generated based on the countries you've visited. Of course, I had to try it too. Unfortunately, I have only been to 8 countries! Yikes!

Here's what my map looks like:


European Adventure VIII: Return to England (Grantham, York, Leeds)

05 July 2006 | sila | | Family Pics

After almost a week of hot sunny days in Spain, we flew back to England from Malaga. We arrived at Gatwick and it was raining cats and dogs. What a welcome, eh? :)

We made our way back to Mei's place, and that evening we went to a barbeque with Mei and Colin and met a bunch of people from their diving club. Unfortunately no pictures of the barbeque because a) it was night time and b) it was still pouring rain. It's true - the English barbeque in all weather!!


Illustration Friday: Sticky

04 July 2006 | Hisham | | Artwork

One more Illustration Friday piece... and it's really supposed to be a reminder of what I'm supposed to be doing this week.

A virtual Post-it note. Hee.


European Adventure VII: Malaga - Departure

03 July 2006 | sila | | Family Pics

After a long delay of finishing up the chronicles of our European Adventure, finally I'm back to do the last few entries. After our fun time in Jaen, it was time to head back to Malaga where we would spend one last night in Spain before heading back to England.


Today The Light Switch...

02 July 2006 | Hisham | | Family Pics, Recent News

Switches are attractive items... Tomorrow the world!!!

Earlier today Irfan realised that he has a new super power: the ability to reach any high switch on the wall with his hands (albeit on tippy toes). So all morning he's been all over the house flipping switches. Lights. Fan. Forcefields. Directed-energy weapons. Life support systems.

But the best thing all week has been his newfound skill of asking to use the toilet when required. Many thanks to Irfan's Tok & Opah for teaching their grandson while Ain & I were at work last week.