Allie's 16 Month Birthday

28 November 2009 | sila | | Family Pics

So last Sunday, Allie was 16 months old! She's one and 1/3 years old. It seems like just yesterday she was just a tiny little thing and now she's running around, starting to talk, and becoming a real person!

Hello! Like my barrette?

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26 November 2009 | Hisham | | Star Wars, Transformers
You fool, Starscream. You let these unwashed plebes into the house!!

In this picture we have Megatron in combat with WALL-E, an ASP droid, 4-LOM and IG-88 who he has in his hand.

Why? Who cares.


Trick or Treat!

01 November 2009 | sila | | Family Pics

Buzzy Bee Baby

So last year, Allie was semi-kitted out for Halloween, but did not go trick or treating. Last night, the girl got dressed up and ran around outside the house, but we did not actually go trick or treating again. We stayed to hand out candy to a grand total of 4 trick or treaters. We also talked to a "biker" neighbour (complete with earrings and fake tattoo - he was on his way to a Halloween party) and Allie got some candy from him (he brought a basket over and she picked out a packet of M&Ms). But Allie had tons of fun - she loves running down the sloping driveway and making her way back up. In the end we had to carry her down the driveway and let her walk up - she was really trying to run and would happily even roll down the thing. To prevent injuries (to Allie as well as her parents' aching backs) carrying her down the driveway was the safer option.

Anyway here be pictures.

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