33 Months

30 April 2011 | sila | | Family Pics

I'm just not even going to mention how late this entry is or the reasons why because they're all the same boring reasons recycled month after month. At any rate, the girl is now 33 months old! 2.75 years old already!

Fashionably bored?

Honestly, I like the picture above because we rarely see this expression of calmness and peace about her.  ;-)

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A Background Element

25 April 2011 | Hisham | | Artwork, Books
funeral service

I am working on an ebook cover. The plan is to create separate water colour elements and digitally bring them together for the final artwork.

The above is the background element for the piece.

Stay tuned for the final artwork and the link to the ebook.


Azamar - Template Art Part Three

23 April 2011 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Final part of the three-part series. Something like the Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes but less LSH and more artwork from character templates available in Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG core book.

This mail-armoured warrior attacks with her swords of binding

Tre'uoall Sword Chanter

Short, child-sized Enfri cultist manipulates shadows for combat

Enfri Shadow

Well, let's have a wizard in a short skirt why don't we?

Human Wizard of the Veil

Magic-using, combat healers of the Immyr

Immyr War Priest

An Immyr fighter that wields either a warhammer or an axe or both

Immyr Soldier


Azamar - Template Art Part Two

22 April 2011 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Continuing the series of character template artwork for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG:

I suppose a War Scholar would have pack full of scrolls

Wyvine War Scholar

Healer / Cleric with a staff to bash in a guy's head

Bu'Col Priest

They wield the Shea'ahk chain weapon as seen in this image

Bu'Col Shea'Ahk Warrior

A noble would have nothing more than a dagger on him

Urbane Noble


Azamar - Template Art Part One

21 April 2011 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Over the last couple of weeks I was working on and are now finished with the character template artwork for Wicked North Games' Azamar RPG. The playable races of Azamar are numerous: Human, Urbane, Tre'uoall, Wyvine, Immyr, Enfri and Shrave.

Here are four playable character templates, right here in this post:

The crossbow is the weapon of choice for Shrave Archers.

Shrave Archer

Shrave monks are hand-to-hand combat experts employing fighting gauntlets which deal a whole lot of damage

Shrave Monk

Tre'uoalls physically resemble Tolkien Elves than DnD Elves

Tre'uoall Archon

You wouldn't want this Urbane to sneak up on you with her poisoned blades as you sleep

Urbane Assassin


32 Months

03 April 2011 | sila | | Family Pics

Well, this month I am (yet again) late with the entry. The girl is now 2 years and 8 months old - she's 2 and 2/3 years old! Not long to the big 3! She's quite the character:

Hi everyone!!!

I have no real excuse - sure, lots of work and all that. But it's both work and procrastination I suppose.