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  • Shane Goes To Star Wars Identities
    As mentioned in the Star Trek exhibition post downriver, my brother from another mother and hemisphere Shane went and visited Star Wars Identities exhibition at the Telus
  • Irfan Treks to an Exhibition
    Irfan went to the National Science Centre . Star Trek the Exhibition was being housed there for the time being. Shane managed to go to Star Wars Identities which looked be
  • Aerocarnival 2008
    As I spent three full days over the weekend (plus Friday) manning the booth at Aerocarnival 2008 which was held at UniKL-MIAT, Ain, Irfan, Cik Emma and Cik Su went about t
  • Time To Get To Work. Oh, and Photos!
    Let's take advantage of the free wifi some more and post new pictures of work. Just like other entries of business trip photos on this blog, there are lots of exhibition b
  • Why It's Been Quiet Around Here Lately
    It's been a busy month, even since before Aidilfitri. The reason of it all will now be shown as a series of photographs for the event that took place at Shangri-La Hotel o
  • What Transpired In Pakistan
    Like DSA 2006 back in April, we were at another defence exhibition only this time in Karachi, Pakistan. My apprehension was soon laid to rest as the local organisers as we
  • So There We We Were At Jinnah International
    Hikam and I arrived at about 2025 local time via the Pakistan International Airlines flight. It was enjoyable. I think I slept four out of the six hours airborne. The infl
  • Next Week I Fly To...
    ...Karachi, Pakistan. The journey will be nested between the coming two Saturdays. Since the company is small I have to run around getting stuff done in preparation for th
  • Surrounded by War Machines
    It was a long, tiring four days at Defence Services Asia ... and here's a collection of my personal photos of the event. There I was trying to sell the map generator and p
  • Check It Out
    Click on the thumbnail to see a work related image.
  • Returning to Form, but Slowly
    I still can't believe it. I'm getting my passport renewed. I'm buying cold weather gear and one of those new-fangled bags with wheels and a retractable handle (which is pr

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