Salam Aidilfitri from Sitiawan Again

29 July 2014 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Semalat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Eid Mubarak from the ol' hometown.

From the our household, who are spending the Eid at Irfan's Atok and Opah's place. We drove home from KL at 2am.

Everyone except Ayah Cik, Cik Dik, Yaya and Adik! Whom we all miss.

Lumut promenade at the waterfront was all lit up and filled with merry makers and street vendors.

Irfan met Qayyum and they talked about the Transformers. They also saw Transformers the Movie.

The last day before we left, there was a gathering of old ACS schoolmates at Nazri's house. I met old friends I've not seen in more than 25 years!

We casted off early for our journey back toward KL at 3am.


Santhe Security Space Trooper

26 July 2014 | Hisham | | Role Playing Games, Star Wars

Once upon a time I designed and drew a Santhe Security Space Trooper just in case any Star Wars RPG game master would like to run a corporate shenanigans campaign involving a Santhe Corporation or Santhe Security.

Taking a look at it recently I thought that it looked like balls:

Looks real bad.

So I thought I'd whip up a new one.

Santhe-Sienar Corp shenanigans?

Tendaar in Disguise

25 July 2014 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games, Star Wars

Last week, Tendaar the Mon Calamari (from the Age of Rebellion Beginner Box) played by Ivan snuck into Whisper Base wearing an awesome disguise.

I wasn't able to participate in the session but Ivan commissioned an artwork of the pregenerated character in his new disguise. I thought the helmet sells the disguise very well.

The original Fantasy Flight Games Tendaar artwork by Mike Nash can be seen here.

There goes Whisper Base...

72 Months (a.k.a the sixth birthday!)

23 July 2014 | sila | | Family Pics

And so the girl is now six years old! 72 months old! Hurrah!!

My big six-year-old

* Mouse over the pictures for captions


Iftar at Some Place Fancy

23 July 2014 | Hisham | | Family Pics, Food

We rarely ate out for iftar this year. So we thought we'd go to the Kluang Station restaurant before Ramadhan was over. The Kluang Station restaurant was nearby and not in Kluang; though I've been to the Kluang Station restaurant in Kluang.

Ain headed there after work to get some groceries. Irfan and I rendezvoused with her there after Maghrib for dinner after breaking our fast first.

It took a while for the special iftar buffet to end before we could order ala carte.

I got some seafood broth and AIn had nasi lemak.

Irfan had a burger.

Irfan loved that burger.


Iftar at Irfan's School

20 July 2014 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Irfan's school raised enough money to build a dedicated surau not just for the students and staff, but is open for the public. We attended its opening ceremony which also had Maghrib, Isha' and Tarawikh prayers.

The school principle was on hand with the PTA president to commemorate the event with a a plaque.

There was a tazkirah by an uztadh from Al Hijrah TV station.

For iftar, we broke fast with some dates, then we performed Maghrib prayers before having a meal.

After that it was time for Isha', Tarawikh and Witr prayers. The surau is a comfortable sanctuary, which Irfan has used for Zuhur prayers before coming home after school during Ramadhan. Hope he uses it a lot more before the end of the school year.



14 July 2014 | Hisham | | Artwork, Comics
Barbara Gordon

I drew Babs.

Specifically the new Batgirl costume designed by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr.

Also, yay! 1300th entry!


The Blasphemous Bookcase at the 10th Floor

06 July 2014 | Hisham | | Books, Family Pics

The bookcase was getting messier and messier. So Ain thought it was time for a bookcase cleaning. I helped, but I also took some photos.

All these books below were all over the place. I thought this cleanup would be a good time to put them all together on one shelf.Maybe I'll call it the Legends shelf. *snerk*

The Star Wars Trek

Here are more photos of the selection of novels we have on the shelves. Some of these books I bought myself, but more than 60% of these belongs to Sila, which she bought during or just after college. She brought back home loads for me to read. I have yet to read them all. Also, most of her books are back in our home library in Sitiawan and not with me.

Is that a Doctor Who book without the Doctor?

This is a Vancian book, this is:


Westward Comp Copy!

01 July 2014 | Hisham | | Books, Role Playing Games

A package arrived the other day...

Roger Bochs of Alpha Flight

... from Brett Pisinski of Wicked North Games. It be the complimentary copy of Westward RPG! Westward is a game of steampunk western game setting  on an human-colonized extrasolar planet after the colony ship Chrysalis drifted for decades and came to rest here.

Using the Cinema 6 system, players and gamemasters play and create adventures around humans whose ancestors were marooned on the planet Westward centuries ago. Lack of conventional power generation has created new technology that uses exotic local minerals and steam to build airships and steam-powered mech. Politics of the cities and settlements make for great conflict for players to embroil themselves in. And backstabbing politics, feral humans, deadly alien creatures and lethal hazards await adventurers in the waterless badlands of Westward.

Cover and

Also in the package is a handy GM screen.

A shield of some sort - from feral players no doubt

The image below is something I'd never thought would happen. On the left, my artwork. On the right, art made by Mike Vilardi, who has been my favourite Star Wars RPG artist for more than twenty years! I can't believe I'm published in the same game as Mike is! I'm still trying to be an official Star Wars artist myself.

Bucket list, minus one

Here are some of my location artwork created digitally!

digital colours

Here are some of my creature artwork created traditionally! Actual inks and watercolours!

analog pixels

Some playable character template artwork beautifully done by Ryan Rhodes. There are a lot of interesting character templates you can play in the Westward setting.

Asok Yeesrim's great designs and colour palette

Gennifer Bone did a ton of tech designs from hand equipment to weapons to trains to steamechs to airships! 

A "Delimbitnator" is an awesome name

Here's her one of her drawing of a steamech. There are more in the book!

A variant of this suit is on the cover

I will need to digest all the information of the setting from the book, but I will give this game a try some time in the future. Lots of mysteries to be solved in the arid badlands of Westward. Meanwhile, download a pay-what-you-want low resolution version here or download a Premium version of the PDF here.

You can also order the physical book from here.

It was great to have the opportunity to collaborate with Brett, Jeremy Streeter, Ryan, Gennifer, all the writers and artists like Wayne Humfleet, Peter Schweighofer, Deborah Teramis Christian, Rob Chope, Alex Gustafson, Rich Woodall and others for this project!