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  • Westward Comp Copy!
    A package arrived the other day... ... from Brett Pisinski of Wicked North Games. It be the complimentary copy of Westward RPG! Westward is a game of steampunk western gam
  • Westward is Released!
    Westward , the role-playing game from Wicked North Games whose development I have been involved with in this past year, has finally been released. Westward is a game of st
  • Westward RPG: Brawling
    I sometimes use MyPaint , an open source painting program to create my work. It has less features than GIMP, but I love how the brush paint digitally as I move the Wacom t
  • Westward Scenes
    Here are some scenes I drew as filler are in the Characters, Attributes and Skills section of the Westward RPG by Wicked North Games. These scenes, also drawn by Alexander
  • Westward Locations Artwork 2
    This is the second of two blog posts featuring location artwork of cities and prefectures on the planet Westward, where human colonists have been marooned for centuries wi
  • Westward Locations Artwork 1
    More Westward RPG artwork were commissioned by Wicked North Games, and for this batch they have ordered location artwork of various cities and prefectures on Westward. Her
  • Westward RPG Creature Wallpaper
    And here is the latest batch of creatures that inhabit not just the deserts, but the lesser illustrated jungle and tundra of Westward... presented in the form of a 1280px
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 4
    Some more bizarre alien creatures were commissioned by Wicked North Games for their space steampunk western role-playing game Westward ! While you're riding a shieldhorse
  • Westward Concept: Tusker
    So, let me ask you this: what do you suppose is the medium used to draw the above concept sketch of the Tusker for the Westward RPG bestiary?
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 3
    This series of creatures I drew for Westward RPG from Wicked North Games is special. I was tasked with proposing and designing these beasts from scratch. Once approved by
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 2
    Here are four more preview creatures from Wicked North Games' Westward RPG! Sure it's a steampunk western set in space, but what sort of strange critters would PCs be up a
  • Westward RPG Critters - Part 1
    Wicked North Games, who produced the Azamar role-playing game, using the Cinema6 engine, based on the classic West End Games' Open D6 system, will be producing a new RPG.
  • Westward RPG - Creature Sketches
    Wicked North Game has been busy developing a new role-playing game using their Cinema 6 variant of the Open D6 system, entitled Westward . I have been given the task to vi
  • Cover for Azamar: The Paradise Fragment
    Apart from some interior art I did for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG supplement The Paradise Fragment - as seen in a previous post - I was also tasked with the painting o
  • Azamar: Paradise Fragment 2
    Here is the final interior artwork for the scenes in Azamar: The Paradise Fragment RPG supplement. Instead of including it with the group of artwork in the previous post ,
  • Azamar: Paradise Fragment 1
    Here are some interior artwork for the Azamar role-playing game's upcoming supplement The Paradise Fragment . Player Characters (PCs) are sent to the deserted and floating
  • Azamar RPG Is Now On Sale!
    The Azamar RPG Players' Guide has been released by Wicked North Games and can now be purchased from several online sources. Here's an excerpt from the Introduction chapter
  • Azamar - Template Art Part Four
    Here are a few more Azamar RPG character artwork for templates! The book is now for sale at their online store ! Female Bu'Col Priest Male Bu'Col Shea'akh Warrior Female E
  • Azamar: Owog
    Owog Owogs - feral, ferocious creatures that leaked through into Azamar from the Inferium and domesticated into tracking hounds by Orcs - are generally unpleasant little t
  • Revisions of Azamar
    Here are revisions of several illustrations that was made for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG.  Revenant Click here for a bigger image of this flaming skeletal monster on D
  • Azamar Deities Part Three
    Herein are two more illustration for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG. Syndia Syndia of the Cliffs, the Goddess of the Moon, the Enlightened One, the Shining Lady... enemy o
  • Azamar - Template Art Part Three
    Final part of the three-part series. Something like the Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes but less LSH and more artwork from character templates available in Wicked No
  • Azamar - Template Art Part Two
    Continuing the series of character template artwork for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG: Wyvine War Scholar Bu'Col Priest Bu'Col Shea'Ahk Warrior Urbane Noble
  • Azamar - Template Art Part One
    Over the last couple of weeks I was working on and are now finished with the character template artwork for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG. The playable races of Azamar ar
  • Azamar Deities Part Two
    More powerful beings - reality-changing and interdimensional - that has made their mark on the world of Azamar .  Mo Mo is the deity of laughter, change, and trickery, and
  • Azamar Deities Part One
    Ash Lord The Ash Lord, also known as the Eater of Souls, sends dark beings who manifest as Humans, who make deals to grant the wishes of others, who soon bargain to relinq
  • Azamar - A View of the Sea
    Here's a damage seagoing vessel - anchored off an Azamar coast - undergoing repairs at dawn. What happened to it? What was it carrying? Who or what shot at it? Were there
  • Azamar - Melee Skirmish
    Here's a quarter page interiror illustration for Wicked North Games of a Tre'uoall ranger versus an Orc warrior fighting on a hillslope and drawing blood... which should b
  • Azamar Out Shopping
    Here's a piece on shopping for fruits and vegetables at a marketplace in Azamar. Here's a hint: don't drop or jostle the Quepid root. Otherwise vegetables are good for you
  • Azamar Miscellanea
    With the release of the Azamar RPG core rulebook so close, I was still assigned several more art orders for the interior of the book. As before, although they're in colour
  • Azamar Scenes of Battle
    I also had to produce two full page action scenes for the Azamar RPG in black and white, which I actually painted with GIMP in greyscale. It was quite a learning experienc
  • Creatures of Azamar Part Six Already?
    Here is the latest batch of images commissioned for Wicked North Games ' Azamar fantasy RPG core rulebook. I have to say I can't wait to see them all printed in the book.
  • Azamar - Personal Combat Gear
    When one goes adventuring in a high fantasy world such as Azamar, one needs to be prepared for encounters with horrific beasts, lethal environment and evil sorcerors! I me
  • Azamar - Location! Location! Location!
    Other than creatures, I was also commissioned to produce geographical illustrations for the Azamar RPG sourcebook. Here are black and white digital illustrations for vario
  • Creatures of Azamar Part Five
    Here are six new artwork of mystical and deadly beings of the Azamar fantasy roleplaying setting, commissioned by Wicked North Games .  Kongamato The kongamato is a small
  • Creatures of Azamar Part Four
    Here are five new artwork of mystical and deadly beings of the Azamar fantasy roleplaying setting, commissioned by Wicked North Games .  Agmai A Fiend which vomits its cau
  • Creatures of Azamar Part Three
    Here are four new artwork of creatures of the Azamar roleplaying setting, commissioned by Wicked North Games . Foragers The diminuitive Foragers, denizens of the deep, are
  • Creatures of Azamar Part Two
    As mentioned earlier, here are some more artwork commissioned for the Azamar fantasy setting sourcebook for the Cinema6 RPG system from Wicked North Games, this time in al
  • Creatures of Azamar Part One
    Here are five new artwork for creatures of the Azamar roleplaying setting, commissioned by Wicked North Games . Bear Sloth The bear sloth is a large furry predator. Fiend
  • Azamar Dragonrider
    Here's the first creature artwork commissioned by Wicked North Games for their Azamar sourcebook to be used with their Cinema6 RPG system. Dragons, I think are one of the
  • The City of Guradiin Ithural
    Cinema 6 is a new D6-based role-playing game produced by Wicked North Games , which uses the OpenD6 initiative released by West End Games. The D6 system, of course, is a l

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