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  • Happy Father's Day!
    Happy Father's Day!! We tried to make it a good one for Vin, his first Father's Day as the father of multiple children. First off let's start with home-made cards: Mama he
  • Allie's 24 Month (aka Second) Birthday
    It happened! Allie's big day arrived - she turned 2 (years!!) on July 22nd! We were home from Maryland by then. Here she is, the birthday girl!   * Mouse over the pictures
  • Happy Father's Day! (Backdated)
    This is a backdated entry in honor of Father's Day. I managed to pick out some gifts for Vin (seen below) and Allie and Lily got together and sent Vin an e-card. In keepin
  • The one with the birthday cake
    Since there has been a demand for cake, here it is!!   * Please mouse over the pictures for captions On Sunday, July 26th, we held a small gathering, a cookout and potluck
  • Zarin's Visit
    So Zarin (atukku!) spent a few days with us (May 16-22) during which time, I regret to say that even though I brought my camera everywhere, I didn't take as many pictures
  • September Reading List
    Books Read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain Fruit of the Lemon by Andrea Levy Will Write for Shoes by Cathy Yardley The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John LeCar
  • Phoenix : Part I
    In March, Vin and I took a trip out west to Phoenix, AZ to hang out with his cousin Becky and her husband Phil. Coincidentally, Phoenix is where the Chicago Cubs have Spri
  • Baseball Anyone?
    What could be more American than baseball and apple pie? Why would a Malaysian girl even give a hoot? Because baseball is Vin's obsession. (He likes apple pie too, and bla

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