Irfan the Photographer

31 March 2008 | Hisham | | Family Pics

Nowadays when eating out, Irfan asks for the phone so he can scamper all over the restaurant being an avant-garde photographer of sorts.

He just aims at something he likes and clicks. Next time I'm giving him the phone when we're out in the park or picnic or balik kampung.

Here are some of the photos he took recently.

Abah movingEmpty table


And The SDF-3 Is Still Missing

30 March 2008 | Hisham | | Misc Sci-Fi, TV

Scott Bernard of 21st Mars DivisionRobotech Defense / Expeditionary Force is back in force in the form of the direct-to-DVD movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

And this time, they're continuing directly from the Robotech The New Generation (the third chapter of the series that was derived from the Japanese standalone series Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) episode "Symphony of Light". In fact the first 20 minutes or so is a retread of the Battle of Reflex Point from the point of view of the returning fleet. However, this also means that the aborted Robotech II: The Sentinels movie and novels (especially The End of the Circle) has been decanonized and considered never happened.

Returning characters include Scott Bernard, the Invid simulagent Ariel, Louie Nichols formerly of the 15th ATAC. Previously non-canon characters Vince and Jean Grant, General Reinhardt and Janice Em are also featured. New characters that pop up include Marcus Rush (brother of Marlene) and Maia Sterling (apparently the other daughter of Max and Miriya).

There are a couple of cameo appearances of Admiral Rick Hunter, leader of the Expeditionary Force aboard the SDF-3... which goes missing, but as I mentioned not as depicted in the novel by the gestalt entity Jack McKinney.

Thankfully, there are no Lynn Minmei shenanigans.

There is a brief "We Will Win" reference in the end though.

SPOILERS follow!


Twenty Four Weeks on the 24th

25 March 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

I can't believe it. Four more weeks have passed since the Halfway Mark! We are now 60% of the way there. I think there's been more progress on the belly in the last four weeks though. What do you think?

Growing Belly

I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered. Aches and pains that are considered "normal", sure. Lots of whining to poor Vin, of course, but on the whole both baby and I are doing well. Baby does a bunch of moving around these days, which is a cool yet bizarre experience. Seems like the "flutters" are growing stronger now.

(This post not brought to you from my cell phone since I refuse to get a phone that does all those crazy things! It will only be extra ways that work people can get a hold of me!) ;-)


Writing From The Phone

21 March 2008 | Hisham | | Recent News
Out of the most futuristic, science fiction type devices to enjoy a boost in technological development and application is Alex Bell's baby: the telephone. This post is bought to you from my mobile phone.

Two Alien SWAG Requests

18 March 2008 | Hisham | | Artwork, Star Wars

It's been a while since I took some time off to draw requests for SWAG. Here are two new characters: Colonel Toby Aambar, as requested by "donp" and Whistler, as requested by "Velovich". Toby is an Ortolan not an ortolan, and Whistler is a Tynnan, whose species first appeared in Brian Daley's Han Solo's Revenge.

Click to expand images:

Toby Aambar Whistler



13 March 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

So those of you who romanticize snow, and think it's cool and stuff, sure it looks pretty until you realize that in order to get out of the house you have to shovel the entire driveway or you're stuck.

Here's poor Vin, shoveling first a path to the mailbox (so he can pick up the mail and his newspapers):

Shoveling the front porch first


09 March 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

OK, people! What is the deal? It is freaking March 8th, 30 miles north of Kentucky, and what do we have? A foot of snow on the ground! Blizzard conditions! WTF????

Look at this stuff!!!?!?!


Boy or Girl? DON'T TELL US! - Part 2

07 March 2008 | sila | | Family Pics

So, seven weeks after the first ultrasound, we are at 21 weeks and 3 days for our next ultrasound. Again, Vin and I do not want to know the gender, so if you can tell from the pictures, don't tell us!!! :-)

As of today, (s)he weighs in at 1 whole pound. I just checked the previous entry, and (s)he was 3 ounces only at the time! (S)he is growing at a normal rate. We will see the OB next week to review the progress.


Stay In School, Kids

01 March 2008 | Hisham | | Humour
Random find in the internets

At least he found x.