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  • New Gear From Atok and Opah
    Although having accepted a new job, there are many problems that we have yet to overcome. One of the biggest perils to my final semester in my attempt to finally earn a Ba
  • This Pangolin is Precise
    So it came to pass that if I needed to use the new Bamboo Pen graphics tablet , I had to upgrade my operating system. Long story short: I decided on totally replacing my A
  • Arise, Newer Graphics Tablet; But Not So Fast!
    Once upon a time , I bought a Wacom Graphire 3 graphics tablet. With its stylus I made many a drawing , til its USB cable died screaming. Actually it died quite some years
  • Wallpaprometheus
    I appear to have a new wallpaper for the Artist X 1.0 desktop. It's that ship sent by Weyland Industries. S.S. Lollipop or something. Can't wait for the movie. I'm not say
  • Calibre Ebook Reader
    I have discovered and installed the free ebook reader and management application named Calibre to read books and stuff! Apart from reading ebooks, Calibre can also manage
  • This Desktop Has An Owl
    There's an owl on the desktop.
  • Legacy of Tron: A Tron Legacy Review
    After 28 years, the sequel to Disney's Tron is finally upon us. Tron Legacy , produced by the original movie's director Steven Lisberger and directed by newcomer Joseph Ko
  • Amarok 2.0 Woes... Then a Solution!
    A few nights ago, I decided to upgrade the Ubuntu operating system from 8.10 Intrepid Ibex to 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. (Yeah, yeah. I should be at 10.04 Lucid Lynx right now
  • Ubuntu Miscellanea
    Three things come to mind. Flash Problems I've been having some problems with browser-embedded flash files. Those of you who notice my reluctance to click on Youtube links
  • Irfan's NimbleX
    I'm currently running a new LiveCD within which resides the Linux operating system called NimbleX , and I'm writing this article with the Konqueror browser nestled deep wi
  • Blue Underpants Goes On The Dragon
    Since the desktop is deader than a doorknob now, I've been using the work laptop for both work and leisure internet use. The current desktop background that greets me ever
  • Way Past Its Prime
    Fracking great. I get back from vacation, boot up the computer and connect to the internet.... and after 10 minutes the computer crashes. I can't reboot the computer. Ubun
  • Ubuntu Adventures: Survivors of the KDE Desktop
    Last time I wrote about the Linuxification of the home PC, I mentioned that I turned my Ubuntu into Kubuntu by installing the KDE desktop. It turns out I prefer the old GN
  • Cracken's Collection of What?!?
    In the tradition of West End Games' series of sourcebooks such as Cracken's Rebel Field Guide , Cracken's Rebel Operatives and Cracken's Threat Dossier (all of which are b
  • A New Playgound (On the Computer Desktop)
    After I vowed to install Linux into this here home computer some time last October, this machine is now 100% Linux. The 100% part was because my old two hundred year old W
  • Two Views Of The Same Page
    Because I've using Firefox on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS to surf the net, here are two different looks of this website's index page. I have no preference on which is better looking,
  • Another Hari Raya, Another OS
    Last Aidilfitri two months ago, I was trying to install Ubuntu into the Kelantan desktop belonging to Ain's parents. Although the installation was a success I didn't get v
  • sudo apt-get install linux joke
    Before the Deepavali-Aidilfitri vacation I had zero experience working with a Linux machine. Some time fiddling about with Ubuntu in Pasir Mas changed that. (Not by much,
  • And Now For A Word... Or Four
    Today is the last day of Ramadhan and tomorrow is Aidilfilti. We’ve just had our last sahur for the year and now the sun is slowly rising in the cool morning air of Irfan’

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