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  • Two Female SWAG Thieves
    No, not art thieves on the Star Wars Artists' Guild . Just drawing two Star Wars thieves as requested by their players for the RPG! My first SWAG requests for the year. De
  • Cartol's Emporium
    Cartol's Emporium Jegergryte did not wish to disturb me after I created artwork for his Edge of the Empire group, so he requested an artwork on SWAG. After a month or so w
  • Jegergryte's Crew
    Some months back, I drew some player characters for Jegergryte 's Edge of the Empire RPG player characters. I pushed my digital painting abilities, exercising my skills so
  • SWAG: Squeak, Claire and Dutch
    I love it when children play RPGs. Their young imagination make any game soar. If there's any way to help introverted children to help express themselves more and be bette
  • Snivvian Long Distance Lovers
    Derf requested a pair of Snivvian lovers for his Star Wars RPG campaign. He plays a Snivvian student on Coruscant who has a long-distance relationship with a holodrama sce
  • Two More SWAG Pickups
    Two more Star Wars Artists' Guild player character art pickups. I love picking up these requests once in a while for a warm-up sketch before work begins in the morning. Ba
  • Sabacc Cards of SWAG
    Back in 2002, the first iteration of the Star Wars Artsts' Guild made an exclusive deck of unofficial Star Wars sabacc cards. It was unofficial in that it wasn't a Lucasfi
  • The Queen of Air and Darkness
    The Queen of Air and Darkness is the title of T.H. White's second novel of his Once and Future King series. In the Star Wars universe, the Queen of Air and Darkness is a s
  • Revisit: The Vacation is Over
    After half a day of house cleaning, I discovered a long lost stash of old artwork. So I thought I'd post some of them on the blog and link to their final versions elsewher
  • And Then Some SWAG Character Requests
    It's the couple of days lull before I leave town for Eid-ul-Fitr vacation at the in-laws, so I had some free time to take on some Star Wars Artists' Guild requests. Here a
  • McFly, Trandoshan Smuggler
    Here's a quick and dirty Star Wars Artists' Guild request I picked up: A Trandoshan smuggler named McFly! Yes, the life preserver jacket is no accident. Yes, he is punchin
  • A Reluctant Jedi
    Remember Admiral Tarn Majint from a couple of posts ago? Here's his daughter Qualtis Majint - with her blue robes and her blue-bladed lightsabre - who definitely does not
  • A Kubaz Majordomo
    Here's another SWAG request I picked up. Derf requested a Kubaz majordomo character by the name of Rbarindan, with "many friends and relations in low places". His species
  • An Imperial Fleet Admiral
    I picked up a SWAG request from Jan Tolbara for a character named Tarn Majint, an Imperial Admiral. He is visually inspired by the actor Bill Nighy, but without the pirate
  • An Anomid Tech Specialist
    Anomids are aliens which have no vocal cords in the Star Wars galaxy. Over millennia, they developed and communicate with each other via an elaborate sign language using t
  • Female Nagai
    It's been a while since I did a Star Wars Artists' Guild request. Here's an unnamed Nagai female as requested by Matt on the boards for one of his two campaigns.   Maybe s
  • 2002 Interview at the Star Wars Artists' Guild
    Interviews with the staff illustrators were some of the contents that we planned as the original Star Wars Artists' Guild was being developed. The current incarnation of t
  • Khairul The Rodian Carbineer
    I'm finally a Rodian . Not really. But props to Asok Yeesrim the Gran, another Agent of SWAG , for illustrating a Rodian carbineer by the name of Khairul . Khairul was nam
  • Gauntlet Starfighter
    Gauntlet starfighter, manufactured by Shobquix Yards, was created a long time ago by West End Games for their Star Wars Roleplaying Game line as can be seen here at Wookie
  • SWAG Request: Rhen Sannin
    Shane's about to start a Star Wars RPG campaign and requested his major NPC Rhen Sannin, the freighter captain from the Star Wars Artists' Guild. After giving some time fo
  • Two Alien SWAG Requests
    It's been a while since I took some time off to draw requests for SWAG. Here are two new characters: Colonel Toby Aambar , as requested by "donp" and Whistler , as request
  • A Donovian Technician on SWAG
    Here's Frobi-wan Kenobi's request which I did on Star Wars Artists' Guild , a female tech from the rainy world of Donovia , Kaydra Leeronel. Click on the thumbnail to view
  • Three Recent SWAG Requests
    Here are three recent Star Wars Artist Guild requests. Each thumbnail is a link to a bigger artwork. From left to right: Berdan Ngajio Angantire is a Mandalorian Death Wat
  • Gungan Slicer, A SWAG Request
    My first official completed SWAG request since this blog went live is done. The artwork was requested by Acheron and he wanted a picture of a Gungan slicer (a Star Wars te
  • The Return of SWAG
    Five years ago today, a bunch of tabletop roleplayers and artists and web programmers who met by chance on SWRPGNetwork's Holonet Forums and shared a common dream (well, t
  • Blue Harvest
    I'm a bit late for last month's SWAG Theme Art Contest, entitled "Blue Harvest" . The subject matter alludes to the working title for the movie Return of the Jedi during i
  • The Vacation Is Over - For These Younglings
    Round Five of the Star Wars Artists' Guild Member Theme Art Contest is almost over, what with September starting tomorrow and all. So here I am after some hours of pencill
  • Star Wars: Kramer vs Kramer
    For Round Three of the SWAG Member Theme Art Contest , everyone was given the theme of It's A Trap! ... except me who has the task of coming up with Star Wars: Kramer vs K
  • Time To Abandon Ship!
    It's time for another round of SWAG 's Member Theme Art Contest !!!!! Well, actually it's my first submission, and it's only the second topic ever. The topic is Time To Ab
  • SWAG is back!
    Huzzah! The Star Wars Artists' Guild hath return'd, thanks to the hard labour of Kris "Eclipse" Vanderwater . Festivities are held here . A short and concise explanation o
  • Harloth Graf, Naboo Guard
    Here's a portrait of Harloth Graf the Naboo Guard in the Star Wars RPG Sabredart campaign I posted earlier, using Photoshop to pencil and paint the piece. I wish I had a b

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